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PHIL PHILLIPS' RHEUMATIC CURE. Another most remarkable cure of gciatioa from Mr. Phil Phillips* remedies for rheu- matism has just come under our notice. The appliances for which Mr. Phillips ha« *ecured patent rights were originally intended all cure for rheumatism, but while rheumatism it Iln etfeotion of muscles, sciatica is oonnected with the nervous eygtem, but as the one is intimately associated with the other, the rheu- matic appliances have now, m several instances, been found equally efficacious in the cure of sciatica. rI%e most reoent case that has oome under our notice is that of Mns. Coombs, who keeps .man general shop on the Penafth- road., Titer Clive-road, Grtanget-own. She i. woman of middle M who has for years euffwed from sciatica in both hips. The pain i she endured dhe could not describe. She ooudd fnot sleep, and was frequently unable to rise | to attend to b. hreinees. She had epent large 8UIIM 01 .-y in prh.in(r p&teM medicín@8. said to be cortmu mre.. She had brought numberless botles 01 Mr, And, errrbroca- tibn, but all to no pu. About & month since she heard of Mr. Phil Phillips* rheumatic cu,?, -nd ehe wu reoommen&-d by some of her friends to "try them. She saw Mr. Philbpt M %is bu.i. premises. St. M-y- vt,-k! Cardiff, and he r=Td?d her to try a Ivslt. She did "10, and almost from the first the pain ceased, and she was able to move about with (aPe. The belt, the and, seemed to pwt r,m life into her, and as the pain ceased -he became a new cre. She moras about with ease, and has had no return of pain since she commenced wearing the belt. The change the 0on«riderj§ fcnodt remarkable, and feEb younr, Her hishand also confirmed her statement as to the great change that had taken place m her since she commenced wearing the belt. 4'She is another creature entirely, ha .id. and certainly ehe appeared as active aa any woman eoWl possitby be aft her age.