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?1? ?-? ?YO-I AND OSTON. r..?? ???"??? A 11 $TON.] RHYBUDD. -?.?..mM hwn yn C!<t?ih?A'!anynt y??yswMo 11 0 gru i'r swm 0 gan mil 0 hunnaU,11 hyny ?SS??4??? b. N bI au ? s??????????? ? Y ford"ith fwyaf deheuol r6l?ab,wysie(lir  waftd gan y Ctnnnihwn, fel y gallont ochelyd yr I& :t'rP?n?tu'oedd..? /.Sr ? ?n Yr Ageftnsan mwyai ? ? S Ma'Bss&' yn noSo'r moroedd, 0 LIVERPOOL I NEW YORK BOB DYDD MERCHEB, A BOB YN AIL DOYDD OWENER I BOSTON A NEW YORK. Tt Agerlongau yagriw adnabf;4di/.s iJ gyflawn-nerth. Agetlongtm. Tynelh. ]CatPT, Grog&n t',OM SFAtN, Gmee *,900 ITAM, Thomson <t,302 F&ANCE.Altree ..S,71 0 N 00 ???,?S ? f,N <,9M AgettoNtW. t'yneui. i ? FIl QUEEN, Bragg 4,441 HOLLAND, Simpson. S,847 ERIN, Andrews S,966 !?KLYETIA, Sumner 3,974 j'SENMA&K.WillMms. 3,'fiS:. A hwyiiant o Liverpool am New York fel ycantyn.- ITALY DYDD MERCHER, lonawr 27am, 1875 THE QUEEN DYDD MERCHER, Chwehor Sydd, 1875 ENGLAND DYDD MERCHER. Chwefror lOfed, 187S. Yn j;adael Queenstown y dyddiau ctmlyno!. I BOSTON A NEW Y6BK. FRANCE Y mae y cylieusderau 8 far teithwyr Yn Y salOO% YD J??rol-?yst?????? ac yn agor ?? yn Y poop ar y dec. ????????? 15 ? ?n.I y cyaensderau yn ?E? un hawliaul ewb yn y saloon. ,;y=u i ddychwelyd, PEDAIR GINI AR HUGAIN. TeIir ygtyriaeth athenig I gysuron TeithwYr Y st"rage-y :?raS ???? ???? am Ie, goleuu4 ac lad *??fe Mb y chtdiad-mor bet ? unrhyw UneU araU-yn cynnwy?b?reswedieigoginio gan weision y cwm- peint. Meddyg Yn rbad. Sched ? JMuam y banywod a deithiant yn y ?<?. AntM?Mthwyry L?i Boston a PhnadeIphi.t.Aet .M??MOt-a?M'' hwy drwodd i San Francisco, a SnU dMfydd mewnol yr Unol Daleithm.u a Oauada, M<t ?orddHSmNrie, ar'y te!era.u mwyaf rhesymot. ??SSwyr drwodd i Awstmlia, New Zealand, Ohm.. a Jllpall hefyd. AS ??diad, neu y tM am nwyddau, ymofyner < THE NATIONAL STEAMSHIP CO. (LIMITED). M, Water-street, Liverpool, Nei N. a J. CUMMINS, a'u BRODYR, Qneenatowo. T. J JOKES, Gas (MSce, Wrexham. JOHN THOMAS. 6 Castle street, Oawestry. W. BkXTRIt Aactioneer, Wetshpool. E. JONES, Agency OScea, Cprwen. w PRICE Auctioneer, Llarndloes. ROBERT JONES, Boot & Shoe Warehouse, MMhynUeth. WILLIAM IIIAVIBS, Draper, DolgeUey. EDWARn JONES, Stationer, Ruabon. RICHARD ROBERTS. Bethesda, Banxot. moMAS JONES. Saddler, Llandilo. CmghorhTeithwyr i wneyd eu cludiad yn star gydwr aoiuchwylwyr LIeol ern gadaeI en rtrefleoedd. rT798 MILNE R S' QUADRUPLE PATENT HOLDFAST AND FIRE-RESISTING SAFES, CHESTS, Strong BoomB. Strong Boom Doors, Powder Magazines. &c., OF SEYERAL QUAMTIE AND SPITABLE FOR DIFFERENT DEGREES OF RISK. -r OT 1 MILNERS' DOUBLE FIRE RE- t J SISTIN& CHAMBERED BOXES recommended fo Stfetyhom Mre only (not:Vio!ence or Bobbery) m DweIImg Houses and detached omces. LIST 2 mUfERS' DOUBLE FIRE RESISTING CHAMBERED SAFES, made of stron: Wrought Iron pStes but not equti to List S, as aecunty against Robbery, not recommended aa such. LIST 2 MILNERS, FIRE RESISTING SAFES, specially trranMd'for the nse of Registrars. LIST 6, MILNERS' FIRST CUSS EXTRA STRONG HOLDFAST, Fire, Wedge, Crowbar, Violence, Robbery, Md Fraud Resisting Safes. LIST 6 MILNERS' DOUBLE FIRST CLASS EXTRA STRING HOLDFAST DOUBLE BANKERS' SAFES, for Hie Securing (in what are too often only "so eotd' Strong Rooms), or Bankera' Stores of Cash, Bullion and other Talu- ables. MILNERS' STRONG ROOM DOORS AND FRAMES, <md Ventilating Gates.for Strong Rooms. MINER'S STRONG ROOMS FOR BANKS, Private MILNERS' FIRE-RESISTING GUNPOWDER MAGA- ZINES as tested at Woolwich, October 9th <& 10th, 1872, under authority of the Home Secretary. MINERS' JAPANNED IRON CASH, PAPER AND DEED BOXES, (cot Fire-resisting), with patent iever na ptckable locks. LIVERPOOL DEPOT—8, LORD STREET, MANCHESTER-M, MARKET STREET. SHEFFIELD-THE OLD IRISH CROSS. LONDON-47A, MOORGATE STREET, CITY. [1S46. T. J. SIMPSON, MEDDYG ANIFEILIAID WEST BANK, RHUTHYN. Am chwe Nynedd ya gynnorthwy-ydd i'r Pfif Athraw WUliams yn Ngholeg Breinloi Meddyginiaeth Anifeiliaid, Williams Yn yn Edinburgh). T?YMUNA hysbyau ei fod wedi dechreu JL? eweithredu fel Meddyg Amfeiliaid yn Rhuthyn a'r BvmiBydoMeth, a hydera, trwy ei brydlondeb, ei of!)!, ai Sh?T?"?y??'"? y ? y "?? ganddynt angen Mn ei wasanaeth. ?,—?, ?d? M<tMt,1874. [7970 ?O?O?L ? F I T T I N G 8 t?t!SSB& RANKS & CO.'S PATENT, At) iu t Price Sheet of every article in a wen-fur ?M????? ? p?n?Wor?. A???. 7622 Mar-cheater, r<OCHELWCH bob efelychi.da.u diegwyddor NX OBUBuriTyuogABcock.-O herwydd Y gwertbiant rhytaddol tydd ar y p&terau enwog hyn ar gyfrif eu rhin- weddauiachaolrhagy Uwynwst, y glunwst, y gyminaiwst, poen yn yr Yotlys a'r cefn, M, mewN gwtrioDedd, rhagpob poemmacMthwylderaumewnrhMitmMiUftuoIo'r corph, y mMpoNddiefrwyddorwedi bod yn gwneathur ac yn cyn- nye & worth ShmtenHi ftugiol wedi eu gwelthio yn y ittth (edd fet ag i dwyUo yr anwyliadwrns, ac, fel yr mug oruen- wyUwr droa Brydain Fawr a'r iwerddon, nis gailaf h war- antu unrhyw rat fet yn ddilys (oe?tu<me), oa na bydd stamp y LIywodrMthamo.mewnUythyreoaucwynion, y geMau:— I THOO. AI.LOOCK & Co, PORous PLASTERS;" ac fe ddiogela y cyhoedd eu hunain drwy beidie a phrynu ond yn unig y thtiybyddoygeirtau hyn arnynt. Henry D. Braodreth, UTetpoot, nmg o h l'wr dros Kwrop a'r Trefedigaethau. Qmanttir ?MthmtbEtwetthredl*daa cyfrettMot yn trbyn y rhai a -terMta?teL yn erbyn y rbal II nMe 11ILAN" ROYAL MAIL LINK. SHORTEST OJSAN PASSAGE 'to ??A CANADA ABB TttE DWITEB 8TAt'BS. '?NB?' The St<WMM?? ?e !oa.Tt MV?R- ? ? ??(??'PMSB?anS tNtJ?MLT. RATES OF CABIN PASSAGE-To PORTLAND. HALIFAX, BALTIMORE or PHILAnELPHIA.?61??? MONTREAL.?" ??' ? i?. ,i 17 IS$. or 920 16q. ?eX'ORNEWYbRK'??'?- O&TON OR NEW Y INTERMEDIATE.B 7 Ts. to B9 <s. STEERAGE at Lowest Rates. RETURN TICKETS, on favourable terms,.aYa.!bb!e for Twelve MonttM. Inclndtng aplMtM?ply of MoM PravMaDS, tt?eO Tp?theCompaxy'sStMr?s.. .???????? and Children. Aa experienced Sureon is attacbecI ,to each ste"m.. P?Jr'?e????? Town in Canada Md the. Uaited States. J This Line is under arrangement with the Government of Canada for the conveyance of ASSISTED PASSENGERS. Pamphlets on Canada gratis by our agents. Passengers who secure their Tickets before leaving home are luet at the Railway Station in Liverpool b an appointed Agent oY the Comply, wbo takes char.e of them ap olut d go on board the Steamer. ° go For father p?cntars apply to ?t?T?tm'RttnrmrM ?'' C"o" Alexandria Bnildrngs, James Street, Liver,?pool, ?or t.o W. GREEN, JUN., Florence House, Rattun. MS JONES H?h Street, Portmadoc. S' S. THOMAS, British Sc'hoob, LlandoTery. [7Mt M: EVANS. Stattomr. Ac.. Hhymney. [7911 THE RUTHIN SODA-WATER COMPANY LIMITBD. MANUFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED .RUTHIWV 0 ,f. ? jMDt-WATNt. CHAMPA4NZLRMONADS StM'tamWtTBe. FOTtSBWMitS. tJTNU WAT* tNB AMATED CtINOEtt JBBJtB The Public may rely upon the quality and partty of the tbove Waters, as no expence or care is spared in thenmann- facture. THE RUTHtN COMPANY'S WATERS may be obtained at all the respectable Chemists, andConfectionaryEstabttxhments. and at all respectable Inns, Hotels, <&o., <&c., &c. WHOLESALE ORDERS tmpplied only at the WORM. All Orders and Communications to be tddKMM M follows:- THE MANAGER, CAMBRIAN WORM, BUTaiN. rm, GEORGE'S "FILE AND GRAVEL PILLS." MEDDYOINIAETH LYSIEUOL. 'V MAE y peleni hyn yn feddyginiMth aicr,' JL bnan, a dioget i'r piles a'r (jrafel, ac i liaws <) anhwy!. deran ereiU sydd bob amser yn en canlyn; megys, poen yn y cefn, ysgafnder yn y pen, diffyg treuliad, rhwymedd, Uynsyr man, diffyg anadi, poen yn yr arenau a'r twynan, sumi yn yr ystumog, poen dirtawr yn y coluddion, gwaew. ewynt colix, teimlad o bwysau ya y cefn, y Iwynim, a gwaelod yr ymysga.roedd, dwfr poeth, dwfr attatiad, &c. imODDANT ESMWYTHAB UNIONGYMHOL. ParoW;r Y Pewni ychod mewn M o <Mtt!Hcn< gwahanol, let c<m!)/M;— No. l.—GtEORGE'S ILE AND GRAVEL PILLS. No. Z.—GtEORGE'S GRAVEL ttLLS. No.-S.—GEOR&E'S PILLS for the PILES. Y mae. Perchenog V Peleni hyn wedi derloyn aros <!<!tf)}/ ? o DM<M!M<A<t<t pmj/ms t efteitkioirwydd y Peddyginiaoth hon M yn eu plith y mae amryw oddi wrth Feddygon enwog, At werth mown Nychau Is. l;c., a 2s. 9c. yr un, gan bob Fferyllydd parchns ya y Dywysogaeth. 7893 OPHTHALMIA!! QAVE YOUE EYES7 EESTOBE YOUR 0 SIGBT! I Those who are trenbled with Inflamed Eyelids, Dimness of Sight, or Weak Eyes, should use COCKLES EYE WATER. This noted application has been before the PnMic up- wards of 70 years, and needs no recommendation. Restores impaired vismn and overwrought Eyes, cures Weak, Watery, Innamed and Near-Sighted Eyes, and Stimulates the Eyes to health in all other diseases. Ferfectty safe. and Patients will speedily find relief from its use. If. lid. and 2s. 9j per bottle. Securely sent by post for 18 or 36 stamps. Of all chemists, and direct from the sole agents-Cox and Co., 18. Bishopsgate Without. E. C. 7920 Just published, for two stamps. BY DR. BARNES, M.D. (U.S.), A Treatise entitled. -TLl JOW TO ENSURE HEALTH;" on the LAWS GOVERNING LIFE. and the CAUSES, SYMPTOMS, and TREATMENT of all diseases depending on Exhaustion of Nervous Vitality, such as Nervous De- bility, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, Depression of Spirits. Loss of Energy, and Appetite, Mas in the Back and Limbs, Timidity, Self-Distrust, Dizziness, Love of Solitude, Groundless Fears, and many other ail- ments, which, if neglected, bring the suiterera to an early Death Together with Hints on Chronic Rheumatism Gout, NeuMtgia, Epilepsy, Hysteria, and all diseases of the Nervous and alimentary system. Illustrated by numerous Testimonials from grateful pa- tients who have been restored to health through the author's instrumentality. Sent post free for 2 stamps; or by. letter post S stamps. Address, Dn. J. A. BARNES, ?, Lonsdale .Square, Barnsbury, London, N. [7M7 Y GWAEDBURYDD ENWOG. PELENAU BURDOCK THOMPSON. (Thompson's Bur£ÙJck Pills), 'V MAENT yn gweila. y fFurRau gwaethat o An- JL hwylderau, a'r ansawddmwyaf aBach ar y Gwaed? y Cyl!s, yr A<u, a'r EIwIenau. Y maent yn myned at wrafdd pob anechyd, yr hyn nas gall unrhyw Feddyginiaeth arall ei gyrhaedd. Detnydd!]' y gwaed-Burydd at yr anhwylderau canlynol:—Dinyg treuHad, neu wynt yn y cylla a'r perfedd, penysgafndad. pylni y goiygon, Uygaid gweiuiaid aeu ddolurus, methiant y cot, curiad y galon, rhwystriadau yi afu a'r geri, (Mffyg anadt, rhefrwst, gymmaiwst, grafel, poen yn y cefn, cleM poeth, cluniau dolurus, bronau a gwddf dojfarui!, eiefyd y breniN, penddtiyned, caaer, tardd- iadau ar y wyneb a'r corph, traed chwyddedig, y crafu, tan- eiddwf, clefyd melyn, dyfrglwyf, a thwymynod o bab math.; Y rhai a ddioddefant oddi wrth un o'r anhwylderau uchod, drwy gymmeryd dwy neu dair o'r Peleni hyn wrth fyned i't fwety a fuan adferir i iechyd da, north, bywyd, a llonaer. Ar worth mown Mychau, Is. lie., 2s. 9c. yr un, gan yr hoi ftffearryvullwwyvrr.' u neu o'r Sefydliad, 84, HIGH 8TREAT, ABERTAWN. ?84S] NEURALGIA, RHEUMATISM, GOUT. A ND :J1 panful interna.1 D'seMesMeimm?t- A. ?My Ktieved ? permmentty c?a by the MW pa- tettt ?edtricaJ Pl!nster.<NUed PAIN &XTRACTOR' )Zy œrtl  Ib* óff a pce d dgs PI,,ster UIe size of the -& I ing It oft the spot p ?in'u ?,ip) ar. tfieh wetting ft, ,?i.etli?aI cuuents are instantly nerated, which travel direct to the dMMsed pa?, Md set tp a heathy Mtt curMive aetiot. THE EFFECT IS fMMEDIATE, THE CURE IS CERTAIN. PAM EXTRACTOR cm be used wMi SMC9M in the :M)ow- int! DiseMM:— Neuralgia Ribeumatism BfOBchitis Wtak Muactea Sclatica Tic Doloreux ttt9MNma.t{on of the L1IJI/(S feezing Coughs Lumbago Diphtheria Sore Throat Asthma Gout COYAP 8M and Oentrtated Joints Baine aud AohM !n *ny partl Numbness Paralysis!ttion of the Kidneys: DeafaeM Heftdactte Loss ot Vetee HoMsenesa Difficulty M Breathing And many otner jjiseascs. In cases of Gout and Rheumatism, one or two of PRES- TON's GOUT AND RHEUMATIC FILLS (price la. H-d. per box) taken oeeasiunally. wiU greatly hasten the cure. In other Diseases they Me not needed. PAIN. EXTRACTOR WILL DRAW OUT PAIN FROM ANY FART—IT NEVER FAILS. Cures Neuralgia in five minutes, Gout and RheumatMm in a few days. It does not blister or injure the skin. Can be used over and over again, and will Jast for months. Price Is. lid. each, or sent post free for fourteen stamps. Prepared onlv by THOMAS PRESTON, M.B. (Patentee'. at the CITY MEDICAL HALL, 81, Long Lane, Smithneld, Lomdon. Observe the Government Stamp, without which none are jtenmne. HEALTH FOR ALL. TDRESTON'S PURIFYING PILLS-THE J- BLOOD MEDICINE. Sold in boxes at W., Is. lid., and 2s. 9d. Sent free on receipt of 8, M, or 33 stamps. This fine BLOOD Medicine is warranted not to contain a mngle particle of MERCURY or any other mineral, but to consist entirely of Medicinal Balsams PURELY V&GRT- ABLE. One trial will convince anyone of their emcacy in all Diseases of the Head, Chest, Heart, Lungs, Kidneys, Liver, Bowels, and likewise in Skin diseases. These Fitis create new, rich, and pare Mood, and expel &U impunhes. They give IMMEDIATE reHef, and very quickly cure, as a single box will prove. They strengthen the constitution, improve the health, and greatly prolong life. There is considerable saving in buying the larger boxes, as a 2s. 9d. box contains 100 pills. As a family medicine they are greatly to be preferred, as they do not act upon the bowels, and are not in the slight- est degree opening. Prepared only ty THOMAS PRESTON, M. B., at the CITY MEMCAL HALL, 84, Long Lane, SWithileld, London. The Government Stamp h on every box. LUNG HEALER. FOR DISEASES OF THE CHEST, THROAT, AND LUNGS. '(I TORESTON'S LUNG HEALER {s a 6ne' JL Balsamic Elixir, which acts direct upon the Lungs, giving immediate relief, and eventually a permanent and lasting cure, even in cases where everything else has been tried and failed, LUNG HEALER quickly cures Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Tightness, or Wheezing at the Chest, Difficulty of Breath- ing, Hoarseness, Phlegm Tickling of the Throat, Shortness of Breath, Incipient DecKne, Numbness, and Weakness of the Langs, Pains in Chest and Wasting, Influenza, Hectic Fever, Night Sweats, Decay of the Lungs. Tubercular Disease, Expectoration, Palpitation, and all the Symptoms of Impending Consumption. LUNG HEALEtt strengthens the Lnngs, and thereby prevents Consumption. The Voice improves; Coughs and Colds are guarded against. It thoroughly eradicates Here- ditary Consumptive Taint, if taken in time; and all who may be threatened with Decline may rest in safety after a few doses of LUNG HEALER. Sold in Bottles at 2s. 9c., by THOMAS PRESTON, M.B., at the CITY MEDICAL HALL, 81, Long Lane, Smithneld, London. The Government Stamp is on every bottle. *t* Order of any Chemist. A USEFUL FAMILY MEDICINE. TDBESTON'S NERVOUS, BILIOUS, .and JL LIVER PILLS, are one of the finest Herbal Family Medicines it is possible to procure, and no family should be without a box in the house, in case of' a sudden attack of sickness. These Pills quickly cnre all Nervous, BUions, and Liver Complaints, Headache, Loss of Appetite. Indi- geation, Sickness of the Stomach, Heartburn, Melancholy, Dizziness, Dimness of Sight, Drowsiness, Lowness of Spirits, Jaundice, Sallowness of the Complexion, Tremour, Costive- ness, Spasms, Bile, Singing Noises and Swimming in the Head, Paleness, Specks noating before the Eyes Flatulency and all ailments of a similar character. Sold in Boxes at la. l;d. by THOMAS PRESTON, M.B., 84, Long Lane, Smithnetd, London. A box sent free for 14 Stamps. Please observe the Government Stamp on elery box. ? ?KIN DtSEASES, Sores, Wounds, Ulcers, k3 and all diseased places, are immediately cured by HEALING OIL! (TtTLE REGISTERED.) This elaborate preparation acts like a charm upon any diseased surface; and if rubbed in the skin over the seat of any internal disease, is absorbed by the pores and carried by the circulation of the blood to the diseased part which could not be reached by any other means. HEALING OIL is a powerful invigorator, which all who suffer from colds and weaknesses will at oace appreciate, M it strengthens any weak part to which it may be applied, thereby preventing and keeping off colds, and should al- ways be at hand for use In changeable weather to rub in any part as a protection. Diseases which have for years resisted every kind of treat- ment are often cured in a few days by this OIL. On in- curable diseases it exerts a specific inSuence, and It is only necessary to give',it one trial to prove its superiority over every liniment, ointment, or embrocation that can be pro- cured. It cures quickly, and is on this account highly economical, and its advantages are at once apparent over all the old remedies, which take months and often years to accomplish what this does in a few days. This OIL acts like dew on the parched and diseased skin, moistening, cooling, and curing, without pain or trouble, every eruption from the pimple to the deep seated ulcer, and from the scratch to the venomous bite, and this sys- tem of treating internal and external diseases through the pores of the skin by ABSORPTION has many advantages over nauseous Medicines. Sold in bottles, price Is Hd., with directions. A bottle sent free for is stamps. One bottle is often sanieient to cure—TRY IT. The Goverment Stamp is attached to every Sold by THOMAS PRESTON, M.B., at the CITY MEDICAL HALL, 84, Long Lane, Simthneld, London, B.C. HALL- 84, Lo n Order of any CMrnut. 1'1980  7 1?01'1,4" 1- I ili" -4? r ?" ,?g, ) i ,i, ENAINT HOLLOWAY. Enwogrwydd Cytfredinol. Boed i bawb a ddioddefant oddi wrth anhwylder Oyffred inol neu loot gytameryd calun, a di!yn esampi y rhai btiodo). ant eu ItadferMd i iecbyd i'r defnydd a wnaethant o Enainti Pnelenau HoUoway. Ymedy y Gymmalwiit yn y eyhyrt, a'r cymmaJan, y dKMdwst, or it i,,tu y y g'iau, y c'vlwm gwythi a dirotynbdau 'g'Wryst,Ùd,¡ wttu ef y(i i.o y medd. yfiniaethim hyA Cotiiau drwg, pob i) archollion, gweltau, Itosgiadau, enDYfiTz, tin yn y erom, a orchfygir gyda buandra rhyfeddol. Dyla; yr enwogrwydf! a enuiNwyd gan Enaint a 1'helenau Hoitoway drwy ;r fyd gwareiddiedis dueddu pawb a inir gan aSechvd i roddi iddynt brawf teg cyn anobeithio am esmwythM.5 rhoddi i fyny bob meddwl am weUhad. Fa&meg y Brefa.atosgla.u (Bl'onchitis), Dich. theria., Dolur &w<Mi, Peswcil, ac 4nVrYd. aweItiJr. yr EnaMt hwn wedi i bob moMum erejuletho. V ma.9 yn feddygimMth int(t'ae[edig rhag pob nuth o M hwytdertu yn y gwddf <t'r frest. GweUhetr pesweh.MMet. ydlog a chegwichittd drwy rwbio yr Enaint. Coesa.u Drwg, Brestiau Drwg, Briwia.n Hen ArcholUon, a. Grwelia.u. Rhyfedd yw mor fuan yr :¡mddir,d.. briwiau, gwetfau, neo archollionycarjfh o nerth. gall OJ amddlr"nu u bob Ciln. mhwyader i gyHawni dytedswydda.u bywyd; ac nid ));d rhyfeddot ydyw gwytio efMtnmu Mumt )tch;toi Holl,)way pan y defuyddier ef yn uaol !t'r cyf-M-wyddiadau Msnp[t.(i. ig, a't gyunorthwyo gyda dogntu priodol o r MenM. Y Droedwst a.'r Gymmaiwst. Fa'u ewetJheir gyda'r sicrwydd mwyat <M thwbir symiao mawrion o'r Enaint i mewn yn dda i'r rhanau dolnrus. D). lid parhau y drmiMth hon gyda. dyfalwch am beth araer, a'igynnorthwyo yn briodol il dognau nerthol o Beteim Heiloway. Howlia y meddygMMthaa pmetddiot ac e). mwythaot hyn sylw difrifolaf pawb sydd yn ddarostyngedi. i'r Kymmatwst, y droedwst, y Ktunwst, ac arihwylderaa poenus ereiU yr y cyhyrau, y ?"wynau, a'r eymma!M. Gwerthir yr Enaint a'r Pelenau yn Sefydtiad y Proffem' I HOLLOWAY, 533, Oxford Street, Mundain; hefyd gan ago., hot) masnachydd parehM mewn CytferiM Meddygol dnty y byd Ewareiddiodig. mown B]ych.tH a Photiau, yn ot b. lie.; 2s. 9c., 4s. Ce; Us.; 22s., a 9Ss. yr un. Cynnwyaa y Nwch Heiaf bedwar dwiiin o RetenM; a'r pot Ueia< wna e EnainL Enaiat..& .p.hob Nwch a phot Mir cyfM\vyddndM argraph. Yngtyn edig ttawn, hyd yn oed yn y Dyreaeg, yr Arabaeg, yr At. meniaeg, y Beraiaeg, neu iaith y Chmeaid. PURE AERATED WATERS. EBL IS'S Buthin Wa t era; ???f jEBy Soda, Potaaa, Seltzer, Lemo). ? dM ? ??? *de. LitMa. and for GOUT, VMRVAM BYTH Lithia and Potass. Corks Branded "R. MLMS & SON, RUTHIN, and every label bears their &ade mark. Sold everywhere and Wholesale of R. EMM <& SON, RntMn, North Wates. [7']! "TjlOR THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE.' j' Ste Detteronomy, chap. xii., verae 23. CLARKE'S WORLD FAMED BLOOD MIXTURE TRADZ MAM—"BLOOD MIXTURE." The Great Blaod Purifier and Restorer. dKIN DISEASES, Eruptiona, Blotches, met. JJ rated Sora Lega, Old Sores, G!andu!arSweHu!p, Cancerous Ulcers, Spots, Pimples, PusMtea, Boil, Carbuncles, Ringworms, Sottd Heads, Sore Eyes, Erysipelas, Itch, Scarfs, Decolorations of the Skit, Humours and Diseases of the Skin of wtiaterM nMne or nature, are literally carried out of ttj system in a >hort time by the use of this worM- famed Medicine. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS FROM ALL PARTS. JTL MPORTANT ADVICE TO ALL.-Cleame the Yitiated blood whenever you find its impmi' ties bnrsttnft throngh the skin in pimples, enr' Mons, or sores; cleanse it when you find it M' Btructed and stuggish in the veins; cleanse it when it is foul, and your feelings will tell yN when. Keep the blood pure, and tM health of the system will follow. As this mixture is pleasant to the tMte, act warranted free from anything injurious to ttf most delicate constitution of either sex, the PK' prietor solicits suSerers to give it a trial to twt Its value. ?LARKE'S WORLD-FAMED BLOOD \? MIXTURE is sold in Bottles, 2s. 3d. each, Md caeeB, containing six times the quantity, 11s. eac. h-se, cient to effect a permanent cure in tl..< great majority o loM-shmding cases-BY ALL CHEMISTS and PATEXT MEDICINE VENDORS throughout the United Kingdom and the world, or sent to tmv ..fdress on receipt of 27 or I!i stamps, by the Proirif t F. J. CLARKE Chemist, Apothecaries LINCOLN. WHOLESALE: ALL PAMNT MEDICINE laOUSESI LONDON DEPOT: 160, OXFORD :STRE ET. AGENTS:— BAttCLAY & SOLiS, LONDON, AND ALL THE WHOLE- SALE HOUSJES. DOimaTJC AND MAYUPA(;TUItINg [77M J. & H. KEYWORTH & CO.S LIVERPOOL Agricultural Implement Depot, 35, & 37, TARLETON STREET. CLAYTON & (.<HUTTLEWORTH'S PORTABLE & HORIZONTAL STEAM ENGINES And THRASHING MASHINES. ? REAPERS AND MOWERS Carts, Saw Benches, Fire Enginef, AND FIRST CLASS AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY AND IMPLEMENTS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION Alway8 in Stock, and ready for immediate delivery, MAKERS' PB!CES. ? [1929  DEWARE OF PIRATICAL IMITATIONS -LJ OF AUCOCH'S POROUS PLASTER. Owing to the wonderful aale these celebrated plasters have obtained by thetr curative properties in lumbago, sciatica, rheumy ttsm. pMUS in side and back. and, in short all pains M* local affections, some unprincipled p&rties have been mM"' factumit; and offering for sate apurtous plasters, put up such a manner so aa to deceive the unwary, ånd M ?'" agent for Great BritMn and Ireland, I Can gurant'ee none genuine save they bear on the Keveaue Stamp, in white 11; ters, the words—"THOS. AJU.COCK & CO.. P?KO" PLASTERS:" and the puMic, by never purch.tsine; u"?' thia is on, wiil secure to themselves the genuine PoroM PiMter..Henry D. BjtANDRETH, LiverDooi, sole 399D? for Europe and the Colonies. Dealers m spurious pI?teM" ba proMcuted. t?'