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it TROOPS TO BAXGOR and Lodging-house Keepers.âCarpets, Hearthrugs. Curtains. Case- morjte, Linoleums, Oilcloths, Cushions, Quut3, B'ankets, Sheets and Towels. etc., at Sale Prices at Yv. O. WILLIAMS'. House. Ban-go r. Seo windows.âAdvt. FOOD FOR THE TROOPS.âBest FJOUT, 5i H16. for Is. speoial offer for 2 eac-k; Best Butter, Is ad per lb. other goods equally reasonable at (1. TEGID DAVIES. by the Station (Tel. 4x).â Judvt. MILLINERY.âLadies' Hats, Bonnets, etc., trimmod and re-made. Ladies' own materials. Miss Parry, 10, Regent-street, Upper Bangor. Advt. WREATHS, Crosses, Freah Cut Flowers, etc., a speciality.âP-ALFERMAN S, High Cl>a<a3 Fruit Stores, opposite the Cathedral, arsd L pper Bangor.âAdvt. WINDOW-CLEANING and CHIMNEY SWEEPING.âOwing to Dissolution of Partner- oenip of the Bangor Window-Cleaning and Chimney-Sweeping Company, for all Chimney- Sweeping now apply to J. Ansonia. 79, Garth- road. Good and clean work guaranteed. Auvt. MILLINERY.-MISS ROSE LEVY Trims bad Re-makes Ladies' Ha-t., Bonnets, etc.. Fa-rrar-road (lato at Recent House). Advt. UMBRET.LAS REPAIRED sains day. tAtMtria. Taffeta, and Gloria Covers, from 23 6d. âW. Jones, Hairdresser, High-street. Advt. 3. YOUR EYESIGHT accurately and carefully Ieted and Adriecd on at Walter M. Williams, 6, High-street (opposite Railway Station), Bangor.âAdvt. TROOPS FOR BANGOR.âThe ben to get yoiir POTATOES, Fruit and Vegetables etc. Huge Consignment of Irish Potatoes ex- pected; Special Concessions to people billeting troops. PALFERMANS, off the Cathedral, olvi-d Upper liaairor.-Adyt. OWEN JONES, LADIES' AND GENTS' fTailoring, 7. Friars-road, Bangor. Customers' own Material made up. Suite, etc., turned and renovated at moderate charg-Advt, THE CATHEDRAL.âMorning service on until farther notice, wiil begin at 11.25, âfwe minutes earlier than usual. ST. PAUL'S LITERARY SOCIETY.âMr W. O. Wiil am», Bryn Awel, on Thursday even- ing, addreA-ted the members of this Society on ''Thomas Darlington." ELECTIVE AUDITORS.âMessrs H. O. Hughes, Plasllwyd-terrace, and Llew. D. Jones, Farrar-road, have been, re-appointed elective auditors. I TOWN PLANNING.âA conference under the auspices of the National Housing and Town Planning Council is to be held at Ban- gor on March 18th and 19th. BENEFITTING THE WELSH TROOPS.â The entire proceeds of the organ recital given by Mr Emyr Humphreys, of Cartrefle, at Clwvd-street Chapel, Rhyl, last week, were devoted to Mrs idoyd George's fund for the ."Welsh troops. MEDAL FOR LONG SERVICE.-At the drill of the local fire brigade on Saturday the captain (Mr Wm. Joues) presented a long ser- vice medal to Mr David Williams, Fair View, one of the members of the brigade who has just completed 21 years' service. THE RUSSIAN BARQUE, which has been moored in the Menai Straits for some months, left on Saturday for a port in Florida, U.S.A. She was towed out of the Straits by one of tho Corporation steamers. RECRUITING OFFICER.âMr D. Jonea, ex-postmaster of Bangor, now living retired on pension, after info-rra ii^ thi Poet Ottioe authori- ties that ho was willing to take tho place of a.ny postmaster who desired to go to the front, has nony accepted a position as assistant recruiter at the local reoruitmg station, with Mr L. D. Jones (Llew Tegid). RAILWAY TEMPERANCE HALL. An ,enjoyable evening was spent by the members of the Literary and Debating Society in connection with the above hall last Friday, when Messrs R. iW&lfvrd and L. W. MoDermid gave readings from Scot-t and Conan Dovle respectively, with « short history of both authors. BANGOR MAN'S ESCAPE FROM BAG- DAD.âMr Hugh Jo-xv, sub-manager of the Ottoman Bank at Bagdad, was one of a party of forty Europeans who arrived at Alexandria en Monday from Mersina (Turkey in Asia) on boarci an Italian steamer. They left Bagdad their wives not being allowed to accompany th,om--ou December 13th guarded by Turkish soldiers. CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY.âAt the quarter, ly meeting at the Central Cafe, on Monday, it (â¢was reported that the nett profit for the quarter. aft-or paying' all expenses, including share inte- rests to members, amounted to E124 Is 9d, to which jE.6 12s 3d was added from the Dividend Equalisation Fund. The number of members is 303, seventeen having joined during the quar- ter. LICENCE TRANSFERRED.âAt the weekly Sessions, held on Tuesday, before Messrs W. Pug he (chairman), Ernest Neele, W. D. Hobeon, NV. P. Matthews, Thomas Roberts, and the Rev. Wm. Morgan, St. Ann's, Mr Horatio Jones ap- | fi'ied for the transfr of the licence of the Bull Inn, Bangor, from Corporal Lloyd, Dcnbi?h?ure Yeomanry, to J. Davits, Llangefni. The appli- cation was granted. ALDERMANIC VACANCY. The death of Mr Edward Jones, coaohbuilder has created a vacancy ia the alderma.nic bench of the City Council, and two or three names aie associated ,with it. For the vacancy in the Council, which will probably ensue, there is already ?ne candi- 7W.11 in t abF7. of Mr 0. T. Owen. Ty Gwyn {of Messrs N-,h ..d Co., Jewellers). RENT OF MILITARY HOSPITAL.âAt the meeting of the Bangor and Beaumaris Guard- ians, to-da *v week, a report was received to tho effect that the new Workhouse Infirmary had been let to the War Office for the purposes of a military hospital, at a rent of nearly £ 1000 per annum, and that the Local Government Board hod assented to this. The Chairman (the Rov. (W. Morgan, St. Ann's) said the reputation of their new infirmary had extended to London, where lie had heard more of the efficiency of the institution than he heard in Bangor (hear, hear). *ImOrO). AL CONTRACTS. A local co? merchants wrote to the Bangof and Beauntar:* Board of at their mooting, last week, saying that. as a result of the war, ho waa experiencing a difficulty in sup- I plying the coal at the contract prioo, and would be grateful to tho Board if they oould assist him in tho matter. The Clerk (Mr R. B. Evans) eaid ho had written to another contractor, who had made the same sort of statement, stating that his case would be consi dered at the end of the quarter, ami suggested that a simila.r reply be givetn to the present complainant. This was weed to. WITH THE COLOURS I In the? detachment of the 1st Bri gade of the iWeJ»h Army who this wee-k are on a recruiting march through Anglesey, ia D. Williams, an old e. Olio" boy, living at Conaiah's Quay. Several of tho ofifcers ajnd men of tho Welsh (Carnarvonshire) Royal Garrison Artillery, now billeted at Cambridge, have been home on a few â¢lays' furlough. Among them was Captain W. Hall Savage. APPLICATION FOR EJECTMENT ORDER. I At the Police Court on Tuesday a rent col. ⢠lector, on behalf of a client, asked for an ejectment order against a woman who, he said. owed £ 0 on account of rent. The woman said she hud eleven children. two of whom had enlisted, that she had lived in the house two years, after having occupied her previous house twenty-eight years with- out complaint; that she had twice taken the rent to the aent, who had declined to take it; that she did not want to leave the house; and that she was willing to pay the rent and all arrears if she was given a little time. Her daughter paid the rent as a rule. After some explanations by the agent and tby Mr Horatio Jones, who appeared for the owner, the Clerk CMr H. C. Vincent) advised the Bench to grant the order but to refuso a warrant when one was applied for unless good cause was shown for issuing it. Turning to the woman, the Clerk said: An OvA&r is iaade for vou to leave your liouse ia "CHRONICLE" OFFICE. FRIDAY. twenty-one days; but, if I might say so, I would not advise you to do it, and I don't think you will. he forced to do it. The agent said that as far as he was con- cerned he would be delighted to take the money offered and leave the tenant in posses, sion, but he had the strictest, injunctions from the landlady to get posses- sion of the house. It was not for him to say what his client's reasons were for desiring possession of the house CONCERT AT UNIVERSITY COLLEGE. I In aid of the Welsh War Hospital and the Re. lief of Distress in France, a delightful concoct WillS held at the Powts Hall of the University College on Monday night. The artistes wero:â V oca List, Mies Bertha Jones; pianoforte, Madame Andre Barbier; violin, M. Henri Delangp; viola, M. Charles T?rbour; vi-oIonc?Uo, M. Cam; He Deiobclle. Fh? CMtCcrt was an ar- t.i?tic su<?xas from an inatrmncnta) ?nd ?o from a vocal point of view. Tho first part of ?K) programme con^itod- of mmic of tho old school of composers, including Ario-ti and Yeracini, and the graceful music was given with all .ta charm. The playing of all tho instrumentalists was characterised by true feeling a.nd real en- thusiasm for the music, and especially enjoya-bie was Mozart's quartet for piano, violin, vioia and cello. Without indulging in any vocal lfoiwi-shes, I Miss Bortim Jonot gave delightful interpretation., of Puroell's ''Nymphs and Shepherds" rnd Haydn's "My mother bids me bind my hair." Her version of the latter song was impeccably in diction, sauvity a-nd refinement of style. Tho following: was the programme-Quartet for piano, viotin, viola siA vioiincello. No. 1 (Mozart), M-adame Andre Barbier, M. Herri Delange. Charlos Turbour and Cam:lle Delobeile; sonata for viola (Ariosti), M. Charles Turbour; songs, (a) "Nymphs and Shepherds" (H. Pur- ee!!) and (b) "My moth-er. bidó me bind my hair" (Haydn); iNI i, Bertha Jones; sonata for piano- forte and violin (V er-acini), Madame Andre Bar- bier and M. Henri Delan^e; violoncello solo, sonat.,L (B-rcval), M. Camille DdobcHe; Wpkh folk -.o.Tkg. (a) "Robin Ddiog" and (b) "Migiidi, Magikh" (arranged by Dr. Lloyd WiUiam,,), Mna Bertha Jones; trio for pianoforte, YÃQlin &nd viokniceiko (Rxmeau), Madame Ardre Qarbiw. Mm. Dei?ng? and De!obell" j "La. 1a.l'll!ajë," Madame Andre Bubier. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE EISTEDDFOD. ] '11h annual Eisteddfod in connection wtJri the St. David's Day festivities at the University College wa's held last night at the Powjne Hail. The proceedings were more than usually boisterous, the students being in a, very merry mood. The president was Professor J. E. Lloyd; the conductor, Mr R. E. Jones, Llanberis; and the general secretaries, Mfias P. K. Owen and Mr Richard Willt.ams. Mr John Williams, Car- n ax N- -n,Avati the musical adjudicator. Thf- fol- lowing were the chief awards:âSoprano solo, pr -a I "Prodigal Son," Miss Gladys Dawson Williams, Flint ('Varsity). Duet: Messrs Bryn Jones and Brnryj Evans, Mountain Ash, both of the Ncr- "mal CoAlege. Peni-Mion: Mr Dick Jones. Tho chair was awarded to Mr Allbert Evan Jones, Pwllheli (University College and Bapti st Cocllege). The subject was "Tne War," the adjudicator, Professor J. Morris Jones, speaking" highly of the witinir-,g effort. Violin solo Mr Sehh Owen Talysarn. Emglisii recitation: Prize diYidoed between Mr D. C. Jones (Univ< r- aity) and Miss Partly (Univensitv). Short fetory Mr J. R. Morgan (University). Ladies' choir ? oomp&t?ic.n: Party c'onduct?d by Miss Gladys Dawson Williams, Flint (University). Tho ad- Da.wour, eulogised their .-singing, remarking that tt was worthy of & better E?stcdd?fod. Piano- forfco solo (any movement from Beethoven or j Chopin): Miswi Nellie Hughes {Un-iversify). Weiah recitation, "The Workman" (three com- petitors) Miss Maggie Owen, Ty Croes, An- {flesey (Normal). In giving his decision on tho quartette competition, Mr John Williams said the winning four were real vocalists, the nuainoes being pt-rfect. The winners were cOlldll'C:t<:d by Mr Bryn Joness (Normal College). OBITUARY. I LANCE-CORPORAL MA UK ICE WARD. I With fall military honours, the funeral took place on Wednesday of Lance-Corporal Maurice Ward, Cth Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers, youngest son of Mr and Mrs J. Ward, Eustoa-road, Bangor. The deceased, who was 21 years of age, joined the 6th Battalion R.W.F. some time before the declaration of war, and was latter- ly stationed at Cambridge. He was taken ill last week, and was removed to a hospital In Cambridge. His mother and sister, on hear- iug that he was ill, proceeded to Cambridge on Saturday, but he died before their arrival. His illness he bore with soldier-like fortitude, and his death cast a gloom over his company, among whom he was very popular. His officers spoke in high terms of his work and had singled him out for promotion. Before the body was removed from Cambridge the mili. tary authorities conducted a brief service there. The funeral was of a very impressive char- acter and testified to the esteem in which the deceased wa3 held particularly by his fellow-workmen in the Permanent Railway Department of the London and North Western Railway Co. and by the officers and boys of the Railway Institute Brigade, of which he was a member when the corps was formed. The cortege was headed by a firing party from the 11th Service Battalion of the South Lanca. shire Regiment, now stationed in Bangor. Then came the band of the training ship "Clio," who played Handel's "Dead March." They were fallowed by a gun carriage on which reposed the coffin covered with a Union Jack. A number of fellow-workmen of the deceased from the Permanent Way Depart- ment, which was closed for the afternoon, acted as bearers. In the funeral procession were also the Railway Institute Boys' Brigade in charge of Capt. Perkins, a number of friends of the deceased from the 6th Battalion R.W.F., who came over from Cambridge specially to pay their last tribute of respect, the band of the 11th Service Battalion of the South Lancashire Regiment, and a detach, ment of the National Reserve from Menai Bridge. The chief mourners were Mr and Mrs J. Ward (father and mother). Rev. R. Ward, curate of Barmouth, and -Mr J. Ward (brothers), and Miss Cassie Ward (sister), with other relatives. Major Whiskin was in charge of the military arrpjagements. The Rev. T. Lewis Jones, vicar of St. David's Church, officiated, and the choir of the church attended and sang the hymns "How bright those glorious spirits shine" and "0 fryniau Caersalem." The "Nunc Dimittis" was also suiior to a chant composed by the Rev. T. Lewis Jones. At the conclusion of the service a party of the South Lancashires fired a volley over the grave. Numerous wreaths were sent, including a magnificent one from the Institute Boys' Brigade, which I rested on the coffin, and from the officers and men of the deceased's company at Cambridge. MR WM. MILLIARD. I A well-known Sffure in Bangor L'f? was re-I moved to-day week by the sudden d<?th. after a seizure a few days previously, of Mr William Stephen Milliard, Orme-road. Mr Milliard, who was in his 72nd year, -as born at Soutluea in 1842, and wa.3 educated at Greenwich Hospital SohooJ, being awarded the school medal in 1857, when he entered the Navy and joined H.M.-3. "ExoeKont." He si-bs-e- quentbr obtained the Admiralty certificate as a schoolmaster, and also tho Board of Education certificate at Exeter College. He served in the Royal Navy for 21 years as schoolmaster, and awarded the long service medal anrl good conduct medal. In 1881 ho was, appointed head sohool- maeter on the Training Shfp "Clio," which post he held for 24 years, retiring in Deoernber, 1905. He was on the committee of the Seamen's Insti- tute and was a member of the Conservative Club. Ho was one of the^oldest Freemason in the dis- trict, being initiated in 1364. He was of a kindly. UDÅti0U8 Ai;opwition, Tetq omwteous. was highly respected by all who h&d the plea- sure of his acquaintance. At tiie fiuicra! on Monday there wore prceont: Messrs Herbert Milliard (Carnarvon), Wm. Mill- iard, Fred. Milliard, ar.d Percy Milliard (00113); Mr John Mayiig Mhi'arc. Liverpool (brother); Mr Jim Milliard (nephew); Mr J. R. Morgan, Dublin (son-m-Jiaw); Messr.» E. 1'. Spry, A. J. Baldwin, Charles i'ozai, R. Llewellyn Joiito, C. Joi/ois (Glanadda), R. F. Evans (Garth), Mr Hughes (Lipton's', Mr Wm. Jones (St. Paui'a- terraoa), Mir ivivih ^-eipireoent .aig Copt. Lang- dcn, R.A., "Clio"), Mr GtUard (Stiiwen), Mar Owen Griffith (sailmaker), Mr T, li. Jones (The Crcac-init), Mr Riok«.nd Wil.lia.ms (Fair V¡<;w), Mr Edwards (Orme-road), Mr Charles Davics ('parish clerk), Stcgt. R. Davics, R.W.F., and Mr David Morgan. Tho Rev. J. Morrice, M.A., St. M'uy's. officiated, agisted by the He v. W. F. Williams (curate). A number of be-autiful wreaths were sent. MRS M. WILLIAMS, VRON SQUARE. I The dentili of Mrs Margaret Williams, wife of Captain R. W ilh-aim, 6, Vran-square, occurred t on Sunday at the -Carnarvonshire Ang'i&s&y Infirmary, whore she h-id unriergono an tion. lfie funeral, which w-?a private, took p:J.oe at Glanadkia Cemetery yoitarday morn- ing. The service a-t tho house was taken by the Rov. Daniel Rowlands, M.A., and at the graveside by the Rev. R. J, Jones, poa.-or oi Twrgwyn. The chief mourners were: Captain Wilisams (widower), the Misses Wibiams j (daughters), and among others present were Mr u. R. Rowlands, Pryurvvon; M««» H. Pritchiard, I R. Hughes, W. S. Williams, and M. Davics.








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