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I HOME DRESSMAKING. I I A SMART LITTLE COAT-FROCK. I  Our artist haa sketched for us a particu I larly attractive coat-frock, which,- whilst I very simple in style, is exceedingly smart in «J effect. This coat-frock is an exceptionally useful pattern, for it mav be carried out in  almost any material. jI [Refer to H. D. 237.] j As sketched, it, is made up in a thick zephyr, with a white ground patterned witn a check in two or three shades of brown and blue, whilst the revel's, c-ollar, and cuffs are faced with fine pique, and the belt is also made of pique. MATERIAL REQUIRED.â^To make this coat- frock you will need from 3 J yards to 4 yards of 40in. material, according to your height. If, however, the material is patterned in such a way that it can only be used one way up, you will require at least a yard more. THE PATTERN.âThe paper pattern con- sists of eight pieces. You will see that the cuffs and collar are laid upon the plain white pique, whilst the other pieces are placed upon the checked stuff. In addition, you will need a strap of white material about 4in. wide and 32in. long for the belt, and two straight pieces of the white material wide enough and long enough to faco up the fronts, where they are turned back to form revers. You will npd H yards of 27in. material for the collar, cuff, belt, and facings. It must be remembered that no turnings are allowed for. THE CUTTING OUT.âThe diagram sho,ys that the back cf the coat-frock is laid to the fold, as the back ia cut all in one. After cutting out all the pattern pieces, cut the belt, cuffs, collar, and facing pieces. The latter should be broad enough to be caught in for a couple of inches with the shoulder seam, but should o-radually taper off towards the bottom. These j>K>ees should be long enougn to come to about 10m. below the waist. If the coat-lrock is to be made in soft wool oi silk material, these revers fronts will have to be inter- lined with canvas. THE LG.-First at- tach the interlining and facing to the fronts. When f _1_- the facings are implied, press weu. the revers by turning over each front, as shown bv the dotted line in the diagiam, and press well, so that they keep in position. Next turn the edges of the fronts in so that each makes a perfectly straight line from, neck to hem, and sew down. Now sew tno buttons on and make the buttonholes. Next tack the coat frock together, To do this, first turn in the side exr-,es of the front and back pieces. Then tack each front on to its back ie7f?ont piece, and each side of the back on to its proper side back piece. Next tack the shoulder seams together and the under-arm seams. Now tack the sleeve seams and put them into the armholes. Next tack the fronts and the back to the skirt side pieces. Now turn in the top edges of the joined up side skirt pieces, and tack them, on to the bottom of the bodice sides. Next sew the dress together in exactly the same order as you have done the tacking. Make the lower edge of the frock quite neat by hemming it. Make up the collar and cuffs by laying lining and facing right side together, and machine round the edge, turning inside out. Stitch the collar to the neck of the dross and the top of the revers like an ordinary seam, then roll the facing just over the edge of this seam and hem it neatly down. Put on the euffs in the same way. Fold the belt right sides together, machine, and turn in- side out. Make the ends neat, and sew on the fastenings. HOW TO OBTAIN Paper Pattern of the above SMART COAT-FROCK. Fill in this form and selid it, with remittance in stamps, to MISS LISLE, 8, La Beile .,Auvage, LONDON, E.C. 4. JJTri^rlea^lv. Name. Address Pattern No. PAPER PATTERNS. Price 9d. each. PATTERNS cut to special measure, 1/6 each. MISS LISLE will be pleased to receive suggestions and to illustrate desitus of general use to the I HOME DRESSMAKER. Hurrying to pick up Lord Beaver brook, was the excuse given by a woman motor driver, who was fine(I 30s., at Marylebone Police-court for exceeding the speed limit. North Devon has won the Devon County Challenge Cup for tractor ploughing for the third time in succession. In a recent week it stood second in rvll England, and, in April, third for England and Wales. The combined coal gas, and electricity The combined oa l  hole country will rationing scheme for the whole country will be ready on July 1. Sir Donald Maclean. at a meeting of the. Navvy Mission at Church House, London, S.W., said he had just come from "that manufactory of red tape, the House of Com- mons.


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