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Abergavenny Federation of…

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ABERGAVENNY BOARD OF GUJtrlDiANJ. OVERSEERS TO uZ SUiflSTONED. The fortnightly meeting of the Abergavenny 1 Board of < Vuardiuns was held 0:1 Friday, Col. W. \?iHi t;.? ?r'?<i.i:c. There WM also preSlt: | Mr. K. j. Gwillim (v'ce-?.?T!:?u) "irs' Hlley I" .c: .< j John l't h-d. ;'ai.n'. \V?ikins. N. Pnllin, m'¡;l'< è:;{i\i;t!:¡;Iri i I Philip Wi l Uair.o, Win. (. .willim, an d Joseph lioweils. I T'l'.e Meat Ration. [ Uç .t..I!Q.. J 7, .iL "i\1I The Master reported that th re were in the house 6', tn<n, '20\'{.c.rr 1.1 12 < hildren, a t"Lal of 104, cmupnr?d with -? z, for the corresponding period of last year, or a decrease of 25, The number f vagcants relieved during the fortnight was 47, compared with 72 f.r 'lie corresponding period, a decrease c.f 25. hen the Ivles'.er reatl out nis list of require- ments for the fortnight, Mr. 1). Watkins asked if there was any difficulty in getting supplies. The Master said that there was a sEght: diffi- culty with regard to meat, but nothing to do them any harm. They had had to cut down the quantity a little. Mr. Pritchard said he did not see why they should not reduce the quantity of meat entirely during the Avar. Most people had to do so, and many could Hot get any meat at all. The Master said that their scale WS vcrv low. Father Wray We can't do it without the con,sent of the Local Government Board. The Vice-Chairman What is the weight of meat allowed ? The Master Under 2lbs. per head per week. Mr. N. Pnllin Is there any difficulty about cheese ? The Master: No. The Vice-Chairman said that they could not th ⢠meat down much. i Mr. PuMin said t'at the;, ?ot (.n'y ?b. of meat BL Blaen ivou bst \'c:k il;d ou!y LD. per head ). per ?IC The Vice-Chairman The aHoyvance at the house includes bacon, aud we can get bacon and sausage or something of that kind in addition. Rates overdue. I The Clerk reported that Old-; ..tie and Aber- I gavenny Urban were considerably behind with tileir rates, and as a result the Guardians would have nothing left in the bank if they paid the county rate and the cheques drawu that day. These rates should have been paid oil the iitil December. The calls unpaid amounted to 115,668. Members expressed the opinion that matters ought to be brought to a head, especially in N-ic-,v of the continued trouble with Abergavenny Urban. On the preposition of Mr. John Prichardj seconded by tne ict-Chainu.u, it was decided to summon the respective overseers for the pay j nient of the rks due, Monthly Instead of Quarterly. The officers at the house made application fof I their salaries to be paid them monthly instead'of I quarterly. This was agreed to, ReHevins Officersiiin. There was only one application fer the position of relieving officer for the Abergavenny district, rendered vacant by the resignation of Mr. W. fl. Studholme. This was from Mr. W. Locksiey, of St. Helen's-road, who in his application stated that he had served for 20 years in the Wilts. {Regiment, and had served with the S.W.B. in Serbia and France, and was now discharged from the service. The applicant w;s not present, though the Clerk said he had asked him to attend. It was therefore decided to advertise again. Increased Price Asked Fcr Meat. I Mr. Hall, butcher, wrote that the Government had now controlled mutton at I >1. per lb in- crease on their contract price, and they asked the Board to grant them a corresponding in- crease. Tlle application was agreed to. -+- I


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