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Wr" t I i ':<iI' .¡;¡:}- .t. < t" Prepay Adverbseaneote 1; ,r A HALF-PENNY A WORD. One Ynr&e j Insertion Insertion* 12 word« 0 6 1 0 16 word. 0 5 1 20 words ? 010 ? 1 8 24 word. 1 0 2 0 10 words 1 3 2 6 This applies only to prepaid advert,i.se- ments. Advertisements not paid for when ordered will be charged extra. u 8. IF you have any FrRXITrRE or other articles for Sale, write or cad at Williams' Auction Rooms, Murray street, Llanelly. Goods sold on commission or I bought outright. WANTED Second-hand FURNITURE Bicycles, Gramophones, Old Gold and Silver, etcs., etc. In fact, we buy (and sell) anything that has any value. Whole houses of Furniture bought outright; distance no object.-Silverstone, 35-36, Murray street, Llanelly. f LEGHORN-WYANDOTTE pullets laid 630 eggs from November to April after having Karswood Poultry Spice con- taining ground insects. Packets 2d., gdm> ij.mâPhillips and Co., Grocers, Thomas street, Llanelly. WANTED, information as to the whereabouts of Miss Mary Coughlan; last heard of at the Stepney Hotel, Llanelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales. -Mrs. Boland, 5, Dorset Place, Dublin. TURN your Cast-off Clothing, Boots, -L Shoes, etc., into Cash. We pay [highest prices.âM. Paster and Soo., 21, Station Road. VISITORS to LONDON.âBed and V Breakfast; No. 15 Bus.-Llanelly House, 38, Elgin Crescent, Notting Hill, London. DOMESTIC SilttVA-NTb. WANTED, respectable WOMAN to W take in family washing. Apply ?o Star Office. W ANTED, General SERY ANT. Ap- VV ply, Mrs. Stuart, 17, Alban road. WANTED, General SERVANT. Ap- W AN11!:D, General SERY ANT. Ap- YV ply, Mrs. Jones, Dafen Vi?r?ge, Llanelly. SITUATIONS. -1 DR, APERY.-Wanted a well-educated r Young LADY as Apprentice; trado thoroughly taught. James J. Pryce, Handel House, Llanelly. WANTED, Sharp LAD for Shipping VT Office; one from Intermediate School preferred. Apply. "Apex," Star Office. YOUNG LADY ASSISTANT Wanted Y- immediately; also Cycle Mechanic. Apply, Thomas and Co., Ironmonger, 40, Stepney street, Llanelly. ANTED, LADS or MAN, for Win- Wdow cleaning; ineHgible.-Griniths, 85, Cleveland Buildings. \V\Y J ANTED, at once, Two Young 'VANTED: at ..é. ,0 Young ? LADIES as Assistants for Boot i;a:le, age 18 to 20. Apply, J. Auckland, Stepney street. It .? ?ALJ? FOR SALE.âThe following HOUSES at Burry Port are for saleâ 1 Freehold House, New street. 1 Freehold House, Glanmor terrace. '1 Freehold House, Huskisson row. also 2 Leasehold Houses, Havard road, Llanelly. Apply, Wm. Evans, Auctioneer, Lees- wood, Burry Port. FOR SALE, Scaffold Poles and Planks. Apply, Bex 1, Star Office. F OR SALEbvprivate treaty, D'WEL- LING HOlSES, Nos. 30 and 32 Brynmor road, Llanelly, and Nos. 4 and 5 Capel terrace, 'Llanellv. :Two-thirdsof purchase money advanced if required, at f, per cent. interest. Apply, Williams, Auctioneer, Murray street, Llanelly. FOR SALE, good Leasehold HOUSE in Bryn terrace, Llanelly, with large and convenient rooms. Vacant possession given on completion. For further particu- lars apply to Mr. D. Jennings, solicitor, Cowell street, Llanelly. APARTMENTS. W ANTED, comfortable Furnished APARTI-IENTS for young married couple; in good locality; bath h and c. Apply," W.O., Star Office. FURNISHED ROOMS to Let; suit two married couples; New Dock road. Apply, Star Office. ANTED, One Unfurnished ROOM, W with fire place. Address, A.M., Star Office. TO LET, Two unfurnished ROOMS; -L suit married couple; no children. Apply Star Office. REQUIRED, Homely LODGINGS for L oung Ldy; moderate terms. Ap- ply, "Munitions," Star Office. T'V Unfurnished ROOMS to Let, in -L Seaside district. Apply. 67, Bryn Road, Llanelly. t 'J, "'W, A!)":l]' it'Ã;vj 1? "'1:1 fl2o) I At'J i, J ;"í ''(I ) '-d -.¡ ,IIJ'< ¡ > ,q ¡, '.A (\ 'i. F 'ïi!.âÃ' .¡;,¡; IS WHAT YOU WANT. Try- L ?  ?  'n Fres' Ground Green Bone Pi The Great Producer. FRESH GROUND GREEN BONE with the adhering meat and gristle, upon I analysis is found to contain the ingredients which go to make up the growing chick, and, in close proportions, the different parts of the complete egg. The Perfectly Fresh Ground Bene that I sell differs from any food ordinarily obtained. It is so rich and succulent, and easily digested, and contains nearly every element necessary for the production of the egg, as well as the formation of I bone, muscle, feathers, etc., and to this is due the extraordinary results which are obtained by those who are already using it. Poultry farmers all over the world agree that young chicks mature much quicker when fed with Fresh Ground Green Bone. 1 As my supply of this valuable egg producer and food is limited, try a small quantity at your earliest convenience and see the INCREASE IN YOUR EGG SUPPLY, Then it will pay you to arrange for a regular supply, so that you will not be dis- appointed For Large Quantities please forward postcard in advance. Orders per post receive personal and prompt attention. Sold at Fourpence per lb. by W. J. THOMAS, Butcher & Grocer, j Corner Shop, New Dock Road, Llanelly, Also Stall U;3 Llanelly Market. Simply ? ? ? t ? t iWatermaristetRmntainPen jf ? f? f ?MWM ?  ? B B   POCKET   it,s the   erm(ins ueUdu r6u]Rtampoll 1 NIBS TO SUIT EVERY HAND. MjP C TAR I Local De t- B Local Depotâ ??? TTAATTft??NMEcRov Y VAUCHAN STREET, f!u??? <M j TOR?S, LLANELLY. )/ t 440. v.: 1& GYMPY, Dewch at y Cymro." Good Jewellery at Mode rate Charge*, ;W. J. THOMAS  W. Ja i a .nsâB ?s ? i2 ? v? is r/ -? t? (TH E MAN OF THE HOUR), W t h k d Watchmaker and Jeweler, t It Noted for Choice, Be autiful, and Really Good Jewellery at Moderate Charges, AND WATCHES OF PROVED RELIABILITY WEDDING, KEEPER, and DIAMOND RINGS a Speciality. I CHAINS, BANGLES, CHARMS, AND LADIES' TOILET REQUISITES. A Present given with each Lucky Wedding Ring. SILVER DISHES, CRUETS, etc., FOR THE TABLE. SPECIAL TERMS FOR GOLD and SILVER CUPS, WATCHES, CHAINS, MEDALS, BADGES, etc., I FOR PRESENTATION. INSPECTION CORDIALLY INVITED. EXCHANGE BUILDINGS, Park Street I 1 i »i i I /.I â I i j r PujpSfifs11 ?  ? Stores Limited. | || At the request of the National War Savings Committee If || we have pleasure in devoting this space || H to an appeal to you to invest in s li J NA1:IONAL j J WAR BONDS. J I It is practical patriotism to buy jj I these Bonds. j Stepney Street, Llanelly. || 4 I IRWI 1 â â ML \nmwmu MI 1âI -??-?-?-??????? ??? LLOYDS BANK I  Lf Y' S BANK LIMITED. HEAD OFFICE: 71, LOMBARD STREET, E.C. 3. CAPITAL SUBSCRIBED f-312304,200 CAPITAL PAID UP 5,008,672 I RESERVE FUND- 3,600,000 à DEPOSITS, &c. (Oct., 1917) 159,041,262 ADVANCES, &c. do. 62,433,734 I FRENCH AUXILIARY: LLOYDS BANK (FRANCE) & NATIONAL PROVINCIAL BANK (FRANCE) LTD. j R. ⢠V* (;iHfr.Y.1"3I [-J8A.s:s.£.I'I"t I INJIPRNI BIâF tI P0LIC0VSKY Begs to inform the Public that he RE-OPENED with a Large Stock of New and Second-hand 'BOOTS AND CLCTmC ni\i; 4Vi.l.1.1\ AT 12, L? ow?M Street (Opposite Mr. Evan Jones, Chemist). THE THREE ESSES.-Star Stationery Stores. Noted for best value. Money Advanced PROMPTLY AND PRVATELY FROM R3 upwards on simple note of ¡ hand. Reasonable rates, and easiest I terms of repayments. Write or call, toâ L. GEOFFREY (Formerly trading as L. Benjamin), STRETTON HOUSE, COLLEGE SQUARE, LLANELLY. Paper Tray Cloths, Supper Cloths, and Lacs Table Cloths, at all priees.âStar Stationery Stores. FURNISHED APARTMENTS, with use of Kitchen required by young married couple; must be in respectable locality. Apply, Star Office. WANTED, comfortable LODGINGS TV for young man; near Station. Ap- ply Star Office. FURBISHED APARTMENTS for two J- gentlemen. Apply Box 4, Star Office. LOST AND FOUND. LOST, from Station, Robinson street, -Lj Cowell street to Stepney street, Sunday night, Oval PENDANT, with male photo. Finder rewarded by return- ing same to Star Office. X OST, on Monday, a rough-hair TER- RIER DOG; yellowish brown colour, white on paws, black under chin; name "Pat." Reward .âMac Thomas, 7, Florence street, New Dock. WILL the Person seen picking up a BANGLE of Threepenny Bits in Stepney streeot on Thursday kindly re- turn to Star Office. :< '< .(\ t" \t.. :;I,:< "j:¡':> ,C:'> :):f;c,,i:j,> J&M es( smanse its% s LTD. I CAB AND CARRIAGE PROPRIETORS, LTD- I I POSTING AND JOBBING MASTERS, I Undertakers AND £ COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS. II THE TRADE SUPPLIED WITH ALL REQUIREMENTS, ALL ORDERS will receive our PERSONAL SUPERVISION. I Wedding and Picnic Parties specially Catered for. R Phone No. 143. Miss M. JAMES, Managing Director. I 'I_ :<> F: â

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