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Abergavenny Children Entertained.

The " Abergavenny Chronicle…


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I j Abergavenny Stock Market.

; Amateur Dramatic Performance

Mr. and Mrs. Vyvian Thomas,I



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Abergavenny Chronicle TOBACCO FUND. FOR OUt BRITISH SOLDIERS AT THE FRONT. 116 WORTH SENT FREE FOR 6d. Every ad..will gladden the heart of a HERO. He ,viB rtilleln Iron because the Subscriber's name is written ü jJ jViuflU u on every one of these parcels. If you contribute i/ two parcels will be sent to two soldiers, and each parcel wsil carry your name and address. If you contribute 5/- it pays for ten parcels to be sent to ten soldiers- each wdii carry your name and address upon it. I And so on in proportion to the amount subscribed. I WHAT WE HAVE DONE. We have made arrangements with Messrs. MARTINS, Limited, the well-known tobacco firm of Piccadilly, London, for the supply of a splendid smoking mixture from their bonded duty-free warehouses at the remarkably low cost of 6d.. Each packet will contain 2 ounces of the best smoking mixture and 30 cigarettes. ach packet of cigarettes will carry a printed greeting "From a reader of the Abergavenny Chronicle. The cost of these packets in the usual way in England, would be t/6. The military authorities have undertaken to forward these gift packages in bulk free. No time will be lost in sending them. They will be shipped in cases under the care of the War Office. In this way we have overcome the problem of the expense of sending single parcels to in- dividual soldiers. Our readers are relieved, not only of the cost of postage, but of the high duty which has to be paid in the ordinary way on tobacco in England. THE BEST APPRECIATION. Remember that your name and address will be attached to every packet of tobacco you pay for, and the soldiers who receive them will know you are their benefactors. Our soldiers will appreciate this practical way of showing our admiration of their bravery in beating back the hosts of Germans who have attacked them in such overwhelming numbers. Let every one of our defenders be cheered by the receipt of tobacco and cigarettesâwelcome proof that someone here at home is thinking of kun. b i-CMM Do not send us tobacco or cigarettes, only money. Our brave soldiers at the Front are short of something to smoke. Help us to supply it. We have organised a scheme whereby every citizen may gladden the heart of a hero in khaki by filling his pipe and giving him the cigarette which he so dearly loves. 10 With sixpence you can buy the blessing of a lad who is risking his life every minute in order that we at home may be saved from the terrors of Kaiserism. The French people have been very generous to Tommy Atkins in regard to Smokes," but Tommy dislikes their cigarettes. He says they have no bite in them. He longs for the British fag." We are going to see that he gets it. There are no tobacco shops on the battlefield, and our gallant boys are waiting. For every sixpence that you subscribe we will .send out: 2oz. packet of tobacco with your name and address attached, and a Packet of Thirty cigarettes. Put your name down for as many sixpences as you can. Every sixpence will gladden the heart of a hero. He will remember YOU.