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I PEMBROKE AND PEMBROKE DOCK SCHOOL BOARD.—The monthly meeting of this board was held on Tuesday evening, Mr. T. Townly in the chair. After a long discussion with regard to the closing of the Meyrick-street Schools on the last Bank Holiday, it was proposed to request the attendace of the two pupil teachars said to have been the cause of it before the board at its next meeting. The board remitted the fees of a few cases brought before their notice. It was agreed to select twelve of the worst cases of breach of the by-laws for prosecution. RETIREMENT OF CAPTAIN PARKIN.—Captain G. H. Parkin, who vacates the command of Pembroke Dock- yard on the 8th of next month, and who will be suc- ceeded by Captain Chatfield, will, unless some extra- ordinary and unexpected changes take place, have to retire next year owing to age. Captain Parkin has done valuable service as a captain, having served in troopships, fighting ironclads, in Portsmouth Steam Reserve, and finally as captain of a dockyard. Every officer and man who has served in the Steam Reserve at Devonport for the past two years will learn with regret that Captain Chatfield who has been in supreme charge of all vessels in the first division for that period, is about to vacate the command. That regret, however, will be lessened when it is known that the gallant officer is removing for a more lucrative and important appointment. The captain- superintendence of Pembroke Dockyard has fallen to his lot, and in the discharge of the detailed duties of such an office Captain Chatfield will bo found most valuable. He combines two qualities which are essential to make a good naval officer-he can master routine matters at home, and uphold the honour of his country abroad. In the latter respect he most certainly so acted, as all who remember the conflict between the Shah aud the Amethyst and the Peruvian ram Huascar will agree.—Broad Arrow. CHAMBER OF TRADE.—A general meeting' of this chamber was held in the Market-hall on Tuesday, Mr. J. H. leasdale presiding. The Chairman drew attention to the various matters the cham ber had gone into since its establishment., a few months ago. The new code of rules was adopted. It was arranged that the ordinary meeting should be held the first Tuesday in each montluihe annual meeting on tho first Tuesday meetings the first Tuesday in DeeSmoer, March, and June. Attention was called to the desirability of the town council undertaking the work of cleaning out the cesspits in the town, and it was agreed to write to that bod)-, asking them to provide a scavenger's cart for the purpose. The hour of closing for the drapers were then considered by the members of that trade present, and it was eventually agreed that the hours be, all the year round, to close at seven the first four nights in the week, and on Friday and Saturday nights at eight. LICENSING SESSIONS.—The annual licensing session for the borough was held on Saturday at the Town- hall. The magistrates on the bench were Dr. Morison (chairman), Captain Aird, Mr Dawkins, Mr W. G. Phillips, Dr. Reynolds, and Dr. Stamper. Shortly after the business commenced the Chairman said that he wished all the victuallers to understand that if they took out six-day licences this year they would not be able to have a seven-day licence next year only by making application for it, as it may be objected to in the same manner as an application for a new licence. Superintendent Clarke said that he had ex- plained this to all the victuallers he had seen, and it appeared to be generally understood. There are 125 licensed houses in the borough. Very few six-day licences were taken out, nearJy all the victuallers going in for seven-day licences. At the close of the sessions the clerk said he wished the press to observe the small notice attached to each licence which ran as follows: No occasional licence or certificate will be granted unless applied for at a petty sessions." Only one victualler within the borough has been fined for illicit selling during the past year, and the bench, after cautioning the person (Wm, Bates, New Inn,) renewed the licence, the Chairman stating that this had been a notorious house, but that Bates had done much to retrieve its character, he only having been summoned once in the five years lie had kept the house. This concluded the business, and the court rose. FELONY.—At the borough petty-sessions, on Sat- urday, Jane Howells was charged with stealing a watch, value jE2, the property of John Morgan. The evidence was very conclusive against the prisoner, and showed that she took the watch from the bedroom in the prosecutor's house on the evening of the 9th in- stant., and on the 7th she sold it to Mr. Edward Wright, general dealer, Pembroke Dock. Mr Wright, before he bought the watch, requested the name and address of the accused, who gave him a wrong name. The bench sentenced the prisoner to one month, with hard labour. Mr D. II. Brown defended the prisoner.

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