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I Letterston Horticultural Society. The twenty-first annual exhibition in connection with this society was held in the schoolhouse, Letterston, on Monday last. The weather was very fine, and, as in addition there was a fair in the village, a great number of people visited the marquee, in which the exhibits were set out, during the afternoon. The exhibits in the vegetable classes were admirable. The judge, Mr F. Pratt, Glyn-y-mel, said it would be difficult to find a better selection. The entries in these classes were numerous, but, as the prize list below will show, there was a lack of competition in a number of other classes, such as one or two sections of the fruit. There were not many entries in the cage bird class, but such as were presented for show were of first-rate quality. A few well-known local exhibitors took most of the prizes, but anyone, who had a glance at the vegetables, etc., shown by them, must admit that they thoroughly deserved their success. A fair share of prizes came to Haverfordwest, Messrs. T. Rodney, W. Merriman, and T. Llewellyn always doing well there. Mr D. Jenkins, the popular Letterston policeman, was as usual well to the fore. A pleasant feature in the programme was the prize awarded for the best cottage window in Letterston. It en- courages the people to keep their houses neat and picturesque. The following were the judges:â Vegetables, flowers, fruit, etc., Mr F. Pratt; cage birds, Mr W. Nicholas, Haverfordwest: honey, Rev W. H. A. Walters. The best window was judged some days before the show by Mrs Harries, Tregwynt: Mrs Morton, Heathfield; and Mrs Edwardes, Sealyham. The committoe, under the presidency of the Rev J. Rees, did their work well, and the arrangements were satisfactory. The following is the detailed prize list:- CLASS A.â(OPEN.) FLOWERS.âFour stove or greenhouse plants in flower-I, D Davies, Stonehall: 2, Rev J Rees, Letterston. Four ferns.â1, D Davies. Two colens- 1, T Rodney, Haverfordwest; 2, J S Rees, Glanafon. Two fuschiasâNo entries. Four geraniumsâ1, Mrs Devonald, Letterston 2, Rev J Rees. Two begonias, 1, J S Rees; 2, D Davies. Two double petuniasâ1, J S Rees 2, D Davies. CUT FLOWERS.âSix astersâ1, T Llewellyn, Haver- fordwest; 2, W Merriman, Haverfordwest. Six dahlias â1, W Merriman: 2, J S Rees. Six petunias (single)- 1, T Rodney 2, W Merriman. Petunias (double) -1, J S Rees; 2, T Rodney. Verbenasâ1, T Rodnay; 2, T Llewellyn. Pansies, 1, T Llewellyn: 2, J S Rees. Roses, D. Davies. Bouquet, 1, Rev J Rees. Six varieties of cut flowersâ1, W Merriman: 2, T Llewellyn. FRuIT.-There were no entries in the two classes of fruit, one being bunches of black grapes and the other eight different varieties of fruit. VEGETABLES.âTwelve dishes of vegetablesâ1, T Williams, Meilion 2, Mrs Devonald, Letterston. Col- lection of potatoes, six varietiesâ1, J Thomas, St. David's; 2, ââ; h.c., F Bowen, Llangwarren. Cucumbersâ1, J S Rees 2, Rev J Rees. CLASS B.â(AMATEURS ONLY). Greenhouse plants-I, T Rodney 2, J S Rees. Ferns -1, T Rodney, 2, G Lewis, Letterston. Begoniasâ1, T Rodney 2, J S Rees. FuschiasâNo first; 2, G Lewis. Single geraniumsâ2, Miss Phelps, Ambleston. Double geraniums-I, J S Rees: 2, Miss Phelps. Petuniasâ1, J S Rees 2, W Merriman. Pot plant, any varietyâ1, T Rodney; 2, Miss Bessie Richards, Letterston. CUT FLOWERS.âBouquetâ1, Miss Phelps; 2, T Williams. Basket of wild flowers-I, Miss Phelps 2, Rev J Rees. Rosesâ1, Rev J Rees. Stocksâ1, T Rodney 2, W Merriman. Astersâ1, T Rodney 2, W Merriman. Pansiesâ1, T Llewellvn; 2, J S Rees. Carnationsâ1, T Rodney; 2, T Llewellin. Dahliasâ1, W Merriman, 2, T Rodney. Collection of cut flowers, ten varietiesâ1, T Llewellyn: 2, J S Rees. FRUIT.-Cooking applesâ1, W Merriman; 2, W Lawrence, Letterston. Dessert applesâ1, W Merriman; 2, R Rees. Plumsâ1, Rev J Rees 2, R Rees. Pears- 1, R Rees; 2, Mrs Devonald. Gooseberriesâ1, D W Lewis, Fishguard; 2, T Williams. There we re no entries for raspberries, strawberries, or grapes. VEGETABLES.âSix white kidney potatoesâ1, H Davies, Ambleston; 2, D Jenkins 3, F Bowen, White round potatoesâ1, H Davies; 2, T Rodney; 3, J H Lewis, Letterston. Coloured kidney potatoes-I, J Thomas 2, T Rodney; 3, R Rees. Coloured round potatoesâ1, J Thomas 2, T Williams 3, H Davies. Spring onions- 1, T Llewellin; 2, H Davies; 3, T Williams. Autumn onionsâ1, J Thomas; 2, D Thomas, Dinas Cross 3, W. Lloyd, Creigau. Potato onionsâ1, J Thomas; 2, R Rees; 3, G P Phillips, Haverfordwest. Leeksâ1, J Thomas; 2, T Williams; 3, W Lloyd. Red shallotsâ1, D Thomas 2, R Rees 3, W Lloyd. Common shallots -1, W Lloyd; 2, F Bowen; 3, T Williams. Garden â1W Lloyd; W2, illiams: 2, J Rees; 3, W Lloyd. turn i psâ1, T Celery-1, T Williams; 2, W Lloyd. French beansâ1, T Williams: 2, J Rees 3, Miss A Williams, Mountain View. Runner beansâ1, D Thomas; 2, B John, Prendergast; 3, J Rees. Broad beansâ1, T Williams; 2, D Thomas 3, Mrs Devonald. Peasâ1, T Williams; 2, Rev. J. Evans, Jordanston; 3, D W Lewis. Cabbages â1, R Rees 2, Mrs Bowen, Letterston 3, D W Lewis. Red cabbageâ1, T Williams; 2, B John; 3, W Lloyd. Vegetable marrowâ1, Mrs Bowen; 2, F Stephens, Letterston; 3, D Thomas. Pumpkinsâ1, D Davies; 2, J Thomas; 3, T Williams. Cucumbers 1, G P Phillips; 2, J Thomas; 3, Rev. J Rees. Ridge cucumbersâ1, T Llewellin 2, Rev. J Rees 3, J S Rees. Cauliflowers-I, J Thomas. Rhubarbâ1, W Lawrence; 2, F Bowen 3, Rev. J Evans. Carrots (long)â1, T Llewellin; 2, W Francis, Haverfordwest; 3, T Williams. Carrots Cintermediate)-I, T Llewellin 2, T Williams; 3. J Thomas. Parsnipsâ1, T Llewellin; 2, T Williams 3, W Merriman. Salad-I, J Thomas: 2, W Lloyd: 3, T Williams. Cabbage lettuceâ1, John White, Haver- fordwest; 2, W A Jenkins, Dew Street, Haverfordwest; 3, T Llewellin. CLASS C.â(FOR COTTAGERS ONLY.) FLOWERS.âWindow plantsâ1, D Jenkins 2, Miss M Williams, Letterstou. Single fuschiasâ1, M Williams; 2, D Jenkins. Double fuschias-l, J Lewis; 2, D. Jenkins. Single dahlias-I, D Jenkins. Double dahlias- 1, W John, Letterston 2, D Jenkins. Single geraniumsâ1, Mrs John, Glyntaf House; 2, Miss M Williams. Double geraniumsâ1, Miss M Williams: 2, D Jenkins. Petuniaâ1, G Lewis 2, Miss M A Wil- liams, Mountain View. Window plant, any varietyâ1, D Jenkins; 2, J H Lewis. Bouquetâ1 and 2, Miss M A Williams. Basket of wild flowers-I, J N Thomas, Let- terston: 2, D Jenkins; 3, Mrs John. Astersâ1, W John; D Jenkins. Pansiesâ1, W John 2, D Jenkins. Window box with plant in flower-I, Miss M A Wil- liams 2, D Jenkins. Collection of cut lfowersâ1, W John; 2. Miss M Williams. FRUIT.-CCooking applesâ1, J H Lewis 2, Miss M Williams. Dessert apples and plumsâNo entries. Pears -1, Miss M Williams; 2, F Bowen. Gooseberriesâ1, J H Lewis; 2, D Jenkins. Red gooseberriesâ1, W Lloyd 2, D Jenkins. VEGETABLES.- White kidney pototoesâ1, H Davies: 2, F Bowen 3, Miss M Williams. White round potatoes â1, D Jenkins; 2, H Davies; 3, F Bowen. Coloured kidney potatoes-I, H Davies 2, D Jenkins 3, J Evans, Summerhill. Coloured round potatoes-I, D Jenkins 2, H Davies 3, J Evans. Spring onionsâ1, F Bowen 2, H Davies: 3, W Lawrence. Autumu onionsâ1, F Bowen; 2, D Jenkins; 3, W Lloyd. Potato onionsâ1, D Jenkins 2, W Lloyd. Leeksâ1, W Lloyd 2, F Bowen; 3, D. Jenkins. Red shallotsâ1, W Lloyd; 2, F Bowen 3, G Lewis. Common shallotsâ1, D Jenkins: 1, F Bowen; 3, W Lloyd. Garden turnipsâ1, W Lloyd 2, J Evans: 3, D Jenkins. French beansâ1, W Lloyd; 2, Jenkins; 3, H Davies. Runner beansâ1, J H 2, D Jenkins; 3, Williams 3, J Evans. Broad beans Lewis 2, Miss M \Vllhams; 3 J Evans, Broad beans -1, D Jeukins 2, J N Thomas 3, W Lloyd. Peasâ1, J H Lewis; 2, F Bowen; 3, Miss M A Williams. Cabbagesâ1, Mrs Bowen: 2, Miss M A Williams 3, D Jenkins. Red cabbagesâ1, Miss M A Williams; 2, W Lloyd 3, H Davies. Vegetable marrowsâ1, J Evans; 2, W Lloyd; 3, Mrs Bowen. Pumpkinsâ1, Mrs M Davies, Dwrbach 2, W Lawrence 3, Miss M Williams. Celery-No first 2, W Lloyd. Cucumbersâ1, D Thomas; 2, Miss M. Williams. Ridge cucumbersâ1, D Thomas; 2, Miss Williams 3, D Jenkins. Cauliflowers -No entry. Carrots (long)â1, Miss M Williams 2, D Jenkins: 3, W Lloyd. Carrots (intermediate)â1, Mrs Bowen; 2, J. Evans; 3, D Jenkins. Parsnipsâ1, J Ev=s 2, F Bowen; 3, W Lawrence. Rhubarbâ1, W Lawrence; W Lloyd; 3, D. Jenkins, Lettuceâ1, Miss Annie 2W, illiams, Llandeloy; 2, W Lloyd; 3, W Lawrence. MISCELLANEOUS-(OPEN TO AMATEURS AND COTTAGERS). Bouquet of wild flowers, for school childrenâ1, Catherine Lloyd, Creigau 2, J Evans, Summerhill; 3, A Evans, do.; 4, Emlyn Griffiths, Letterston. Honey in combâ1, Rev J Evans. Drawn honey in bottlesâ1, W Lewis; 2, J H Lewis 3, Rev J Evans. Best collection of vegetables, six sorts (prizes given by G Davies, Stone- hall)-I, D Jenkins 2, T Williams. Best window in the village of Letterstonâ1, Mrs Anna Davies; 2, Mrs H Phillips. CAGE BIRDS. Norwich plain head clear buff or yellowâ1, W H Owens; 2, 3 and v.h.c., D Jenkins. Norwich, ticked or variegatedâ1 and 3, D Jenkins; 2, W H Owens. Yorkshire, clear yellow or buff-I and 3, D Jenkins, 2, J N Thomas. Yorkshire, ticked or variegatedâ1, 2 and 3, D Jenkins. Canary any variety, selling classâ1, Charles Thomas 2, J Lawrence; 3, T H Jenkins. British goldfinch-I, James Adams, Prendergast; 2, B John, do.; 3, Miss Hilda Lewis, Haverfordwest; v.h.c., W A Jenkins.


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