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â â V 'l tfi '-nT -ifrt, -rf â ,y > AM?EME?tS. fO-NlGHT! 8.30. I'pÃiOÃ: GftJtfal HZ. â CHARLES B. COCHRAN, present the Great BAIRNSFATHER PLAY, 'By Bruce Bairnsfether & Arthur Eliot, The Bettep'Olug% Music by Herman tWrewski. Staged by Frank Collins. CAST. Prt .m. Wilfred Norman A I.f .i. Jack Gordon c^rgeaht-MajOi" .Daltot1 Somers A Spy i; Herbert Landeck The CAlbnel Morrice Seated Captain Milfie .Conrad Franklyri A French Offiöêr Herbert Landeck VictoirO Peggy May )l&ggk» (Mts. Busby) Ethel Lodge $6401 -i i-i Maud Holland Zteftbe Minnie Litchfield Ahg.êlê Hazel Alexander lCate (a Waitress) .Jill Holliman Josephine Ellis aftel Oli Bill .MARTI N ADESON EXPLOSION 1. Splinter 1. The Gaff," Near the Base (Somewhere in France). Splinter 2..Outside the "Cafe dt* Oifieanx" Splinter 3. Billets (Just Behind the Front). EXPLOSION 2. Splinter 4 Tho Way In." Splinter 5 In." Splinter 6 H.Q." Splinter 7.]:lie Better (A Gas Attack). GRAND THEAI RF. MONDAY, JUNE 3rd, 1918. Six Nights at 7.30. and MATINEE on SATURDAY at 2.38. tjaladys Archbutt and A. E. Stcry and Strong Company, in the Famous Faros, 3 H 1 I SAY!" "Next Week.âReturn Visit of W. W. Kelly's Co. in "A ROYAL DIVORCE." THE PICTURE HOUSE. The Mouse of Good Pictures and Music. TO-DAY'S PROGRAMME. William Desmond in BLOOD WILL TELL, Triangle Drama. THE FIGHTING TRAIL, NO. 2. -AN ICE MAN'S BRIDE (Triangle i 1 Keystone). ltnore Ulrich in THE INTRIGUE, 0 A Pallas Film. Thur. Next.-FOR ALL ETERNITY. CASTLE CINEMAI (AdjoinJ,ng" Leader Office.) MONDAY, and during the Week, A Five Part Social Photo-Drama, AN ANCIENT EVIL, Cotapani>on Pietuto to "WHERE ARE MY CHILDREN?" Approved ef by thfc National Council of Ptfblie Morals for Presentation to ADULTS ONLY. Also other Fine Pictures, CARLTON CINEMA The Houtt with an Orchestra. TO-DAY'S PROGRAMME. Julian Eltinge in THE 60UNTESS CHARMING, the Famous Flayers. iA WINNING LOSTP. (Triangle Comedy) lllt NEVER TOO LATE TO MEND, FrOM the Cv'Ovel by Charles Keade. Thursday Next,-W. S. HART and J. WARREN KERRIGAN. t.10.Rà v'-Ã-i-. -10.30: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, TH h SAlT, Drama, Five Reels. FLORIDA'S ENCHANTMENT, Vitayia^h Drama, Three Reels. THE QUEEN OF DIAMONDS, Drama. Three Rêels. 3rd ipisodo- A LASS OF THE LUMBERLANDS, Drama, Two Reels. 3rd Series JERRY COMEDIES. £ LYS 1 U M. From 2.30 tHt 18.3C. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, William Fox presents that Remarkable Artist, Valeska Suratt, in A RICH MAN'S PLAYTHING, a Stirring Story of a girl and a man 1f bo doubts her power to resist the influence of wftlth.-Ex-Ambaf,&&dor Jwn4 W. Gerard's MY FOUR YEARS IN GERMANY (Episode 2). It is a Genu- ine* and Accurate Exposure of the Plotters of Potsdam.âCharlie Chaplin in Tr PROPERTY MAN.âTHE RED ACE (Episode 6), Fighting Blood.H ER NATURE'S DANCE (Triangle Key- r,tace),TOPICAL BUDGET.âThursday Ntxt: The LIFE OF LORD KITCHENER ^CANADIAN PACIFIC AND ALLAN LIIMCS. B&&TOU JUVKKPgOL^tAJiNDUN. AND GGOw. TO CANADA & U.S.A. Begular SeffTUar ttervice from v à NOO U V ER TO JAPAN & CHINA. for SaiiUwa. t'reights Or Passage ilppiy- CANADIAN PACIFIC OCEAN SERVICES, LTJ) M-auajrers and aueuto. & &t. AususMo?'e Parade, B?ISiOL, 14, toetewr^U««t, 8.W l, and 104. Leadenhali- rIt. $DON. or Local A?Bt? Sfgrrwhef. IN STOCK. > MOCCASINS! MOCCASINS! Ofto ef the Most Up-tc-Oat-s & Reliable Gentlemen's Foot Wear made in Great Britain, jjti*erl*die*' A Children's High Grade Brands. w. M. THO" S, THS RELIABLE BOOT STORES, Edward's Road, Swansea. | j SALES BY AurTION, ALBERT HALL, C&ADOCK STREET, SWANSEA. Important; ot Superior and tVell- Preferred ilouse bold i'timiturft, re- j lÃoved hom t?o gehtielucn'? rM;denc!pe to a bove Hall tor convenience of Sale. j Mr. Joseph Harris j HAS iw'n iavniu i] uilli ihf!ructions i to SULL by PUBLIC AUCTION, OIL WEDNESdAY, JUNE 5th, 1S18, a Large (quantity of Superior Housenold furniture the Ghief items of which comprise:â HANDSUME BURR-WALNUT BED- I ROOM SUITE, Two Dark Walnut ditto, t MAGNIFICENT DARK WAOiUT GENT.'S WARDROBE with two plate ¡ doors (almost as new), EI>onised l Mahogany oft. China Cabinet with mir- F rot back. SOLID MAHOGANY ROLL- I TOP DESK. WITH BOOKCASE COM- BINED, 6ft. Solid Mahogany Sideboard vt-jtli mirror back (by Bennett, Swansea), Italian Wâluut Carved Side Table, Solid Mahogany Telescope Dining Table, Dark Walnut ditto, Mabo?auy Ckeii'onier, Lijfhfc Oak-framed Diniiig-room Suite in L^uthsr, Hajtd?me Crimson Plush Draw- ing-room Suite, Excellent Spring Rocker, Oak Bureau liandeome Gilt-framed Con* sul Glass, Black Uak Hall Stand. Walnut ditto. Oak and other Bedstead*, Wire Mattiies«e8. Wool Overlays. OtlD MA11UUANY BOW-FRUNT CHEST OF DRAWERS. ANTIQUE CHEST OF DRAWERS. EEVOLVING MUSIC CAB- INET, Walnut Overmantels, Brass Fen- ders. Firo Kitchen Tables ?nd Chair? Wicker Ea?y Chairs, Walnut OcL-.?louaL Tables, as well as a Ful!-Cot"!?'-?d Iton.Fram?d PIANOFORTE, American Or?aM with 7 Slop*, Spl?adid ?Cwabin,ot Gr&mophone and Kecord?, GENT s 1REE-WHEEE BICYCLE (as how), OAK-CASED GRANDFATHER'S ICIIO(,X ?ith Bra&s Dial, 6ft. Pollard j Oak Sideboard, Excellent tift. Liutn Cup- ¡ board, and oilier articles too fiumerous to particularise. j j Goods on View Morning of Sale from 9 II o'clock. Sale to commence 1 romptly at 11 o'clock TermsâCa«li. Auctioneer's Offices: 1. George-street. Swansea. Tel. No., fJjf. Docks. I AI.BEKT HA 17.. ,f!W/l'N'SEA. Rieuftoved fiuiit M e«vsr». L-'owInland and Mason's War-?hoa«e« & UaneHy Hfehidcnce. Astley Samuefi F.A.L WILL 1tf1-,LLb>. PUBEIC AUCTION, on WEi)N ??i) A Y, l?tb J UNE, 1918, Exceptionally Valual:U> Household Appoteifmeats: I COLLARD & COLLARD t'lANOKUttTK, EXCEPTIONALLY FINE CARVED OAK SIDEBOARD WITH SIX CHAIRS TO I MATCH, Carved Japanese Table with GIt9 lop, Japanese Chair, ANTIQOU RUSE CARD TABLE. EXQUISITE SATJN WOOD CABINET witlt AFTER- NOON TWO TIER TABLE, 6 Chairs and Card Table tu match, EXPENSIVE SIDE- BOARDS, Occasional lablrs and T'haire, MASSIVE WALNUT TELKSCOPE DJN. i Diu TABLE, HANDSOME DRAWING. ROOM CABINETS, leather Suite, Oval Walnut Table, Couches, Black and Brass Bedsteads, Oxerlaye, Carpets. Rugs, Mats, Valuable Oil Paintings, ANTIQUE CAB- INET, Wa&hstands, Dressing Table, Bed- room Wara, Bras? Curbs, Brass Fire II SuitM. Anthracite Store, Cookiug Stove, Tea Ware, Dinnet Ware. Ornautents, etc. I Good<i oft View Morning ot Sale. Sate to coninieiico at 11 o'clock. TermsâCash. Auctioneer's Offices, King's Chambers, Swansea. THE VICARAGE, HAFOD. SWANSEA. Tito v. 11. H. WilUume Jias iiistl ucted Astley Samuel, F.A.I. To SELL br PUBLIC AUCTION, on Wednesday, 5th JUNE, mis, the fol- IOIA iljj4 Household Furniture AND EFFECTS, 'SPLENDID PIANOFORTE, Drawing- j rnoIU Suite, Carpets, liug", Mate, Lino- leuni, Brass Fire Suites, Pictures, Urn a- nientf, Walnut China Cabinet, Occasional Tables and Chairs, Telescope Dining Table, Dining Suite, Queen Anno Ch-es- â terfield Suite in lied Plush Alocpiette, leather Suite, Mahogany Sideboard, Solid Mahogany Bookcase Bureau, Mahogany Pembroke Table, Stair Carpet and Rods. t Maliqpanv and Oak Hall Stauds, All Brass Bedsteads, Wire Mattressee, Overlays, I Feather Beds, Bolsters alld Pillows, Cop- per Kettle and Stand. 6ft. Solid Walnut Bedroom Suite, Bit. Burr Walnut Warci- rote, Plated Goods. Cardine Dish, Craet, I Oveimahtels, Wash stands and Dressing Tables, Mahogany Bow-fronted Chest-of- Dtaw^rs, Bedroom Ware, Tea and Dinner Ware, Kitchen Tables, Chairs, Dresser, Mafigle, Cooking Utensils, etc-. Fowl House, Wire Netting, Trellis Work, Garden Tirols, etc. Good-s on View Morning of Sale from 9 a.m. Sale to commence at 11 a.m. TermsâCash. Auctioneer's Offices, King's Chanibere, Swansea. Preliminary Announcement. j SWANSEA. SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION at HOTEL ° CAMERON, SWANSEA, on WED- NESDAY, 12th JUNE, 1918, at 3 p.m., by Mr. J. Pugh Williams of the undermentioned Properties: Lot 1.-Frh()ld Residence, No. 37, St. G«orge's-terrace, Swansea. Lot 2.âFreehold Residence, No. 38, St. GeorgeVterrace, Swansea. Lot 3.âLeasehold Dwelling-house, No. 173, Lower Oxford-street., Swansea Lot 4.-T,"eehold Dwelling-house, No. 3. Til a u gy l ei aeh -«t ree t, Swanseit. Full particulars later. Auctioneer's Offices: 12, College-street, Swansea. Preliminary Announcement. ELMSLEIGH, 79, MANSEL STREET, SWANSEA. Messrs. Ed. Roberts & Son WILI, oilier for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at an early date, part of the Household Furniture 1 1\).;0 EFF1:CTS of the above re<-ideti..c. I St. Mar.v-stiee', SwalifCM. I LLANliYFELACH MART, I TUESDAY LXT, JUNE 4th, 1918; vk-ill tv, j I"AT CATTLE a0.1SHEEP «iH t?« ótd At Gt'&d?i Pric? in acc'ordaBo? with the Live Stock Kegulatious. E HICà & SON. Auctione?rA.  ?-?-.?  1 BOWÃR AUCTION MA3T. Gowerten, j TUUESOAY, JUNE 4th, 1?1«. pAT CAT I'LL und SHEEP trill be Sold at Graded 'nces in accordance With th* Live Stock Regulations, I 6 CUJiVS and CALVES. I 00 RtORE PIGS and PORKEf??. Will l'w Sold by Auction promptly at Twelve l JAMtU JAMbS, F.A.L. I Auctioneers. PUBLIC NOTICES. WAP, OFFiCe I (Contracts Dspartmerit), PURCHASlfoF WOOL. SOUTH WALES DIVISION (Area.13). rpHE DISTRICT EXECUTIVE OFFI- CER iof the 6 Counties of South I Wales is Mr. TlIOS. MORGAN, District Executive Offices, Priory Hill House, Brecon. The War Office has appointed a Local Advisory Comniiitee composed of the fol- lowing members W. S. Miller, Esq.. Brecon (Chairman). John R. Bache, Esq., Knighton. l". W. Berwick. Esq., Halifax. George .Jones, Esq., Newtown. Evan Morgan, Esq., Brecon. R. Templeton, Esq., Cardiff. Farmers who have not received a Census Form should apply at once to the District Executive Officer. No Locks or Broken Wool, Pelt Wool, Gathered Wool, or Tail Wool of any de- scription .nay bt sold to any person otae than Authorised Government Wool Mer- chant acting on behalf of the Department, excepting Unttaehed Daggings, which may be sold Without re-strictiolis, by Farmers only, to any persons holding Government Licenses to purchase. Special attention is called to the c&a?i- tions of purchase and ínsttudioH$ conol tained in Wo<?l r?eatiet No. 2 (Wales) geat With ypnstis Forms, Which should be care- fully read by all sellers. All communications requiring prompt j attention should be addre^ed to tiie dis- trict Executive Officer. Those persona, however, who for special reasons wish to l communicate direct to Heac^uartars, should address their lofterc. to the Direc- tor of Raw Materials, War Office, British Wool Section, Imperial House, Totliill Street, Weetminster, S.W.I. Clarification of Wool and List of Prices to be paid by Authorised Mcfchants for the 1918 Clip- Washed Fleece Wool in Good Condition. Maximum Prk-efi. ,)er b. Shropshire (pure-bred) Best Kerry, and Clun Forest. ::2,1. Best Radnors :!Od. Kempv Radnors and Croes-breda. 181. Fine Leicester's 18ijd. Deep Leiccstcrs ISd. Best Wo lali- 17Jd. Turbary Welsh ltd. I Scotch Ud. Washetl ljochft and Pelled Wool: Two- thirds value of Fleece. Greasy Ix>ck(s and felled Wool: Half. value.of Fleece. Hand or Tub Washed Locks (very clean): L'd. per lh. less than value of Pl. I Washed Shorn Lamb Wool. ¡ Shropshire I qj, (I. Kerry and Clun Forest Radnor and Cross-bred Hid. I Welsh 14d. Shorn Tail Wool. Washed Tail Wool 9iri. Cleaned, Unwashed, or Greasy Tail Wool .I. Ã1d. Tail Wool heavy in Grease or Dagginge: Proportionately l. Allowances: Drafts: 1 lb. per cwt. (112 lbe.) on all gross weights over 515 lbe. Greasy Scotch Fleeces: lid. per lb. (mini- (4y.-FaA 2 Other Unwashed or Greasy Wool: One- fourth their respective value. vVool light in Gixase: To be valued upon a yielding basis. I' Black and Grey Woole: Ofte-fourth their respective value. Prices of between Woule Vill be fixed I by valuation of Authorised Merchants. The District Executive ttfficer will in due course communicate with Farmers, giving them'tht; name of thr- A-athorised Merrhaut iLppoiriLed to tttkè up their Wool. May 28th, 1918. To Contractors, Engineers, etc. FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. rPHE Bnilding formerly known till TTeb- x ron Chapel, Delhi-street, St. Thomas, now Vacant, together with the Fittings therein. The Pren ieee are euitablo for Conversion into a Factory or Engineer's Fitting hops or Warehouse, and have an area or 350 square yards or thereabouts, including Yard ill front on which further buildings could be erected. There is a good cartway approach and | alw a separate private entrance. The Premises are held for a term of 90 | years from 2oth March, 1851, and will he sold subject to a Ground Pent of £ 3 per I annum. Offers for the premises will be received up to the 15th June, 1918. I The Venduts do liot hind themselves tp accept the highest or any offér. I' Offers in writing to be sent to Henry F. Hood, F.A.I., Arcade Chambers, Goat- street, Swansea. Dated May 29th, 1918. BOOK THIS DATE! SATURDAY, AUGUST 31st, 1918. CLYDACH CARNIVAL and SPORTS j In Aid of St. Dunstan's Home for Blinded Soldiers, and Sailors. Sobedulej ready shortlr from Secretaries. DAVID DOUGLAS STEWART, DECEASED. ALL tJereOH8 havinst CLAIMS against the Estate of the late MR. DAVID lX»tn- TAS STEWART, of 2 Richmond-road and Quay-parade, Swansea Metal Merchant, ari requested to send particulars thereof to the undersigned, DA VIES. INGRAM & HARVEY. Solicitors. 4. Goat-street Swansea BRITISH Red CrMs Fete and Fancy Fair. B Victoria ParK Ju!y 4th. th and 6th. Will anyone willing to volunteer for trans- port work, loan of cbajrr, and tables in con- nection with above, ple-ase write James Sanders. Hon. See.. 38 Castle-street Swan- sea. 266A6â SPECIAL LINES. j ItNll cach containing 8/22 lb. tins igrose). Whjt, Zinc l aint. 568, e" t, It cm 2.â41 c3,ao«, each cctitainini-* 8,5 II), tms (gross). White Zinc P?jnt. 36a cwt. itpm ?.âH cascn <?a.ch contauonKS/Sa Ib, j tins (gross). Black Paint, (some Red), £ 6s. Cv t. XlH\ thin floti 1 ;i ) containJjjfr paint wttt be charged at 1, each and the cases 3e. I cac! not returnable. Prices net, and Free on Bail at Bristol. C Jf.NMNCS ND CO,. LTD.. PeDt.yv.pH- t?t)?! R!'Ãttul CT? j -i'.1 j M I S C E L L A N E 0 U S. { jl I.iiKN ITUKK. âiiest Prices fim'8 b« th?! l; for SeColnl-hiifid |<tirntttir^ and Anrioue ['urn:)uie of an.y/ deKript.xH) Or<?p m' ?t C"kál'II, M "tl! Wm Jam? 8 ?hfan- street Thomas CTO t riH") Poultry and Rabbii Heareiv. (ifycr. .t vT?nt?d [Oï i.?;H)'t. scj'fDS to be col !??.' d?.ny.t:v L ) ¡'any be^arbeAr B-9 .?bAa? rl"'ii;sIÃ:H ?'d Ha.thHs to L?: T?-ff 'j" i. Pit??'d at "?ch «lac"-tnamor.,a;!shir? j CardicTaiish/re. );s'i.??' U)tm,'p;ft"r sh»re, S;;uaC)'af'?hirt: ¡:id 0 i n-n;,f' -G j JennlnE'i sm? Co t.'d P?n??r?' B?t???_ (?T ?''AMED a ynint! cf Timdate =f'"tt.? i V- It; 1 5 o'.h 4?trl ovsr I 315,1 tint uflfier lone ifiaf* pfc' e and fu:!s.n't:cutar? Ad.))?- 1'tu-)t?'?-?' ? fv.rteor.is and Cto, As>e» f«. Glasgow. 237At 10 i "LEADER" CLASSIFIED ADVTS. MISULLLANLUUS SI I UA I IONS VACANT. i'uuths .between the agre* T V it i&J aiid lih to till ttfe atsancieg at our College caused by reoent apDoihlments. Good peimaneilt situations waiting.âApply W ireless Training College, Ltd. cf<t. Mary- street. CanJiE. or Ca^txe-street, Swansea. .,tod ??Q MADE by ?5.-For fulfparUculars wOO as to how smai) amoiintH of moNey may be profitably employed to give large profits aiivly to Graham Marsh and Oo., 240. ffigli jlolborn, London. 239A6-0 Men and Youths. DRIVER (ineligible) Wanted for Manh'e JL/ ?eam Lorry; timber haulage.âApply A Fai-ity, Neuadd Park, Capel Bangor. Aberystwj-th. 268A6-16 j NAVVIES Wanted: ineligible for Army lid. per hour.âApply Coppee Co., co North's Navigation Oollieries. Tondti. GJam, ClfC) WANTtiD Groom-Chauffeur. Apply, T T stating aee and wages required, Hann, ls^nborwcn. Aberdare. 268A6-5 YiVTANTtlt), Two QualT!meb: good waes. TT regular work. Also a .Man to look after Cas Kngiwe.âSmith, Silica Work?, Fenyaroes, ( arm. 05.5 WANTKD, Atfinagrer for Bmall SteaaT Coal W Colliery. South Wales.âApply, stating ape experience, and salary required to Box X 1. Z.. Leader OfBcc. 268A6-5 WOMen and Ulrlt. WANTED, Jjad.v Assistant; Clothing: or v t Drapery Experience essential â Mas- toivj and Co. (Clothiers). Ltd.. Neath. (:,6.3 Wf ANTED, for Kw&fiaea trtnch. Smart » v Business Young I>ady.âStone s Studio ,7 and 19, Bridge-street Cardiff. 264A6-4 Domestic Servants. DAT Girl Wanted to Assist in Housework L from 7.30 a.m. to 4 t).M.-AI)ply Mrs. fctoekwood. Kevlord yueen'e-road. Skett- 265AM \\7AKTED, good Maid: three in family: T loud vrSigiiB; country girl k referred.- Write "Select," Daily Leader. Swansea. 266A6-3 WANTED, good, strong G?a?r?l: good T T w?cps for suit&Me Pél"Mn,-Appl be- tween 6 and 7 p.m., Dann, 162. St. Hrlen'fr- !'<"id 268A6-8 W ANTED, immediately, Uouse-f'aiJour- f" maid; two in familY.-Apply, with references to Mrs. B P. Atorgoift. Brynhy- fryd, Neath. C64 Boys, Girls, Apprentices, &c. ???TED, ",tron-üt'"S-i8t m wa,rt? TV ho?eo: little experi?cce prefemble â Ilhog. Lvatis, Butter Merchant, Orange- street. 264A6-4 WrANTKD, Smart Lad for Saturdays, r a,fter 2 o'clock, to Assist in Hair- dree«insr: tall prefwred.-Apply Hasciuen- conrt Nea.th. C6-4 LOST AND FOUND. 1O8T. oti 1hi«iday 28th May." a Swansea i a,nd Mumbipg Railway Paeg No 9.- Finder rewarijed oil returning same to Dame), 5. vvorceetcr-plaee Swansea 265A6-3 FOR SALE, "7 f'ILEMENT-TALBOT two-seater; TMT; '? apipudid. Cuudltwn: 2 !gtHtions: ??M- ll;alterg-road. »Vi;d, lamps.âWalters-road 362AM L^OR &ALH. Furniture.âHarries, 8 Co). F leg"tlpt-et, Ammanford. 06-5 1 ADY ? Bicy?ic neariT new.by?ood -U mak»r; cost. 15 gns; will t?ke 8 gnf: A ba):?iu.â?). Kin& Edvard's-rOad "an,;ea, 268A6 3 MANURE for Sale by Contract.âApply Wm. Hancock ami Co.. Ltd., West End Brewery, Western-street Swmepo,. S66A6-3 (T^Ul'SIDE Eoiler 8uilbliud; revered ? vAnffiiBt, 1?17: can bo Mpx in working order in Swansea VaUev⢠? ft. I?ng: on?<? ,n g oit,c,.rt,. -Writ HHnd." Leadfr ('Hier. 268A6-5 CA'h; ?tpft? w?'-?ons. 8i1. Windinc Rn- O [{ines for ah',Pít't ^7a. Strand. Swan- sea APAfTTMENTS & LODGINGS TO LET AND WANTED. 7 PARTM H?TS?rCottaget-o"?i?Ht A Go?pT-; lÃIot. reasonable 1erms,-ÃP1'[:Â¥ Cfower; rtio.sf. Office. Swansea. 267A6-6 (.ofta?e. "I<eader'' '?Hce. S?vani3ea. 267 A6. TpO LKT, Furnished Apartments, "Fdwfcrd- s?re?t, Swansea.âWrite Box L 13." '&3A6 3 f.eadti^ OSice.^ HOUSES AND SHOPS FOR At.1.\ AND TO LET. I ECOMÃi".t'¿ili' e#a ?)o?'ord" 6y"!?in? B y''?f RcnL as Furchase iioney.â Write Landlord." Leader O1Ã.nsea, 214a6-l? j Ipoit HALE, by Private Tfeaty. Two Semi- J detached Uun&ee at Mayhiil. k?own as EUesmere" au.l Tha ?ount. !et at -HM per annum. Each bouse contains two re, ceyi'iofi roomf, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, and bath-room, etitraflcc lobby. Leabe for 93 yeara; from M-jtroh 26th 1910; ground reliti £ 1 17s. respectively.âOffers to be tpa*le to! Mr. David Kooerts. 19. Heathfield-Btreet. Swansea. C6-3 (_)/m WEEKLY Purchases -EUQ-t!üü-Šè;" any Or district-âWrite "L," Leader. SWan- sea. C6-4 f' 7=-' I'1<jR-]iiT-pürZbä'Ã50-HÃU'I' ?/ jnchlding Dife Insurance. Why con- "L 17." Leader Officp ?? J .L??? '?267A6-< Mr. YrP?ah WH)iams' Announcements. HOUSES FOR SALE in Heathfield St George' 8-tervaee, Oa.kland^-terrace, f^chij)-terrace, Br.vu-roadN Kim! Edward's- ad. EaLcn-ore?ccat and at Mount Pleas- ant, Brynmill, St. Thoniag Ifafod, Sketty. and Mumbles. ÃA.I,;}-Y-PlÃ:>I.ic- AucrtioN at Mile End 0 Inn, Gendros, Thitreday. 6th June. at 7 p.m., of Four Eteebold Housea and .Sixteen Excellent 'reebold Plots of Land situate On tb6 south jdo of Weig-road. Gendros.'Swan- sca_?_ MORTGAGES Arransed, Salea Conducted, ?Tj?. and Fstates Eeonomicatly Managed. ??OR ?'ui'thcr Particulars apply to J. Pu?h JL ?illiama. Auctioneer and \?luer. 12. College-street. 8w ar.soa. Q6-6 -Mcssr-s. C-dwai-d Roberts and Son's Announcements. FOR SALE. IEASEHOLD Villa. Sketty-road; 2 reoep- i tion rooms. 5 bedrooms, bath-room, kit- hen, scullery, all modern conveniences. Immediate possession. FREEHOLD Residence. Qup?n'&.road Sketty; 2 reception rooms, 5 bèdmlS, tath-room all usual offices. Close to Trams. fEASBHOLD Residence, Hawtliorne- JJ avenue: 3 reception rooms, 4 bedrooms, bath-room, kitchen, and scullery. Moderate ¡¡dce renuired. f EASBHOLD Dwelling-house. Sketty: 2 1-? sitting-rooms. 3 bedrooms, kitchen, and  MuDery: long Jeaae; IQ\nJt,- I LEASEHOLD Residence. Brooklands-ter- Jj race: 3 rcceptiun roQm?. 6 bedrooms, bath-room kitchen and bcuHefy: all mod- cm conveniences. _???? TK??HOLD"D? el iin ?-bouses. Eaton-ro?d. !j Brvnhyfryd; 2 sitting-rootM. 3 bed- K?ms. kitchen and uIJer:v: long lease; low ground r«nt. T EASEHOLD S?mi-detached 6i en- L ??rnbles. close to Station: 2 recephcn rcpm?. 6 bedrooms, bath-room, kitchen and S(llnery, uSuaI offlc&s. -nITRTifElïptXcIà :8 of the above from I 1: Edw.rd, ROhr ts and Son, Auctioneers. Surveyor? Valuers, a,nil Estate Aeents, Unfair Rui_tdU? Swansea. _C6.6 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. G-, ODFSEY and Co. Ltd.. are now offering: ) a Larg'j Stock of Pianoforte^ and Or. j cans (New and Second-hand) at the Lowest Cash Prices, or on the Easiest. Terms, j G'amophonea, from 3 guideas c?h; Re- cords. H.M V. Columbia. Zono. and Regal: comp'e'e lists. Call and inspect our I!\k, I OT send for cft?Iogue.âGodfrey and Co.. Ltd., 22, St. }PIANOFORTES bv D'Almaine 36 Kuirieaa- Chaupell 40 guineasâ Wilson and Go 55 tcubieas: Peerless Oi-vall 9 gailiens: 10- stop Harmonium, 8 ffi'ineat. Mason and Hamlin Orcan, 18 euineas. Monthly lJay. merits accepted.âThomps«»«) and Sbaekell Ltd.. &9. Castie-Kt<e6t. S?a.nsca QM?b?D-?IAXD Piano b? Collard and Cd; ? ]ard: )) ens: neariT new. Also BeJt Organ. 19 gns.â20. Kinc Edward's-road. | Swansea. > 263A6-3 TlimfpW'" SHACK ELL Ml11>íe S. Warehonse 39 Oastle^str^et, Swansea, for \rl¡t.ie and Records Gramophones from ;E3 £1'3:Ãi:t-l:I;;ï'' Pi??os f''<f ?Ma! onp a A ih-oKi-vnor;: b'?')pn? torle-j«Tone» C?.?hmt'rra?.Ilanen.y C.7 THAOfe ANNOUNCEMENTS. n" .J- An)g<??o.hof t?'.<' ^anty J?-w#ll«r* v and A Be 3d Net kkti.B: 1 !i<>;k ??<'s.. Port-' h"?t't %?.i )' nul1 Mt'rub??. 'l),j T> U Y rOpi- o)]^p*v RfSW. ^l»d 'hi') t!!p '? ?..ir T?\-S")?'h g'r. P^rtland- H WINNINCS WUMBtPlS. »t l> tjeir of Pr'f.e Driwinft at Tffbatlos t? ?i. !⢠?f Am'? ??'it-?'-1. )l-.7 2 K?- :? 4 ?'' .s ,A?2 .'?7? 8. ilb-1. J J i. 6\);; B "730. 14. 4 Williams, ^ej. t6nl. Sun Risas 5.5, Sun Sets 9.21. Lighting-up Time, 9.51. SuMtit Lights "Isible from the Sea- Swansea 9.51, Jlaneny 9,St 2-3. Aberarrn 9.51, Pembroke 9.55i. I Subdue other Lights- Swansea 11.21, Llanelly 11.22 2-3. Amman- i ford 11.22, Aberavon 11.21, Neath 11.21, jj Carmarthen 11.23, Pembroke 11.251. High Water, 1.23 p.m. King's Dock. 34ft. p.m. To-morrow, 1.51 a.m., 2.30 p. m. !â ââââââââââââââââââââââââ


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