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âââ. Mir. Ben Bottomley, who seems to be qualifying for the post of successor to the famous Mi*. Litfciejohns, the "Demosthenes" of Wftles, continues to give us evidence of how carefully he studies our oohnno3. <ar>r>aar to have upset hlin this time in some com- moni; offered regarding the political pensionecrs in the Tory Party. Ho writes its offering what stTike-a him as an eminently satisfactory explamution of tho position. It is thistito Liber^s haven't yet had a chance I If," he say^S "tho TAibaril. Party had been in power duirrrug tho decade previous to boot would have been on the oth,,r ,iiki bo thilik- that, when, the Government feoes out of office, Mr. j Lk)yd George jutd Mr. Bums w?il p?ro- ce<?d to wear t? boots; in other words, they will romo on the pension list. Wo j are inclined to think it will bo a long tune beforre they are placed in. the posi- tion of temptation, and that it will bo many years before they will lay down their portfolios. As io predicting what will happen when thov doâwell, wo ^>uH offer a pretty confident opinion, hut it is better to wait siml see. Mr Bottomley will us if wo insist thai tho only immorality about a political pension is its acceptance m years whan tho pensioa-icv is doing very well in other directions. The late Lcro Cross" it is luost evident, had no need of Staty aAsdstancc.

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