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17  UMEuHUKo. SWANSEA MAGISTRATES REVIEW LOCAL LICENSxS, HOME OFFICE SUGCESTION. The annual ^licensing session for the Borough of Swansea was held at the Guildhall to-day. The licensing justice.s present were: Mr. John Roberts (chairman), the Mayor (Aid. T. T. Corker), M essrs. J. W. Jones, William Thomas, William Williams (Wem), Giwilym Morgan, F. Edwards, Richard1 Martin, Oakley Walters, David Meager, Griffith Davies, and Dr. J. A. iiawlmgs. A letter was read from the Home Office bringing to notice a matter which might be regarded as deserving atten- tion. It had been represented to the Home Secretary that Licensed victual- lers v6ry often failed to keep proper books of account. Thus failure, no doubt, occurred amongst all classes of traders, -but the neglect of good busi- ness methods seemed to the Secretary of State to be particularly undeniable in the case of a^trade carried on under the statutory conditions which applied to the liquor trade. It Ni-,Is .suggested thdt attention should be drawn to this point, and of making it known that the keeping of proper books of account, showing the takings and outgoings up to date, I' as to be regarded as an essential item in the proper manage- managenient of licensed premises. Objections. I Notice of objections had been received to the renew al of the following licenses: âNew Inn, Pentrechwyth; Copper- man's Arms, Neath-road; Cwmbwrla n, Carmarthen-road Compass Inn, Pentregthin-road; Angel Inn, Carmar- then-road; Pavilion, High-street; Lon- don Hotel, Oystermouth-road; Bank Hotel, Wind-street; Star Hotel; Wind- street; Victoria Hotel, Wind-Street; Rutland Arms. Rutland-street; Heath- field Hotel, Portland-street; Boar's Head, Grower-street; \Vhite Hart, Ox- ford-street Victoria Hotel, College- street Wyndham Hotel, College-street; Three Crowns, High-Street. Mr. Richard Watkins. who repre- sented the Temperance Party, applied for the adjournment of the following, licenses to the adjourned licensing meet- 1ug on the ground of redundancy, structural inefhciency, and unfitness:- Lord Nelson, High-street; Cross Keys, St. Mary-street; Bridge Inn, Ferry- .(side 'Jeffreys Arms, Oxford-street; a house with no sign in Castle-street (licensee, Mrs. Morgan); Woolfpack, Waterloo-street; and Rising Sun, Matthew-street. New Inn, Pentrechwyth. I The police, represented by Mr. Laurence Richards, objected to the re- newal of the license of the New Inn, pentrechwyth, on the ground of re- dundancy. Inspector Fielder said there were two Inore licensed houses in the district, and they did not think the license of the New Inn wa-s required. Superintendent Roberts agreed, but In reply to Mr. George Isaacs, who re- presented the owners, said he did not know why this particular house was ob- Jected to any more than the others inhere had only been one transfer there In ten years. t j° Mr. "Richard Watkins also objected to tb license on the ground of re- undancy He thought two licensed 0uv0s was quite sufficient to meet the rjGeds of that particular district which Wa very sparsely populated. Evidence as to the amount of trade done was given by 'the licensee, Mar- garet Ross McCaudie. The justices deferred their decision. Copperman's Arms. I The license of the Copperman's Arms, Neath-road, was objected to by the Police on the ground of redundancy. Inspector Fielder said that owing to Othet- licensed houses in the neigh- bourhood they did not think this license was required. The present tenant had held the license for .six years, and there were complaints Against the house. Supenntijndent Roberts said he did °f think the license was required. Mr. Arthur James appeared for the <J\vj](,rs and IRssee. Jýdia. Hancock, the licensee, gave Evidence as to the amount of trade. Ahere were stables attached to the pre- mises, but as they were sub-let they were of no use to the house. Decision deferred. Back Entrance Objected To. I the next license considered was that of the Cwmbwrla Inn, Carmarthen-road, 'Wili,Ch was objected to by the police on the ground of redundancy. Mr Clark vMessrs. Viner Leeder and Morris"; sup- ..ported the renewal of the license on behalf of the tenant and owner. lu the course of the evidence it was statd that the house was a very fine On, but objection was raised by the Police and by Mr. Watkins to the back ?"trance. If this was closed the ob- jection would cease. In reply to Mr. -I&rke, Mr. Watkins said there was evi- dently a call for this house. Mr. Clark said he was prepared to Sive an undertaking that the back en- trance should not be used. ] Decision deferred. H TOO Many In Cwmbwrla. j1 the police next objected to the re- i ftewal of the license of the Compass lull, Pentregethin-road.. Mr. Frank Gaskell (instructed by Messrs. Viner feeder and Morris) appeared for the ] owners Messrs. Hancock and Co., Ltd. 1 Inspector Fielder, in reply to Mr. J J.,¡aurenoo Richards, said there were foiir licensed houses in the neighbour- i tlQod, and he thought three would be i sufficient. There were various, defects regard to the structure of the < >ir^miscs. i In reply to Mr. Gaskell, witness said »ere had been an increase in the popu- i ation of the district. Certain plans ( under consideration for the altera- "fan of the premises. If these plans i 1l'ere carried out he agreed that the P^mises would be better adapted for Police supervision. Snperiutendent Roberts was of Pmion that the house was not neoes- t Cross-examined: In his opinioft there niore houses in Cwmbwrla than Avere necessary to meet the needs of '? popu!ai-on. The Compass and the -"?Pl ?t<xxl by themselves. Relation of Lioeness to Crimes. I ?. Atr. Richard Watkins said some oT tjj e rooms of the house were exoeedingly ?a.l? a.?d the house was in a very poor of repair. The vard was very lestncted in area. Speaking more F-?tieraII3, regarding licenses, Mr. Wat-  said when they were granted the fanoi tuses gathered their own trade. It ,wa. perfectly clear that in Swansea, Vt'llore there had been a reduction of o or 90 licenses in the last twelve CH?' ??re had been a decrease of :tIne., He also pointed out that in t IV-erpooJ, where there had been greater ? action with regard to the number bt-e-nses, -here had been a reduction number of l?olice prosecutions, j fc. and a number of police had been dis- charged as their services were nob re- quired. It the Compass Inn was recon- structed and a license granted, he sug- gested that it would lead to an increase of drinking in that district, and an in- crease in drinking meant an increase in crime. Mr. Gaskell. referring to the reduc- tion of the police in ijiverpool, said there was a proposal by the Chief Con- stable of Swansea, to increase tne police force in the borough by 58 con- stables. I Refused. I Alter the luncheon â¢interval, Mr. Gas- kell said with regard to the Compass Inn, his application would be for a six days' license instead of a seven days' license, as hitherto. Mr. (Peacock, giving evidence, said lie had advised that a new lease should be obtained with a view to rebuilding, and he submitted a plan which was passed by the Corporation in 1912. The rooms were not structurally defi- cient. The plans he submitted to the magistrates provided for better accom- modation for the public, and better ac- commodation for the tenant. The Chairman expressed dissatisfac- tion with the plan because the street in which it was proposed to rebuild the premises was not shown. Mr. Gaskell submitted that it was not their duty to produce such a plan to the magistrates. The Chairman said he understood that Mr. Gaskell was applying for a license, not for premises representing 581 feet, but for premises representing 944 feet. Mr. Gaskell replied that all the busi- ness was going to be done on the ground floor, but they proposed dispens- ing with the club-room. The actual in- crease in area would be between 60ft. and 70ft. The justices retired to consider the. plan, and on returning into court, the Chairman, addressing Mr. Gaskell said: I want the position clear. I understand that you make an application for a license for premises which you propose to build on the lines shown in this plan? Mr. Gaskell: Yes, sir. Chairman: Then that application is refused, and to make it clear I will initial the plan. A Fresh Application. Mr. Gaskell then made an applica- tion for the renewal of the license of the premises, a six days' license instead of seven, and promised to bring forward a scheme at the adjourned Sessions for rebuilding, which would satisfy the Bench and make the premises, reason- ably airy, commodious, well ventilated and sanitary fit. Chairman: We will consider that at the.¡,;e sessions. The Angel Inn, Carmarthen-road. I The license of the Angel Inn, Carmar- then-road, was next considered. The license was opposed by the police on the ground that the sanitary arrange- ment.s were not adequate, and that the house was not required for the needs of the neighbourhood. The owners are the Swansea United Brewery Company, and the lioensee, who has held the license for 20 years, is Wm. Henry Miles. Mr. Marlay Samson (iastr-ucted by Mr. C, W. Slater) appeared in sup- port of the license. Evidence was given by Inspector Fielder and Superintendent Roberts that there were four other houses in the neighbourhood. Cross-examined by Mr. Samson, In- spector Fielder sa:d the sanitary ar- ] rangements could be improved. It was a house of call for men leaving the ( Cwmfelin Tinplate Works, j (Proceeding). â


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