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LINSEED COMPOUND" for Coughs, Colds and Bronchial troubles,. 9d., 1/Hd., 2/9d. Of Chernists.-Adv. ART PICTURES PAVILION PROMENADE, BARMOUTH. Grand Picture Display NIGHTLY AT 8. Matinees, Wed. and Sat. at 3. ADMISSION GROUHDTLOOR 6d. BALCONY 3d TO-NIGHT Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 12th INSTALMENT OF THE MASTER KEY. LOVE AND CRIME. RUM AND WALLPAPER. â HER FRIEND THE MILKMAN. THE LOVE WHIP. MENACING PAST. NEXT WEEK Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Final Reckoning. BRONCHO BILLY AND CLAIM JUMPERS. STREETS OF MAKE BELIEVE PERCIVALS' AWAKENING. HER DOGGY. CRIME OF THOUGHT. QUALIFIED FIREMEN WANTED FOR H. M. YACHT PATROL EMPLOYED ON ACTIVE SERVICE. CONDITIONS OF SERVICE.-Sign on for period ofi the War for service in any yacht. No Separation Allowance, but men may make weekly allotments from their pay to dependents PAY.â30/- per week, with an addition of ] 0/- food allowance. Suitable men are selected for Greasers with total pay of 43/- per week. CLOTHING GRATUITY of C6. Full particulars can be obtained on application to Flag-Captain, Portsmouth Dockyard. MUSIC LESSONS IN BARMOUTH OR NEIGHBOURHOOD- MR. W. H. WOODWARD, Musical Direc- tor of The Pavilion Barmontb, is prepared to receive Pupils for Piano- forte playing. Theory of Music and Singing. Terms on application to VICTORIA BUILDINGS, Barmouth.