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Ratepayers' Meeting.

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WITH THE BARMOUTH j TERRITORIALS AT CAMBRIDGE. March 29th, 1915, Not having written for three weeks a letter is now about due, but the worse of it is I have scarcely anything of general interest to write about, but I having made a start, the best I can do ¡ is to try and finish. In the first place » I have to write of the promotion which 1 has been accorded, Ellis M. Tank, who is now carrying about on his arm the Lane-Corporal stripe, also Edward Price, who has another one to keep company to the one he had previously, and J. G. Williams (late of Mr Francis Morris') on his promotion to Corporal. May they keep on climbing is the wish of all the boys here. Our training has lately taken a; turn towards the more practical and inter- esting one of attack and defence, with an occasional long march. The local golf links being a favourable spot to manourer on. It is chosen because it is not quite so flat as the outlying coun- try. Skirting the links is a wood which very often is the bone of contention between the defensive and attacking party. Ocassionally we are allowed a few rounds of blank amunition to fire with which gives the operations a semi- realistic flavour.. From my observing, war would be an interesting game to play,, only for the- dangers consequent to both parties wanting to get the upper hand, and having rather danger- ous implements to fight with. The route marches we have to do differ a little in the length to what the Bar- mouth Unit does, besides the weight we carry is what one would not like to see drop on his favourite bunyon. It is a rare occurrence for anyone to fall out on these long marches. Our condition is well nigh perfect. To wash off the dust which we gather to ourselves in our travels, we are given a bath each week at the headquarters of a brewery company. Good sometimes cometh even from Nazareth. We are. to be granted a holiday on Good Friday with a Church Parade in the morning, also on our behalf for Easter Monday, a sports meeting is to be held, the competitions being open to anyone in the Welsh Division. The friends of Billie W. Roberts will no doubt be pleased to know that he is back again amongst us, after having been in the hospital for a long period. Congratulatious to the" Old Firm on their return-to the Council. R.H.R.