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The Annual Sunday Schools…


The Annual Sunday Schools Tea-parties. ENGLISH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH. The annual tea and entertainment of the English Congregational Band of Hope was held on Wednesday afternoon. Tea was laid at 5 o'clock. The little ones did ample justice to the splendid spread and for an hour afterwards indulged in out-door games. The following ladies served the youngsters at the table:âMrs Glandvvr Morgan, Mrs Kershaw, Mrs Walter Davies, Mrs Ellis Evans, Miss J. R. Adams, Miss Rothwell, Miss Snow, Miss Walker, Miss Maud Felstead. In the entertainment, presided over by the Pastor (Rev. W. Glandwr Mor- gan), in his opening remarks said :â During the last nine years he had splen- did help in conducting the Band of Hope. Mrs Kershaw bad been a faith- ful Secretary, in all weathers, storm and calm, she was at her post, and helped the temperance cause by distributing the good literature she gave them from time to time (cheers). Mr Pugh Evans bad also done his utmost to teach them their temperance hymns and songs. The hymns they sang that evening were most new from books presented to them by Mr Kershaw, and Mr Pugh Evans had worked to teach them the rousing tunes (cheers). Mrs William O'Neill was the first accompanist, whom they missed very much that evening, but Miss Maud Felstead bad for the last few years taken on the duties, she was a child of the Band of Hope, and through much bard work bad become an efficient accompanist. Mts Morgan, Ballymacora, and Mr Walter Davies, Compton Stores, bad this year again defrayed the whole cost of the splendid tea and cake they bad enjoyed, and hearty cheers were given the donors for their treat. Mr Walter Davies very aptly respon- ded, and said the evening's entertain- ment was a great credit to the Officers of the Band of Hope. It was a great pleasure to be there. We were sorry Mrs Morgan, Ballymacora, was not with them, but they all rejoiced to know Mr Morgan was better and soon both would be in their midst again. The results of the Annual Examina- tions in the Temperance Catechism was as follows :âSenior, Harry Whiteside and Ida Allan, 100; Dolly Felstead, 80 Willie Whiteside, 50. Junior, maximum 50, Ereddie Howe, 45; Frank, Ingram, 40; Willie Robinson, 35 W. C. Roberts, 30. Prizes were given to Harry White- side, Ida Allan, Dolly Felstead and Freddie Howe. The entertainment was one of the best given by the members. Appended is the programme :â Opening hymn,'Men of Britain,' Band of Hope; Lord's Prayer, chanted by members of the Band of Hope piano- forte solo, Irene Jones; recitation, 'Dare to say No,' Freddie Howe; recitation, 'Beautiful World.' Lilian Davies; hymn, '] £ rave soldiers bear the call,' Band of Hope recitation, Gretta Davies song, 'Fall In,' Doily Felstead; recitation, te soldier's dream,' W. Chas. Roberts; song, 'Shall I be an Angel, Daddy?' Gladys Ingram hymn, 'Drink from the well,' Band of Hope; recitation, The burial of Sir John Moore,' Ceinwen Fel- stead pianoforte solo, 'Merkel,' Miss -,Paud Felstead; recitation, Winnie Allan duet, La Brabanzonne,' Glyn and Gwen Roberts song, 'Here's to the day,' Maggie Emily Roberts; recitation, 0 God our strength,' Ida Allan song, Sons of Britannia's Empire,' Dolly Felstead; recitation, "1 want to live and be a man,' Jack Roberts Hymn, What a friend we have in Jesus?' Band of Hope recita,tion, I The Day,' Ceinwen Felstead; song, 'Be British,' Ceinwen Felstead recitation, 'Ye mari- ners of England,' Irene Jones; recitation God bless England,' Glyn oiberts closing hymn, National Anthem, Band of Hope; Benediction.