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Competitive Meetings.- Fall reports of the competitive fmeetings held last Wednesday will appear next week. Panorama Walks.âFrom four adver- tising columns it will be seen that the Urban Council are inviting offers for the tenancy of the Panorama Refreshment Room. Appointment.âMr R. Llewelyn Owen, Llys Llewelyn, has, with the approval of the Board of Education, been appointed clerk to the Governors of the Ellen Humphreys' Educational Foundation, Dyffryn. Park Road Chapel Literary Society.â The last meeting of the above society for the session was held last Tuesday evening, and the number attended was a pleasing indication of the increased activity of the society. The programme was of a varied cbarcter, and with Mr Richard Price, Brynithel, in the charir, the members expected an excellent evening. Mr Stanley Jones started the evening's programme with a selection on the harp. Then Mr Elias Williams gave a recitation in a fashion worthy of himself. The next item on the programme was the adjudication of the best essay, the subject being, "How to keep a house with a family of four children on a pound per week. In giving the adjudication, Mr J. G. Roberts remarked that he regretted to say that none of the compeLitors were worthy of the prize. Misses Madge Price and Ruth Evans then sang a duett, which was loudly applauded. The winner in the following competition being Miss Richards, Greenhill. Then the members partook of a splendid repast, which bad been so well prepared by Misses Ruth Evans, Madge Price, Florence Edwards and Martha Jason. Mr Stanley Jones was again called upon to open the second part of [he prog- ramme, with a selection on the harp. Tieen interest was manifested in the two competitions that followed. The first being for the best recitation. The competitors were allowed to choose their own piece. No less than six competitors entered the arena, and the prize was awarded to Mr D. R. Williams, who also won the prize for the best rendering of anv Welsh Air." The prize for the best verses was won by Miss Williams, Artro House; the prize being an oak chair (given by the president). The successful bard was afterwards chaired according to the usual bardic- custom, in the presence of numerous bards, etc. In conclusion, a hearty vote of thanks was accorded to the president and officers of the society, add all those who bad so helped in making the session throughout a successful one. A most enjoyable evening was brought to a close by the singing of the Welsh National Anthem.