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CIk Caie IUrs. Capt. Evan Richards, < Brolcb fious. â Early last Friday morning, the sad news of the unexpected death of Mrs Capt. Evan Richards broke upon us with surprise and sincere regret. I J J iJ _n.' Even to intimate friends the sudden occurence could hardly be realized as true, but alas, it proved only too true. Mrs Richards bad to be known inti- mately to appreciate her fine and superior qualities. Being of a quiet, unasuming, select disposition, she never figured prominently in the public eye, but remained satisfied to do her share in life, unseen and modestly, yet honest- ly and nobly,âa true type of the truly Christian lady. All persons who came in contact with her, whetner familiar natives or casual visitors, felt the charm of a pure sanctified life, bearing its immediate elevating influence upon them, and her very name will remain to many an inspiration to cherish the pure and lofty in life, and a stimulant to attain a higher and better life. The loss of such characters is a great loss to society, and this town is much the poorer by her death. Notably so, the loss to Caersalem Chapel is appar- ently great, a true, steadfast and virtuous member has been lost, and the work in all its important and vital aspects will inevitably suffer for a long time. Regarding her sorrowing husband, Capt. Evan Richards, words fail to describe his irreparable loss, be has lost a true companion, the fragrance of life, the light of his home, and the calm, selfpossessed comforter, and consellor in all trials. He is left severely alone, and our fullest sympathy is extended to him, in his day of tribulation. We realize to some imperfect degree the great grief that surrounds her sisters, Mrs Hugh Jones, of Cardiff, and Mrs Cadwaladr Robers, of Ynysfaig and also her brother, 1\11, David Pugh, of Llandanwg; together with their families. They all looked up to their departed sister,âwho shared their griefs and joy, in whcm they reposed their trust and confidence at all times. That the Great Comforter" be very near to all of the troubled ones, is our prayer. The private funeral took place at Horeb, Dyffryn, last Tuesday, the officiating ministers being, the Revs. Gwynoro Davies, E. Vaughan Humphreys, S. T. Hughes and W. M. Griffith, M.A., Dyffryu. The undertakers were Messrs Evans and Williams, Graigfach.


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