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LIST OF VISITORS BORTH WEN TERRACE. The Anchorage, Miss Richards Miss N. G. Eckersley, Miss A. Isheinvood, Miss A. Walsh, Miss L. Eckersley, Miss C, Lyddall, Miss N. Lyddall, Miss M. Seddon, Miss S. A. Brooalev, Miss J. Batters, Miss P. Batters, Miss N. Halliwell, Bolton PORKINGTON TERRACE. 1, The Cliffe, Mrs Jones Mr and MrsF. J. Ackland, Westoii-snper- Mare; Mrs H. C. Ackland. Mrs Dennis, Bristol; Miss Willis, MissD. Willis, Basing- stoke; Misses Mackwell (4), Nelson 3, Mrs Jane Jones Mr and Mrs Deivee, Master C. Deivee, Mr and Mrs James, London Mr and Mrs Shir- land, baby and nurse, Wednesbury 5, Miss Eothwell Mr Twigg, Misses Twigg, Miss Phylis Twigg, Sonthend-on-Sea Miss Hayes, Miss Platts, Liverpool 8, Mrs Mobley Dr James, Miss James, Littleboro, Norfolk 9, Brynmawddach, Mrs Morris Jones Colonel n, W. Phipps, late R.A., Chalfont, St Giles, Bucks 12. Glenavna, Mrs Evans Mr and Mrs Baldwin, Mr Baldwin, London Hev G. C. Ewing, Weston-super-Mare GLANABER TERRACE. 3, Mrs Arthur Lloyd Mr and Mrs Parkes, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Langford, West Bromwich 4, Mrs J. Lewis Mr and Mrs Hudson and son, Mr Denny, Birmingham GRAIGFACH. 1, Mrs Lewis Jones Mr and,Mrs F. Bradford, Miss M. Bradford, Dudley 2, Mrs Barton Miss Cocks, Miss Bradley, Miss Moss, Birm- ingham CHURCH-STREET. Fenian, Mrs John Davies Misses Hartley, Mr Edmondson, Mr Wire, Mr Rennie, Mr and Mrs Bolton, Mr and Mrs Hartley, Miss McCarrow, Mrs Milner, Mrs Holland, Nelson, Lanes Red House, Mrs J. E. Morris Mr and Mrs Brown, Master Brown, London; The Misses Slater, Liverpool WATERLOO PLACE. Llys Llewelyn, Mrs Richard Owen Mr and Mrs Johnson, Master Steward John- son, Mrs Cuckow, Coulsdon, Surrey; Misses Wilson, London Mr B. H. Herbert, Mr J. B. Steward, Mr Bomb, Wolverhampton 2, Harbour View, Mrs Captain Jones Mr and Mrs F. C. Flood, Master G. S. Flood, London; Mr and Mrs H. S. Flood, Birming- ham THE QUAY, Pembroke House, Mrs Insp. Watkin Owen Mr and Mrs B. Ledgard, Mr Theo. Ledgard, Liverpool; Misses Gamble, Leicester; Miss SidcUms, Nottingham Misses Webster, Manchester; Mr and Mrs J. J. Gadsby, Master Jack Gadsby, Liscard Min-Afon, The Misses Jones Mrs and Miss Chester, Nelson; Miss Carter and party, Bolton; Mr Hodgeson.Newcastle- on-Tyne; Mr Charles Oratehioy, Tunstall; Miss-Cross, ITrxnston Whitfield House, Mrs Richards Mr and Mrs Barker, Mr O. Barker, Mr A. C. White and friend, London Eldon House, Mrs Angel Jones Messrs Pare a.nd Bowden, Banbury; Mr and Mrs Waddington, Bolton" Morlan, Mrs Robert Jones Mrs Johnson; Mr and Mrs Lew ell, Mr and Mrs Chismale, Mrs Chase, Bolton Morannedd, Miss Williams Mr J. Whit-taker and family, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Hctrrison, Miss Harrison, Man- Chester; Mr and Mrs Jones, Oswestry Wynnstay House, Mrs T. Garnett Misses Worthington, Mr Hardiman, Mr Matthews, Walkden; Mr Burrows, Mr Vanderkirste, London Lynton House, Mrs Wilkinson Mrs and Miss Bice, Birmingham 5, Bronaber Terrace, Mrs W. Griffith Miss M. Smith, Miss J. Chamberlain, Birm- ingham HIGH STREET. 3, Aeiydon, Mrs Evans Mr and Mrs Win. Pearce, Dalwicli Village, S,E. Mrs H. J. Ellis, Mr Aneurin Ellis, Bala < Glanmeon, Mrs Henry Freeman Mr and Mrs Sloan, Miss Helen Sloan, Miss 1 Cassie Sloan, Miss Cassidy, Miss Brownell, Miss G. Brownell, Miss Nellie Sloan, Mr and Mrs Rapson, Dublin; Mr Hall, Miss Hall, London 2, Glanmorgan, Mrs J. B. Thomas Mr and Mrs Charles Lewis, Miss Mona Lewis, Crewe Mr and Mrs Upton, Master Willie-and Miss N, Upton, Birmingham JUBILEE ROAD. Minydon, Mrs Rees Jones Mr and Mrs Cragg, baby and nurse, Halifax; Mr and Mrs Allen, Mrs Atherley, Man- chester; Mr, Mrs <% Master Rhodes, Nelson 1, Brynymor, Mrs David Owen Mr and Mrs Bensley, Miss Ewing, Sheffield; Mrs Williams and two sons, Warrington 2, Brynymor, Mrs Jones Mr and Mrs Sandbach, family and maids, Ash ton-upon Mersey Miss Marden, Miss Lewis, London CAMBRIAN STREET. Tanygraig, Mrs Thomas Owen Miss Sargeant, Beaconsfield; Mr and Mrs j Brocklehurst, Mrs and Miss Boswell, Miss Booth, Bolton WATER STREET Tan-y-Hallt Cottage, Miss D. Morris Mrs E. Griffiths, H. J. Griffiths. K. A. Griff- iths, E. M, Griffiths, Hazelhmst, nr Hoss; Mr and Mrs J. Ellement, M. M. Ellement, Llys Hill, Walford, Boss SEA VIEW. 3, Miss Phillips Mr and Mrs Wilson and family 2, Mrs Griffith Miss Walker,Miss Wilkinson,Boroughbridge, Yorkshire Brynglas, Mrs Rees The Misses Pratt, Doncaster THE ROCK Tremhyfryd, Mrs Ellis Williams Mr, Mrs and Miss Edwards, Dudley; Mr and Mrs Hollingham, Lostock Garlam, Cheshire Bardsey Vie", Mrs G. W. Pugh Mr and Mrs J. Allan, Small Heath KOHINOOR 1, Mrs WJiiteside Miss Hurdle, Miss Cooper, Mr W. Weight, London Mr and Mrs Fraser and child, Mr C. Wood, Miss Grey, Birmingham BEACH ROAD. 1, Glanyvverydd Terrace, Mrs Pryce Jones Mr and Mrs Ellis, Llanfaircaereinion Mr, Mrs and Miss Glenn, Kenilworth Oak House, Mrs L. Jones Mr and Mrs Morton, London 3, Glanywerydd Terrace, Mrs T. Griffith Mrs McGuire, Mrs Shaw, Miss McGuire, Mr and Mrs P. McGuire, Southport MARINE PARADE Balmoral, Mrs John Jones Mr and Mrs F. Cotton, Holyhead Mr and Miss Brown, Liscard; Mrs and Miss May, Dublin; Mr and Mrs Baillie, Ainsdale Belmont, Mrs Thomas Mr Greenhalgh, Miss Greenhalgh, Mrs Wig- ham, Miss- E. M. Wigham, Bolton Mrs Collins, Miss Collins, Miss A. Collins, Mr and Mrs I-Iodson, Crewe; Mr and Mrs Whittle, Mr and Mrs Hindle, Blackburn Gwendolen, Mrs Evans Mrs Nelson, Mrs Westmere, children and nurse, Mr and Mrs Spence, Mr Leeman, Liverpool; Mr and Mrs Woodrow, Mr and Mrs Jem Woodrow, baby and nurse; Stock- port 2, Mrs Evan Jones Mrs Entwistle and party, Bolton Mrs Has- tings, Mr and Mrs Hastings, Miss Catherine Hastings, Stratford-on-Avon; Mr and Mrs Connor and family, West Bromwich. 3, Clive Place, Miss Morris Mr and Mrs Garland, family and nurses. Ludlow, Salop; Mrs and Miss"Shaw,Walsall 4, Mrs E. M. Jones Mr and Mrs Ellis, Miss Ellis, Stratford-on- Avonø Mr and Mrs Yale, Stoke-on-Trent; Mr and Mrs Basnett, family and nurse, Mr and Mrs Graham, Miss Graham, Miss Lynn Banks, Wolverhampton 6, Arosfa, Mrs Roberts Miss Adam, M.A., Edinburgh; Misses (3) Wannop, Ormskirk, Mr and Mrs Draper, nurse and baby, Chester; Mr Wade,London Tremydon, Mrs n. Roberts Mr and Mrs W. B. Graham, Miss Jean Gra- ham, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs J. O. Paynter, Miss Paynter, Mr F. Lawton, Farnworth; Mr and Mrs Vernon, Misses Dorothy and Ethel Vernon, Nelson Wave Crest, Misses Williams Mr and Mrs Simpson, Mrs Mitchell, Miss Lawrence, Knavesbro, Yorkshire; Mr and Mrs S. D. Hughes, Liverpool; Mr and Mrs Parker and family, Bolton; Mr and Mrs Dunlop, Glasgow; Mrs Woolridge, Birming- ham Auckland House, Mrs J. Jones Mrs Hart, Wolverhampton; Major Kynaston -and family, Mr and Mrs Lewis, nurse and children, Primrose Hill 12, Mrs John Jones Mr and Mrs Walker, family and nurse, Miss Crowther, Mr Horsetail, Huddersfield; Mr and Mrs Burrows, baby and nurse, Altring- ham; Mr and Mrs Morrell, family and nurse, Harrogate York House, Mrs Cotton Mr and Mrs Crawford, family and nurse, Dudley; Mrs Dallemore and family, Miss Beetlestone, Walsall; Mr, Mrs and Miss Bury, Wrexham Mrs Lloyd, Liverpool; Mr and Mrs P. Smith and family, Handsworth Crystal House, Misses Williams Mr A. Eusaell Jouea & family, Mis& Eiibsel, Jones, Mr and Mrs Bishop and 2 children, Walsall; Mr and Mrs Evans, Abbey Caisu- hire Cardigan View, Mrs C. J. Fisher Mr and Mrs Woodward, Mr and Mrs Law- rence, London Mr and Mrs Wild, Manches- ter Mr and Mrs Witey, Mr and Mrs Maton Belgrave, Mrs Williams Mrs Aplin, nurse and family. Miss Blackett, Mr and Misses Grunhalt, Bradsliaiv Mrs and Misses Shaw, Woking SOUTH AVENUE. Llys Meirion, Mrs Adams Mr and Mrs Eve, Miss Eve, Mr H. Eve, London NORTH AVENUE. Aston House, Misses Jones Mr and Mrs Page and baby, Handsworth; Mr and Mrs McConnell. Harborne; Mr and Mrs Watkinson, Miss BootUman and party, Nelson Bronwen House, Mrs Williams Mr and Mrs Walker, Manchester; Mr and Mrs Allen and family, Coventry PRINCES AVENUE. Bod For, Mrs J. W. Jones Mrs Mathews, Llanuwclillyn Mr and Mrs Dvads, Nelson Tegfan, Mrs Williams Mrs Bowden, Mr Bowden, Miss Joan Bow- den, Tettenhall MARINE GARDENS. Fern Leigh, Mrs Hughes Mr and Mrs Yates, Mr and Mrs Sims, Miss Nicholls, Bolton Hyfrydle, Mrs E. n. Jones Mr and Mrs Howard, Master Willie Howard, Warrington MARINE ROAD. Leamington House, Mrs Richards Mr and Mrs Ayrton, Miss Ayrton, Mr and Mrs Medley, Sheftielcl; Mrs Greenwood arrd daughter, Combe Cliftondale, lYIrs Hia11 Mr and Mrs Ernest Hamer, family and maid, Llanidloes Llysarfor, Mrs Win. Pugh Miss Bettlesworth, Miss Brand, London. Mr and Mrs Sharpies,Mr and Mrs Entwistle, Miss Muriel Entwistle, Bolton Iscoed, Mrs Parry Mrs Brown,Birmingham; Miss English,Miss Bickenhall, Hereford 2, Hugo Villas, Mrs Griffiths Mrs Vickers, Miss Naylor, Bolton Tawelfan, Mrs Lloyd Mr and Mrs Watson, Birmingham FPtONFELEN TERRACE. 1, Mrs Edmund Humphreys Miss Sage, Mr T. Tester, London; Miss F. Pearson, Mr Whitehouse, Smethwick Miss Dixon, Mr B. T. Pavitt, Evesham Mr and Mrs Lacey and family, West Ealing Penzance Villa, Mrs Rabbetts Mr and Mrs Meadows, Miss Meadows, Brighton Mr and Mrs Cookes, Penzance Isfryn, Mrs G. Jones Mr and Mrs Shirley, children and maid, London Mr and Mrs Lafford, Gloucester AELFOR TERRACE. 5, Mrs Parry Mr and Mrs Plowe, Manchester; Mr and Mrs Elderton, London Miss Shaw, Miss Tither- ton, Nelson GLASFOR TERRACE. 4, Mr E. D. Ingram Miss Doris Latham, Mrs Carsley and baby, Marchwial; Mr and Mrs Herinburg, London HENDRE VILLAS 2, Misses Evans Mr W.Bridge, Mrs Bridge,Master B. Bridge, Mr D. Bridge, Miss Greenfield, Stowerbridge 3, Misses Jones Miss Heath, Mrs Glower, Stoke-on-Trent; Mr and Mrs Hodell, Miss H. Whitehouse, Coventry; Misses Ashton. Liverpool EPWORTH TERRACE Mrs Morris Mr and Mrs Mooney, son 'and daughter, Malvern 3, Miss Griffith Mr and Mrs Ravenscroft and family, Acocks Green; Miss Gore, Northfield Miss Sum- merfield and friend, Moseley Mr and Mrs E. J. Skelton, Lewisham 5, Mrs Griffith Miss Robinson, Miss Kathleen Meacock, Erdington KING'S CRESCENT. Tawelfa, Misses Thomas Mr and Mrs Jackson and family,Mr and Mrs Smith and family, Mr and Mrs Charmley, Mrs Entwistle and friend, Bolton Gwynfa, Mrs Williams Miss S. E. Vale, Rev W. H. S. Hartley, Bingley; Mrs Warr and baby, Miss Bobbins Mr Thos. Wilkinson and party (6), Bolton; Mr and Mrs Hartland, Stockton- oil- Tees Bodweni, Mrs Profit- Rev S. T. Hughes Mr and Mrs Milner, Mr E. Milner, Mr H. C. Milner, Bristol; Mrs and Mias Wilkinson, Mr Curtis, Mr, Mrs and Idisses Btiisfc, Coventry 'aL- .:flI:1"_ ':rot', Bryn Teg, Miss Lloyd Mrs and Miss Watkin, Criccieth Mr Ste- phenson, Mr C. Stephenson, Mrs Roe,Master Norman Roe, Mr Battrice,Birmingham; Mrs Gagger, Misses Gagger, London; Mr L. H. O. Johnes, Gasthmyl, Mont.; Mr W. liams, Mr II, B. Davies, Mr P. Edwards PARK ROAD, Craig-y-Nos, Mrs Peters Miss Dobinson, Bristol; Mr and Mrs Delaney and three children, Wolverhampton gum a