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Alleged Attempted Murder at Aberfan. WIFE "WOULD NOT COME BACK." I CHIEF CONSTABLE WILSON AND I LOCAL SOLICITOR, William Jones, a 27-y ear-old oollier, of Redlinog, was brought upon remand, at the Merthyr Police Court on -Friday. the 17th inst., charged with atMmpt- ing to murder his wife. Margaret Ann Jones, at Aberfan on Tuesday. July 14. Mr. W. R. Edmunds, solicitor, said he would like to make a statement. He had been instructed in the usual way to prosecute in the case, and he called at the house of the woman at Aberfan on Wednesday and took her evidence. He had, that morning, had a chat with the Head Constable about the matter, and objection had been raided to his (Mr. Edmunds) appearing w prosecute that day. He (Mr. Edmunds) thought that, having regard to the fact, that he had been regularly and properly in- structed. the Head Constable should now withdraw from the case. As the woman had instructed him and liad given him the evidence", this would be the proper course to adopt, and he could not understand the Head Consta- ble assuming such an attitude. The Head Constable (Mr. J. A. Wil- son) said that it was a police prosecu- tion, and he was bound to act an pros*- cutor in the case. If the man was charged on information laid by the woman. Mr. Edmunds would be in or- der. but as it was he had no locus standi. He could watch the t-zv-wi on behalf of his client, but as the informa- tion was laid upon an arrest made by the police, the police had to prosecute. Mr. Edmunds remarked that lie was surprised at the attitude which had been taken up by a servant of the ratepayers. The Head Constable It is part of my duty. Mr. Edmunds: Nothing of the kind. I am surprised at you. The Head Constable: There is no need to be surprised at all. The Magistrates Clerk (Mr. T. Eli as): We cannot go on with the case to-day as the woman is too ill to ap- pear. Mr. FÃlmunds: She will be able to attend the court either on Tuesday or Friday of next week. The Head Constable: I shali not be prepared to go on with the case on Tuesday next. Mr. Edmunds then asked th e magis- trates to allow the information to be altered from the name of the Head Constable to the name of the prosecu- trix. The Head Constable: You have no right to make that application, Mr. Edmunds. Mr. Edmunds: Please do not inter- rupt. I am asking the magistrates to decide. The Chairman said they would not decide the point, but, would leave it to the Deputy Stipendiary, who will at- tend next week. The Chairman add- ed: It is a point of practice, and if I had to decide it. I could do so in half a minute. I have no difficulty in the matter at all. P.C. Harold Jenkins then gave evid- ence of arrest. He said he found pri- soner being held by two men. Owen Owen and Frederick Ward, near the Rhymney Bridge, at Aberfan. He conveyed the prisoner to the police sta- tion at Merthyr Vale. and in answer to the charge of attempting to murder his wife by cutting her face and neck with a razor, he said. I asked her to come back, and she would not do so. and this sent me out of my temper. She went away in April, and when she went she took a sovereign from the drawer. I wanted her to come back to me. and she would not, an(I that put me up to do it." The Head Constable applied for a week's remand, which was granted.

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