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rJHE WELSH COAST PIONEER' 8a (Price one penny), published at Colwyn jj every Friday, is acknowledged to be the best f â popular paper on the Welsh Coast; its kern a"on ia varied and increasing; it goes into the 6 » it is an up-to-date and real live paper, and ita d vertlBetnents give maisfactory results. Wanted Ot ass of a<^ver*,isem £ nt3, 12 words for one week, 6d.; hree weeks forls.âPufeLisaiiKt OFFICES Conway °&d, Colwyn Bay. SCALE OF CHARGES FOR ADVERTISING IN "THE WELSH COAST PIONEER." ââââ (Single Column) T PER LINE Notices or Notices relating to ». d. parlfn Jen}ment Offices 1 0 Election Addresses 0 9 AflJP Urban, and Rural Council Election ureases. Board of Guardians & School Board Itai,Ollnee epts, Sales by Private Treaty 0 4 Companies 0 4 '^OSTWP Advertisements among the News 0 8 Mn!' ?e9 °* Public Companies, Legal Notices, rn U¡CfroJ, Urban and Rural Councils, State- HaleH v?1 or Accounts, Announcements, Tenders, <fec. 0 6 Bvâi Auction of Land or Building Property or *WEB £ ?*» â ⢠â¢â¢â¢â¢â¢â¢â¢ 0 6 Auction of Furniture or Farming Stock, W £ *Lart ^es 5 0 4 RoiiCeinent8 of Lectures, Sermons, Concerts, srw A,and Charitable Entertainments or Sub- f Pnw- IjistE, Eisteddfodau Publications,! ? l^lic Announcements, &c J 2 6 All Advts. are scaled at the rate of 10 lines for every inch, single column. ruiy ^V}fn measured from the rule above to the at the fimsh, and the space occupied charged for. CIMEAP PREPAID ADVERTISING SCALE. AND SITUATIONS WANTED, AGENCY OR ASD BTIE KB' PARTNERSHIPS, LAND, BUSINESS PREMISES, HOTT:1NKSSES 10 811 LET OK R'OK SALE, APABTMENTS XT?8F N» ^VANTED OR TO LET, HOESES, CARRIAGES, &C., ^ANT« POUND, AND MISCELLANEOUS SALES AND ?>â â 0F EVERY DESCWTPTION. -+.- -.& Sales by Auction. F. A. Dew & Hooper, Qohvv Colwyn Bay and Conway. Allrmr v Telephone No. 21. Estate p?NS and VALUATIONS of Landed ^()UseS'p ee^10^ ttn^ Leasehold Business Premises, Dead Tf, roperty, Building Land, Hotels, Live and Boot arming Stock, Household Furniture, Pictures, UONF*11>LATE- J SES TO LETâFurnished & Unfurnished. ^a^Iri?ri^1a^on given of Houses, Building Estates, 'for g Country Residences, and Business Premises l e or to Let in all parts of North Wales. E, LIFE, AND GENERAL INSURANCE The off. AGENTS. tK>siti0vT ⢠ces occupy the most prominent and central ay and Conway, thus affording J publicity to "all Auction Announcements. T. W. GRIFFITH, -AUCl-ION.-EER, LLANDUDNO. ^NRHYNSIDET NEAR LLANDUDNO. IMPORTANT PROPERTY SALE. M 11. T. W. GRIFFITH is instructed JTOTJN° by Public Auction, at the MARINE *902, CORN Lltindudno, on FRIDAY. February 14th, SA]E T^^EN°ING at 7-30 p.m., subject to conditions I REEHNIJ ,1' ^EN and there produced and read, all that L^ESSUAGE OR DWELLING HOUSE, 1,1 NO BEI.NS NO. 2, Edge Hill, Penrhynside, now ^ARCPI ° FPA^ON OF Mr. John Williams, together with LORW, PL'E«hold BUILDING LAND adjoining. r°, Particulars apply to the Auctioneer, or < A'HDN^ Jkamberlain & Johnson, Solicitors, all of INR^O' 3584 VILLA, CARMEN SYBRA ROAD, LLANDUDNO. M\T- W. GRIFFITH begs to announce Vnos ? ia instructed to SELL BY PUBLIC 11 THE above premises, on COtn", DRSDAY NEXT, FEBRUARY 6TII, 1902, ^-30 noon, the whole of the Modern ^^H°LD FURNITURE & EFFECTS. A-UOT- ARTICN^AR8 SEE Posters and Catalogues. ^ONEERV, Offices- Mostyn Street, 3585 Llandudno. FYL â â h\. JEFFREY THOMAS, COLWYN BAY. I Hder Distraint for Bent. AT SIIORT K0TICE OF SALE W, E^US FARM, COLWYN BAY, > ^DAY NEXT, FEBRUARY 3rd, 1902. %P0L.T J FARMERS, Horse and Cow Keepers, etc. M^A JRp,FREY THOMAS will Sell by h iUct' -It the above Farm, on MONDAY, .⢠3rd, AT 2 o'clock pan., prompt, the R,1,?'A STACK of weil-harvested HAY, OF SWEDES, about 4 TONS TFIIII ^^REL Cart, Shandry,large Galvanized CJHAFFJR< ^AROE heaps of Manure, about 90 TFLFCRK ED";LU"EI'. Rooting Sheets, useful Timber, l0neer'a rirc "S l at t^le lianimer. s. 28^ Vffices' Rhos- Colwyn Bay. -January, 1902 3571 LTJSS*S- H. R. HUGHES & Co., A EERS> VALUERS, Land and Estate Agents, V^NHrntants ^ort^age Brokers, AT "LAUL0G CHAMBE«s» COLWYN BAY. 8T on Market and Fair Days. Sales by Auction. ROBERT & ROGERS JONES AUCTIONEERS & VALUERS, LLANRWST. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5TH, 1902. TYHWNTIRGORS, TYN-Y-GROES. SALE of Live and Dead Farming Stock, Crops, and a Fiue Collection of OLD OAK FURNITURE, including Tridarns, Wardrobes, Chaira, Cheats, &c., the property of Mrs. Jones (who is leaving). Sale at 1 o'clock p.m. 3594 h_. -a. __0 WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 12TH, 1902. TAL-Y-CAFN MART PERIODICAL SALE of Fat and Store CA RTLE, SHEEP, PIGS and CALVES. Usual 'Conditions. Sale at 12 o'clock noon. 2440 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. SALE OF FREEHOLD PROPERTY. ABOUT THE MIDDLE OF FEBRUARY. ALL that very Valuable and Desirable Freehold HOUSE, SHOP AND PREMISES, known as "THE OLD STAMP OFFICE," situate in DENBIGH STREET, LLANRWST, in the County of Denbigh. 3485 ALL that Compact Freehold HOUSE, BUILDINGS and LAND, known as "TY'NYR ARDD," NANTBWLCHYRHEIRN, in the County of Carnarvon. Further particulars will appear in due course, in the meantime apply to the Auctioneers, Llanrwst. 3486 GEORGE PERKINS, AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, RHYL and ABERGELE. BUSINESS TKANSFF.K AGENT,PRACTICAL, VALUER TO THE GROCERY, PROVISION, WINE AND SPIRIT, HOTEL, AND DRAPERY TRADES. DISTANCE NO OBJECT. 3221 LLANDDULAS, NORTH WALES. By Order of the Representatives of the late Mrs. Harriett Beckett, of Dyffryn Dulas. A/1 B. GEORGE PERKINS will Sell by J Auction, at the BEE HOTEL, ABERGELE, in the County of Denbigh, on SATURDAY, 22nd February, 1902, at 6 for 7 o'clock in the evening, sub- ject to conditions to be then produced, all those Three Several PIECES or PARCELS OF LAND, with the COTTAGE and OUT-BUILDINGS thereon, com- monly called or known by the name of TAN-Y- GRAIG, in the Parish of Llanddulas, in the County I of Denbigh, containing altogether 3 acres statute measure or thereabouts, the same being now in the occupation of Mr" Robert Jones, as tenant thereof. The Tenure is Freehold of Inheritance. The above land being on the slope of the hill, has a full and uninterrupted view of the Sea and of the Dulas Valley, and is admirably adapted for the erection of Residential Property. It is within 10 minutes' walk of Llanddulas Church, and 15 minutes' walk of Llanddulas sta,tion on the main line of the L. & N.W. Railway. The property adjoins the Estates of Lady Dundonald and R. W. Wynne, Esq. The Mines, Minerals, &c., axe. not included in the Sale. Vacant possession can be given on the 30th Sept. next. This Sale affords an excellent opportunity of securing a Building Site rarely to be met with, and the Auctioneer can with confidence highly recommend same. For inspection of Plans of the Property and orders to view, apply to the Auctioneer, Rhyl and Abergele or to Vv M. F. MORE CROFT & CO.. Solicitors, 3598 5, Castle-street, Liverpool. E. H. OWEN & SON, AUCTIONEERS,, VALUERS, House, Land & Estate Agents, 2995 OF CABNABVON, HAVE OPKNEJ) OFFICES AT WYNNSTAY CHAMBERS, COLWYN BAY. MELLOR & ALLEN, Public Hall Offices, COLWYN BAY. LAND AND HOUSE AGENTS AND VALUERS. Property Bought tind Sold by Private Treaty on Commission. Mortgages Arranged. Fire, Life, and Accident Insurance Agents. Terms on application. M. & A. have always clients ready to lend Money on any class of Property. Circulars of Horjes to Let (Furnished and Unfurnished), Residential and Business Proper- ties, Building Land, &c., to be Sold or Let, forwarded (free) to applicants 17K9 Business Wanted. A__ _t- WANTED a Genuine Grocery and Flour Busi. Tt ness, with or without Drapery, in North or Mid-Wales or Borders, doing sound Country trade, or Premises suitable for tiuch.âSend particulars to BOKA-FTDE, "Pioneer Offices, Colwyn Bay. c2lT Lost. -T STRAYED from Bryniau, Upper Colwyn Bay, on Tuesday, January 28th, TWO BROWN P 0 N I E S.-Reward given at above address. 3587 For Sale-Vai-ious. -W- ARGAINS IN" BOOKS.âOn Sale, Chambre'a Encyclopaedia, 10 vols, 40/- (pub. 90/-); Hogarth's Works, 3 vols.15/- (pub. 22/6); Scott's Waver ley Novels, 25 vols., and Tales of a Grandfather, 2 vols., 34/- (pub. 74/-); Hallem's "Europe during the Middle Ages," 3 vols., 12/- (pub. 18/-); Milman'a "History of the Jews," 3 vols., 6/ D'Aubigne's "History of the Reformation," and Dean Stanley's Memorials of Westminster Abbey," 15/- (pub. 25/-); Isaac Disraeli's Works, 7 vols., 10/- (pub. 14/-).â "BOOK," Pioneer Offices, Colwyn Bay. 3580 OlHS A I.E^a'f^vTREFERENCE SHARE Sin the Welsh Northern Counties Billposting Co. Ltd. This Company has paid 7 per cent. each year, and its profits for 1901 are double those for 1900. A safe investment, will sell in tens, at par.âApply POSTING, Pioneer Offices, Colwyn Bay. 3589 POULTRY, Ancoiias, Ca me I Runner Ducks, POULTRY, Anconas, Campines, Runner Ducks, Cross-breeds, Birds and Eggs. Laying Strains a speciality. A full line of Poultry Appliances, including the world-renowned Cypher's non-moisture, self-ventilating Incubators. Inspection by appoint- ment.âJOHNSON, Glan Conway. 3583 0 Licensed Victuallers, Barmen and Bakers. T, âWhite or Unbleached LINEN APRONS of fenuine Irish Manufacture, 10/9, 11/9, 12/9 per dozen, 2, 35,39, 42 inches wide; Alpaca and Russel Cord JACKETS to measure, 6/6, 8/6, 11/9, 13/9.âSIMPSON, Cliffdale, Llandudno. 3563 TO Butchers, Provision Dealers, Chefs, Confec- tioners, Hairdressers and others.âFREDERICK SIMPSON, Cliffdale, Llandudno, Manufacturer of COATS, JACKETS & APRONS of every description visits Colwyn Bay and District on the first TUESDAY 'every month. Reliable goods only, beautifully made. White Jackets 2/6, 3/- 3/6; Fringed Aprons of specially selected cloths, 10/9, 12/- and 14/9 per dozen; White Coats, 3/6, 4/ 4/6, 5/ Aprons, 11/9, 12/9, 14/9 per dozen Boys' Aprons, 8/11 per dozen. Pure Indigo Blue Coats, 3/6, 4/6, 5/6, 6/6, 7/6; Pure Indigo Stripe Coats, 4/11, usually sold at 5/6. Immediate attention to letter orders. The trade supplied. Patterns and Price Lists free. 3562 SEED Potatoes. Up-to-Date. Seed size, hand S picked. The best cropper in cultivation. Prices and samples on application to BracrF.ss,Glan Conway. 3531" TO be Sold, cheap, a Brougham in splendid con- dition, with cushions, lamps, poll and bar.â Apply E. OWEN, Coachbuilder, Abergele. f23j ON Sale, 2 fine substantia' semi-detached Villas in Colwyn Bay, commanding the loveliest views of both sea and woods, also within easy access of the railway. Capital investment. Investors would do well to view at once.âApply to the builders, H. WILKINSON & SONS, Byrom, Grove Park, Colwyn Bay. 3543 HA Y for Saie.âAbout 40 tons of well-harvested Hay for Sale at COPPY FARM, Denbigh. 3495 OG CALRT, with Bralie, Cushions and Lamps, 11) nearly new, suit 15 or 16 hands, £ 16. Alexandra Dog Cart, Lamps and Cushions, X15. Four-wheel Dog Cart, JE12. Phaeton, suit 12 or 13 hands, Cushions and Lamps, front seat and brake for driver, £10. Five new sociable Floats, for business or pleasure, and new Governess Car, with rubber tyres, suit 11 or 12 hands. Two New Dog Carts, 12 and 13 hands. One New full- sized Double Pheaeton, for posting or private use. Must be sold to make room.âApply EI>I>Y, Coach Builder, Colwyn Bay. 3546 EGANWY.-For Sale by Private Treaty, in Lots JL7 to suit Purchasers, 91 FREEHOLD BUILD- ING SITES contained in "CAE DERWEN" BUILDING ESTATE. Free Abstracts; Free Con- veyances Free Roads Easy Payments. All particu- lars from A. J. OLDMAK, Auctioneer, Llandudno. 3501 LOVKLL TV RYE GRASS/ 110, per ton on rail; C Meadow Hay, 100/- per ton on rail; Short Oats, 8/- per 105 lbs. delivered Yellow Oats, 7/6 per 105 lbs. delivered: Wheat Straw, 75/- per ton on rail; Oat Straw, 70 per ton on rail: Barley Straw. 70 per ton on rail; Potatoes, 65/- per ton delivered; Carrots, 70/- per ton delivered. Samples on application.â Apply HUGHES' STOKES, Ruthin. 2099 TO be Sold cheap, WAGGONETTE with Movable L Cover, to carry 26 persons, also a VAN HAM- BURGH to carry 34 persons. Both in excellent con- dition and ready for work.âApply ODDFELLOWS ARMS, Cow Lune Bridge, Chester. 3412 FURNITURE, Drapery, Suits, Dresses. Jewellery, Pianos, Organs, Boots, Shoes, etc. Cash or easy terms.âFor particulars apply to W. R. JONES, Engedi Chapel House, Colwyn Bay. 3406 LLYSFAEN.âTWO COTTAGES on Sale by .1 J private treaty, at Canol Marian, Llysfaen.â Apply to JOSEPH WILLIAMS, Auctioneer. Rhyl. 3157 WIRE NAILS, Mixed, 8s. per cwt.; 281bs., 2s.3d.; Screws, mixed, 34s. per cwt.; 281bs., 9s.; wire cut, wrought and malleable nails, tacks, shoe nails, rivets, etc.. wholesale prices.âMIDLAND NAIL WORKS, 25 and 26. Rea-street, Birmingham. 3164 FIREWOOD! FIHEWOOD !-Logs cut to con- JD venient sizes for burning in stoves or open grates. Supersedes coal for heating, no smell or flying sparks, 17/6 per ton at Colwyn Bay Station. Cart loads supplied.âFIELDING, Wilfholme, Colwyn Bay. 3271 Medical. HE MEDICAirH(JME,7k)ed Pena Eoad, Col- wyn Bay. Hospital-trained nurses supplied, electricity and massage, nursing appliances.â MATRON, Telephone 24. 3132 Houses Wanted. LLANDDULAS to Bettws-v-coed, FURNISHED JU HOUSE also UNFURNISHED COTTAGE, Gardens.âRITA, Offi(-,es, Colwyn Bay. 3564 n_m WANTED A Furnished House on the Coast or W a few miles inland for six months from April. 6 or 8 bedrooms, stabling for two horses, no large garden to, keep up. Rent £60 to -XIOO.-Apply W. DEW & SON, Llandudno. 3527 "TT7"ANTED, at once, Colwyn Bay or ney,r, a Fur- YY nished Detached House, 5 or 6 bedrooms, 2 entertaining rooms,, bath-room, etc., in a quiet and bright locality.âApply W. DEW & Sox, Llandudno. 3528 WANTED FARM from 20 to 50 acres, with good house and buildings.âApply E.H., c/o Pioneer Offices, Colwyn Bay. 3477 BUILDING LAND, BUSINESS & RESI. DENTIAL PROPERTY TO LET OR FOR SALE. ESTATES DEVELOPED. PROPERTIES MANAGED. REGISTER or FURNISHED HOUSES. J. M. PORTER, Surveyor, Valuer and Estate Agent, The ESTATE OFFICE, COLWYN BAY. NAT. TELEPHONE No. 38. IBSfo TELEGRAMS :âPORTER, SURVEYOR, COLWYN BAY. -L_ To Let. RATES for Prepaid Advertisements under this heading are-One insertion, 12 words (or under), 6d Three In- sertions. Is; Six Insertions, 2s-Address: THE PIONEER OFFICKS, COLWYN BAY TO Let for a few Months, nicely furnished detached -jL HOUSE in Woodland-park; 6 bed and 3 enter- taining rooms. Every convenience. Terms moderate. âApply G.C., Pioneer Offices, Colwyn Bay. 3590 TREFRIW.âGood roomy new Cottages Parlour. Kitchen, Scullery, 2 and 3 bedrooms, open situation. Garden back and front; also larger houses furnished or unfurnished.âApply WRIGHT, Victoria- terrace. 3596 GLAN CONWAY.âNew Seven-roomed HOUSE (Unfurnished), modern convenience; Rent £ 18 10s Apply (I E., Pioneer Offices, Colwyn Bay. 3595 MELIDEN.âFour-roomed COTTAGE with Two Gardens.âApply Miss GRIFFITH, Bryngwv- nedd, Meliden. 3586" TO Let, HOUSE, whole or in part. Address Mr. OWEN, Maris House, Abergele-road, Colwyn Bay. 3559 SIX excellent ( ottages, in good order, deiached and otherwise, in Rhuddlan and near Dyserth. âApply to the BODRHYDDAN ESTATE OFFICE, Rhud- dlan, R.S.O. 3497 REFRIW.-To Let, with immediate occupation, JL a well situated modern semi-detached small Villa.âFor further particulars apply to Mr. PETER MCINTYBE, Gwydyr, Llanrwst. 3536 TO be let, Furnished, for not less that three months, beautifully-situated Villa, close to town and station of Llanrwst, containing two sitting, four or five bedrooms, bath (H & c.), usual domestic offices, garden, fishing, golf, &c. Rent according to period required.âAddress A., Pioneer Offices, Colwyn Bay. 3476 ADNANT PARK, Conway.âTwo semi-detached houses to be Let or Sold. 2 entertaining and 6 bediooms, good kitchen and scullery, &c. Newly built and fine position.-Apply OWEN H. JONES, 1, Erskine-road, Colwyn Bay. 3434 OFFICES TO LET at Bank Buildings, Llan- 0 rwst.-Apply E. S. PARUY, Inigo House, Llanrwst. TO be Let, comfortable and convenient, seven and nine-roomed HOUSES, close to shore and Rhos golf links. Gardens back and front.âApply to R. STOREY, Little Orme's Head Quarry, Llandudno. 1027 Miscellaneous. l^TEI >1)F()1 >A 1," and ( ONCKRTS. ,Vc. Mr! JOHN PERIS JONES, Prize Tenor Vocalist, is open to Engagements.âApply Bryn Villa, Llanberis. 3576 TT7ANTEI) to rent a Farm, between 20 or 40 W acres, with good small house and buildings, near Colwyn Bay or Llandudno.âPARKINSON, Tyn- y-Gongh, Anglesey. 3511 WANTED a small Kitchen Garden, near Abergele "V Apply THOMAS LEIGH,I'ioneer,Abergele. c22j MISSES MORGAN (late MANCHESTER), Stylish Milliners, Dress and Mantle Makers, FLOVILLE, GROVE PAUK, Colwyn Bay. 3461 MOLE BKINS! Mole Skins Wanted to purchase well dried, uncured Mole Skins, any quantity taken âN. TOMSON, Frederick-place, Weymouth. 3479 DRESSMAKING at moderate charges. Ladies' own materials made up.âMiss JONES, Engedi, Chapel House, Colwyn Bay. 3407 WARTSKI & OO.'S representative, MR. E. HOPE- DAVIES, will be pleased to call and sub- mit patterns of the latest designs in Ladies' and Gent's Outfitting on receipt of postcard to 4. Aquarium- street, Rhyl. Easy terms. 3171 ABINET Making and Re-Upholstering promptly J executed. Send Post Card.-DAVIES, Berlin House, Llanrwst. 3110 ANTED, Welsh Harp, Antique Furniture, Old W Sundials, China, Curios, and Clocks.âApply to HALL, Auctioneer, Rhyl. 2870 BEST RESULTS.â-Advertise your wants in the Welsh Coast Pioneer" 12 words, 6d, if prepaid, or Is. for three insertions. SEVERAL Sums of Money from 11,00 to £2,ÃÃà S advanced on approved Freehold and Leasehold Securities.Apply W. J. CORBERT, solicitor, Mostyn- street, Llandudno. 2163 WHY BE BOTHERED WITH keeping FERRETS, when for lr* GAME KEEPER of 41 years' experience will send whole of following REAL, GENUINE RECIPES:â Drawing and Catching Rats in enormous quantities, alive or dead destroying moles by millions Bolting Rats or Rabbits from their holes Drawing Game any distance compelling Rabbits to lay out for covert shooting forcing Hens to lay, best on earth infallible cures for Gapes in Pheasants and Poultry very Valuable Fanciers' Secret how to settle any fresh dog so that he will not leave owner; trapping hares, rabbits, foxes, &c., alive keep pigeons at home and attract stray birds; Curing Skins; making dubbin, &c., guaranteed genuine (registered copy- right). Thousands of unsolicited testimonials.âN. TOMSON, Frederio-place, Weymouth. 3478 + _-0- Dogs at Stud. QCXynTSH TERRIER. BIRTLKDENK BILLY," S colour Black Brindle; whelped October 1st, 1900. Dam, Judy ex Seafield Rascal. Sire, Aberlay ex Heather Prince. Fee £1 Is.-All particulars, BOOTH, Birtledene, Colwyn Bay. u- 3555 OItKS-IllItE TERRIER JL colour Blue and Tan; whelped April 7th, 1900. Dam, Lady. Sire, Champion Merry Mascot. Fee. XI 18.A11 particulars. BOÃTH, Birtledene, Colwyn Bay. 3555 Situations. COOK-GENERAL wanted, three in family; small COOK-GENERAL wanted, three in family small washing; housemaid kept.âApply BROOKLANDS, Colwyn Bay. c30j WANTED PAGE BOY for Hotel, smart young lad, age 14 to 16; one used to billiard marking preferred.âApply G.E., c/o Pion-eer Offices, Colwyn 3593 WANTED a young MAN nsed to an Engine and Boiler, one that can drive and make himself generally useful.âApply by letter to G.F Pioneer Offices, Colwyn Bay. 3597 A SINGLE Person seeks employment as HOUSE- KEEPER or temporary Servant.âApply G.D., Pioneer Offices, Colwyn Bay. 3591 WANT ED for near Manchester, Ifoung WANT ED for near Manchester, Ifoung GENERAL SERVANT; little washing; wage £ 15.âApply Mrs. BEVERLEY-, Briarfield, Old Colwyn. 3579 -1 HE Pioneer Life Xseurtnee Co. Wanted a thoroughly reliable MAN as Agent for Penmaenmawr district, good book; exceptional terms: no debit system; splendid opening for a pushing man.âApply DISTRICT MANAGER, Concord, Highfield Road, Colwyn Bay. 3578 WANTED strong YOUTH as Porter.âApply T V DOMESTIC BAZAAR Co., Colwyn Bay. 3582 y Wâ-ANTED good GENERAL SERVANT for small private family; good references. â- GLANDWK, Trefriw. 3565 ANTED ced WANTED an experienced GENERXL W SERVANT or HOUSEMAID at once. Apply RysqFLDENP, Conway-road, Colwyn Bay. 3567 WANTED young GENERAL SERVANT.â Apply TAPTON MOUNT, Wroodland-park, Colwyn Bay. 3570 WANTED good COOK-GENERAlTTwages! £ 18. t T three maids kept. -Apply C.B., Pion-eer Offices- Colwyn Bay. 3557 W.ANTED Junior CLERK. â Apply by letter, with testimonials, BETTWS-Y-('OED SLATE QCARRY Co., Bet: Good. 3558 HOUSEMAID Wanted.âApplv PLAS TIRION. Colwyn Bay. 3568 \\rAXTKI) at once, superior GENERAL, all â¼ T duties but washing; two in fa.mily.-Apply G.A., Pioneer Offices, Colwyn Bay. 3555 REQUIRED for Cottage Laundry in North a good LAUNDRESS, must provide own assistance. Family and eight servants. Mother and daughter preferred.-Apply, stating full particulars, to A.B.C., Post Office, Tal-y-Cafn. R.S.O. 3573 ANTED HOUSEMAID, churchwoman age I I 18 to 24; three in family.âMrs. EDEN, Llettv's Dryw, Colwyn, North Wales. 3572 GOOt> plain COOK.-Apply by letter to Mrs. V J BROMLEY. "Anerley," Rhyl. 3574 WANTED good Cook-General, for lady and TT gentleman; good wages for competent person. âApply Mrs. CAPREEL, Horton Royde, Old Colwyn. 3491 XT7"ANTED yonng Man as Groom, must know his V T work, able to ride and drive.âApply, with references, &c., to COACHMAN, Bodhyfrvd, Llanrwst. 3!9R WANTED by a Certificated Nurse, Christian TV person to join in well-e-itablished Home, profits divided. Address F.T., Pioneer Offices. < olwyn Bay. 3518 GAMEKEEPER. â Second-man wanted, thoroughly up to his work, to take charge of separate section of shooting. Welshman preferred. Personal recommendation essential.âApply J.H., Pioneer Offices, Colwyn Bay. 35L2 WANTED about 2nd of March, situation as IV Housekeeper, Companion or any position of trust; good Cook.-AddresB X.Y., Arnwood, Regent- road, Crosby, near Liverpool. 3490 SITUATION required as Vanman or position~of trust by married man, 5 years' similar experience in last situation.âApply F.X., c/o Pioneer Offices, Colwyn Bay. j5 WANTED Cook-General by 3rd Feb.âAddress VV F.O.. Pioneer Office- Coiwyn Bay. 3467 WANTED immediately, Young Man as Appren- tice by the Llanrwst Electricity Supply Com- pany. Moderate premium.âApply to SECRETARY, Gwynfa," Llanrwst. 3242 CONFECTIONER Woman Walt*; or Good C Pastry Cook. Knowledge of Welsh preferred. Live in.State salary to F.M., c/o Pioneer Offices, Colwyn Bay. 3449 Apartments. WANTED Unfurnished Rooms (wiih attendance); or part of House. Colwyn Bay or neigh ',?Our- hood.âG.G., Pioneer Offices, Colwyn Bay. 35S9 WOODLAND PARK. HOTTSE, Woodland-road v 7 West, Colwyn Bay. Private ApartineiitEi; 3 reception rooms, 10 bedrooms. Visitors can be boarded in their rooms. Comfortably furnished. Good Cuisine and service.âMRS. DUNKERLEY and MRS. STEVENS. WANTED comfortable LODGINGS in Llanrwst, state terms.âPERIS, King's Head, Llanrwst. 377 COLWYN BAY.-âLady offers superior Apart- ments (with or without Board). Permanent or otherwise; highest references.â"ENGADINE" PI oncer Offices, Colwyn Bay. 3515 LODGINGS (comfortable,' for two respectable LODGINGS (comfortable,' for two respectable young men, abstainers preferred, permanent Address '⢠COL," Pi-ov-eer Offices, Colwyn Bay. CI4.T PAP,TMEN,TS.-To all having Apartments to A Let. Do not lose Pounds by having your Apartments empty, when for 6d. (or three weeks Is.) you can have a 12 word advertisement in twelve different Editions of the" Pioneer." PUBLISUINC¡. OFFICES: Conway-road, Colwyn Bay.