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Abergele Urban District Council. The Railway Extension Improvements. Diversion of Traffic. Numerous Improvements in the District. AN ordinary monthly meeting of this Council was nelcl at the Council Offices, on Monday evening. There were present Mr Thomas Evans (chair- man), Mr John Edwards, Mr J. O. Knight, Mr Pierce Davies, Mr Isaac Roberts, Mr John Han- nah, Mr Edward Williams, Mr Isaac Morris, Mr G. Perkins, Mr Thomas Williams, Mr John Pierce, Dr Wolstenholme, Mr E. A. Crabbe (clerk), and Mr R. M. Jones (surveyor and in- spector.) Finance Committee. This committee contended that the sum of ,£, II 7s 6d be paid as compensation to Mrs Davies for loss of trees in connection with the recent im- provements. The report was adopted. The Surveyor's Report. The Surveyor reported that the footpath ad- mg from the lawn tennis ground to Tygwyn was in a bad state and he recommended that some gravel be laid over the surface. The surveyor made a similar recommendation in respect to the road in the immediate vicinity, because the stones upon it had .not yet set properly. On the motion of Mr Perkins, the recommen- dations were adopted, and it was further resolv- ed that indentations in the road along Peel-street be also filled with gravel whilst similar attention was ordered to be made in respect of Local Lane. Vale View Terrace Improvement. The Surveyor reports that acting according to the instructions received from the chairman of the Council, he had. made enquiries with the owners of the several properties with a view to taking in a portion of the existing wall in front of three houses in Sea View Terrace, and he had received letters from the persons in question. Mrs C. J. Williams wrote stating she had no ob- jection to the proposal; Mr Parry Williams, of Prestatyn, stated that while he saw no. objection to the matter, he was desirous of an interview with the surveyor. The other owner, Mrs Parry, of rensarn, however objected unless she was compensated adequately for the loss of the ground. The Chairman expressed his surprise that Mrs Parry objected, and observed that it was a great pity since the refusal of one affected the whole work. Mr Pierce pointed out that since the Council were prepared to deal with her in the same way as the others, namely providing her with a new wall and an ornamented railing, that it would not be just to pay Mrs Parry and not pay the others. On the motion of Mr Perkins, seconded by Mr Edward Williams, a vote of thanks was pass- ed to Mr Parry Williams and Mrs C. J. Williams for the accession to the Council's request, and the matter was dropped. Surface Water Drainage. The Surveyor reported that as it was not pos- sible to carry on the work otherwise, the com- mittee which had had the matter in hand recom- mended that the surface water drain on the Pentremawr-road, be constructed under the para- pet. In reply to.Mr Pierce the surveyor said he did not agree with carrying out the work as recom- mended, but under the circumstances there was no alternative. Mr Pierce said he certainly objected to laying the drain under a newly built cemented parapet. It might involve them in constant expenditure, because in view of the level character of the road m that particular place the pipes would very likely be blocked and would often need atten- tion. The Surveyor remarked that special provisions were suggested in regard to the blocking of the pipes in the form of tanks placed at intervals, and those would necesarily collect whatever rub- bish which might 'get into. the pipes whilst they would be ready of access. Mr Edward Williams said the Committee had spent a lot of time in considering the matter and they saw no way out of it but that which was re- commended for adoption. It-was eventually agreed on the motion of Mr Isaac Morris, seconded by Mr Isaac Roberts, that the drain be laid under the newly construct- ed side of the read. Lighting. The Surveyor further reported that the com- mittee recommended that a number of old lamps be replaced with new ones. On the motion of Mr Edward Williams, se- conded by Mr Pierce, it was decided that the re- commendation be adopted on the understanding that the new lamps be fitted with incandescent burner. Another Improvement. The Surveyor reported that .certain entrances to yards were sadly in need of repair and the re- commendation that a quantity of Penmaenmawr .sets be utilised for the purpose of repairing the same at a cost of about. 1'8 or 1'10 for material. This was approved. The Council's Loan. On the motion of the chairman, it was resolv- < eel that the seal of the Council be attached, to a mortgage deed in reference to the loan of £ 2,223 from the Public Works Loan Commissioners ob- tained for the purpose of carrying out the various improvements in hand by the Council. Plans. On the motion of Mr Edward' Williams, cer- tain plans submitted by Mr D. G. Roberts were 3. DTHovcd. c Trees for Pentremawr Road. The Clerk reported that receipt of five tenders for the supply trees to be planted along the Pentremawr-roadside, and after a brief descrip- tion as to the relative.good qualities of chestnut trees, elms, sycamores, etc., it was resolved that the tender of Messrs Dicksons, of Chester, be ac- cepted, and that they supply a number of elms and sycamores to be planted alternately. The Railway Extension. THE DIVERSION OF TRAFFIC. Mr Dawson, the engineer for the London and North-Western Railway Company, wrote, stat- ing "I am about to commence the alteration of the bridge at the station with a view, if possible, of completing the new station in time to bring into use for the coming summer's traffic, and I shall be glad of the District Council's co-opera- tion in assisting me to carry-this through in the limited time at my disposal. I 'tear it will be necessary to stop all vehicular traffic over the bridge for several months, as the roadway has to be raised no less than five feet at the bottom end. and spur approaches as shown. upon the deposited pla». tphrs, as you will readily see, blocks up the road for the time being, and I suggest the putting up of a notice to the effect that the roadway is temporarily closed, and that all persons must make use either of the Hesketh level crossing, referred to in sub- section i of the Companys Act, IgOO, or else of the footbridge at the Chester end of the station. I am arranging to provide temporary access to. the station for vehicles whilst the work is in progress, and I think it quite possible that we may allow foot passengers to use the station bridge also, except perhaps for a few special days, such as when we are fixing new girders across. In connection with this work will the District Council be willing to hire the railway company a steam road roller, and, if so, under what terms and conditions. I shall feel obliged .Jar an e.arly reply, as there is no time to be lost in getting the station improvements completed and in use by the 1st of July." The Chairman said he hoped they were going to give the Railway Company ,every assistance in the matter. The time was short between then. and the beginning of July, and there was much work to be done. On the other hand he hoped the Railway Company would, in return, help them with a better train service. (Hear, hear.) Such improvements were of no use to them un. less they got a better service of trains to Aber- geleâthat would mean the bringing of more people into1 their midst and a general advance- ment in the progress of the place. (Hear, hear.) In reply to Mr Perkins, The Clerk observed that the Council possessed no steam roller and that he had replied to the writer to that effect. Mr Perkins said he quite agreed with the chair- man. They ought to give every possible help to the Company, as he thought the proposed im- provements would add materially to the welfare of the town. If he might be allowed he might take, advantage of that opportunity of suggesting that the Council made some representation to the Railway Company, with a view to the pro- vision of a cabmen's shelter near the station. It was a pity to see the cabbies standing out there at all times of the, year, and now that the Com- pany were about making those improvements they might look upon the suggestion w.th a favourable eye. Dr Wolstenholme I fully endorse what has been just said, Mr Chairman. That is a matter which certainly needs attention. Mr Pierce said that while he was in full sym- pathy with what Mr Perkins had said he might point out that that was not the matter under con- sideration at that juncture. He hoped they would find Mr Dawson in the same spirit towards them as they were now towards him and tiie Railway Company. He forthwith moved that permission be granted the Company to close the bridge as desired and for the time stipulated by Mr Dawson. Mr Edward Williams seconded. The Clerk pointed out that it was rather too much for the Company, to ask that visitors would have to go up to the tennis ground before they could reach the beach, and he suggested that it be stipulated by the Council that the ap- plication was granted subject to the provision being made for pedestrians desirous of reaching the beach. With that provision Mr Pierces' motion was carried unanimously. For Cabbies. At Mr Perkins suggestion the clerk then under- took to write to. the Railway Company making know the Council's desire in respect to the pro- vision of shelters for cabmen at the station. Summer Entertainments. An application by Mr Smith Jennings for per- mission to obtain the sole right to the use of the beach in reference to his entertainment catering was granted; the clerk remarking that the ap- plicant was well worthy of the Council's con- fidence inasmuch as he was a good singer and that he had hitherto behaved himself in a very exemplary manner. Tne Proposed Welsh Museum. A circular letter was read from the Cardiff Town Council asking the Council's support to a petition to be made in favour of obtaining a Government grant for a museum for Wales. Dr Wolftenholrne moved that the request be acceded to. He was of opinion that it was an important matter for education, science, and progress, and he saw in it a most valuable bles- sing for Wales. Mr Perkins seconded, and this was agreed to.

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