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Oldest Drapery Establishment in the Vale of Conway. L. WILLIAMS & SONS, Gwydyr House, LLANRWST. I Stock replete with all requisites for the FURNISHING SEASON. CARPETS & CARPET SQUARES, HEARTHRUGS, MATS, LINOLEUMS AND OILCLOTHS, WINDOW CURTAINS & BLIND MATERIALS. A Splendid Assortment of TABLE COVER WHITE & COLORED COUNTERPANES. HOUSEHOLD LINEN. Agents for Messrs. Pullar and Sons and Messrs. Achille Serre. 2760 Good Cheer for Christmas! may be ensured by patronising WILLIAM HARRIES, whose excellent stock of Groceries, including Christmas Dainties, are well selected, and are offered at exceptionally low prices. A trial will convince you that THE TALIESIN TEA MART (OPPOSITE THE BAPTIST CHAPEL), ABERGELE ROAD, COLWYN BAY, is truly a reliable and cheap shop. 2074 W. HARRIES, Proprietor. 907. of HEADACHES are caused by Eyestrain. CURED PERMANENTLY BY GLASSES. EYE REST FOR TIRED EYES is obtained from our SCIENTIFICALLY FITTED LENSES. R. G. OWEN, F.S.M.C. Ophthalmic Optician, LLANRWST. T CONWAY FIRST FRIDAY IN EVERY MONTH. ^â 2866 E LLOYD JONES, 49ricultural Implement Dealer p FURNISHING IRONMONGER, Ac., ^ber, Gasfitter, and Hot Water Engineer, WATLING STREET, L LAN R W ST. 16 1860 J. ROBERTS & SONS, Winters & Paperhangers, n.# DEALEBS IN U«s, Paints, Colours, Varnishes, Brushes, Paperhangings, &c. lists' Colours and Materials, R°°m and Picture Mouldings, frames, Mounts, Glass, &c. "NWAY TERRACE, LLANRWST. To Economical Honsekeepers. (JK1° Ghina Shops and buy Crockery-Wan { Cft Cracks, and Breakt, and Falls, and £ >* Smashes, when you can get from 9. BHVAN & COMPANY, The Big Ironmongers, EOAD, COLWYN BAY BEAUTIFUL ENAMELLED IRONWARE Comeatio Purposes, which is Durabli and Lasting. nUnortal 'till its work is dona." 1556 ^ARLINGTON'S HANDBOOKS. â¢<ls8ilfe- n Henry Ponsonby is commanded by the I* e,etl to thank Mr. Darlington for a copy of .>thitohifilandb°ok-" â¢i iA briii;, could be wished for.âBritish Weekly ^ostbook. the Times. artic)iiâi ally tops them all.âDaily Graphic. 'SlTfm sood-academy. URS TO LONDON SHOULD USE I a ARLINGTON'S "NDON 3rded"V°fvi«d,5â AVj. New Maps and Plans By E. C. COOK and 24 Maps E. T. COOK, M.A. and Plans. IRONS. t'onfâ¢- Valwri0lton' Eastbourne, Hastings, Bournemouth. tr"' Severn Valley, Bath, Weston-super-Mare, Llan nn^i i Worcester, Gloucester, Uandrindod ispu11 aerim»i,â.ena> Llandudno, Colwyn Bay, Conway, Haw Vs-y-0<wi r,Llanfaii'fechan, Bangor, Carnarvon, the %0llth fv; Snpwdon, Bhyl, Dolgelly, Aberystwyth Islo otfol'if 'CCleth, Phllheli, Norwich, Yarmouth', and shoui^r^ggS' W'ght, and Channel A ti'" I>NGTON'S HANDBOOKS, IS. each. tr ^booi tnSPâ¢Ls. OP THE WORLD, I/- Leading Hotels throughout the World Np'tP4blington & Co- LONDON SIMPKIN'S & Pakis BRENTANO'S. Bookstalls, and all Booksellers. etc? ~Beautiful Photographs of Scenery Q' 6enmn,.L. v, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Norway' n'ls-> IS M f^estine and Egypt, also North Co., LiÃ¥ngi 2s. List Post Free. DÃRLIGTON 139011eia.

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