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'Football Controversy at Llanrwst.


Football Controversy at Llanrwst. Further Correspondence. Treading on â¢'Vigilant's" Corns. A Committee Man on the Warpath. SIR,âI noticed several letters in your last issue, concerning Llanrwst football, in which severe criticisms are levelled at me as secretary. I should simply like to state that in whatever I do on behalf of the football club, that I act in the best interest of the club, as far as my ability, and time at my disposal allows, but I think that Vigilant and Interested One are a bit too severe and personal in their criticisms, and I leave all level- minded people to judge from their epistles,as being due to ignorance and petty jealousy. If Vigilant and" Interested One" has any further personal- ities to criticise, let them disclose their names, then we can see whether or not they are true supporters of football in Llanrwst. It is needless for me to thank'.them both for their attacks upon me through the medium of your journal.âI am, yours, &c O. B. JONES, Secretary. SIR,âYour issue of January loth contained another uninteresting letter from interested One," the first two-dozen lines of which contained nothing but abuse of the secretary of Llanrwst Football Club. I was glad to hear that the "Interested One is a member of the club (but I don't think much of his boast when he states that he is a very old supporter of football in Llanrwst, as this is only the fourth season for the club as an organisation to be in ex- istence). From general rules he flies to posters, and I think that instead of styling himself" Inter- ested One," it would be more appronriate if he called himself Chronic Grumbler, and if he attended the general meeting he perhaps might be able to oust the present committee, and appoint one to his liking, with Vigilant" (who, according to his own recommendation has so many more qualifications than any member of the present committee,) as a sort of managing director. I might say that Vigilant is quite wrong in surmising that the two letters that appeared in your issue of January 3rd, were probably written by the same person, but his slang talk as to what he terms my grandmotherly twaddle," is perhaps, to a cer- tain extent, excusable, when it is taken into consid- eration his loss of "cpy" through the match not being played, as he invariably manages to spin out what could actually be put in half-a-dozen lines, to a column and a half.âYours, &c., A MEMBER OF THE COMMITTEE.

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Yr Adran Gymraeg. I I-

Y Geninen am lonawr.

Ewyllys Llysfaenwr.

IArwest Cwm Ifan.

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