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!.. !Llandudno Footballers…

'Football Controversy at Llanrwst.

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Yr Adran Gymraeg. I I-

Y Geninen am lonawr.

Ewyllys Llysfaenwr.

IArwest Cwm Ifan.

Robyn Ddu Eryri.



FOOTBALL. Continued from Page g. a nicer game, and his efforts on several oc- casions showed him to great advantage. Of the Chemical lads I must say I was highly pleased with them, for they are a lot of tough and plodding players with a "never say die spirit about them. There is a fine quantity -f the "dare devil" about them and they are a com- bination not to. be sneezed at. When they meet Llanrwst agam I understand their three regular players minus at Rhyl on Saturday will be avail- able, and I am not one of those who say they are going to lose. There is a lot of the a la West Bromwich touch about their methods, and the style is very effective in cup ties, and very off" comes off with spasmodic rushes and only oc- casional breaks-away. They are a combination that will go aU the way as hard triers and for this they are worthy of praise. Bradley in goal was good and had some wed, to do, which he did well. Jones at back and Hughes are a sterling couple of defend- ers. Times out of number they came out of the ordeal of heavy pressure with flying colours. Martin the right-half was quite a hero and was "great" in his department, whilst Straw and R. Jones did all their work with method and de- termination. The forwards are a pretty ss' cf players and their passing betimes surpassed that of their rivals. Jackson in the ce.l"[? p^s'tion took my fancy immensely. He is a splendid player, uses cool judgment, and feeds his wings most admirably. As a pivot of the forward rank he would be hard to beat. His only mistake W"3 the missing of the penalty kick. TIll: football players are but human after all. -C and T. Evans were very effective and made good work on their side, while little R. R. Jones on the left was a doughty little champion and did great work until he was unluckily kicked in the face. His colleague Williams was a splendid partner for him. And so for the present I say to both teams "Au revoir, but not good bye" until the next meet, when I hope "I shall be there."