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Football. ASSOCIATION. FIRST DIVISION. RESULTS UP TO THURSDAY LAST, JANUARY J8. ^-Goals-^ Pld.Woi-i Lost.Drii.For AestPf s Sunderland 'Jl .13 4 4 .35 .23 .SO Ever ton 21 .11 5 5 .41 .25 .27 Aston Villa ..23 .It 7 5 30 .23 .27 Blackburn Rovers 22 ..10 7 5 .33 27 2i Sheffield United 22 .10 8 4 .43 .29 24 Wolverhampton Wan 21 i) 8 5 .30 .35 .23 Bolton Wanderers 21 8 7 6 .34 .30 .22 Nottingham Forest 23 8 9 6 .28 .31 .22 Stoke 22 J 8 6 ..3! .36 .21 Derby County 20 7 (5 7 .22 .20 .2L Sheffield Wednesday 19 8 6 5 .3J .S3 .21 Newcastle United.20 (i I) 8 .2H .17 .iO Bury vl 7 8 0 .28 .26 .20 IJiverpool.HJ ö 7 6 .28 .24 .18 Grimsby Town 21 7 .11 3 .20 .38 17 Notts County 23 7 .14 2 .31 .46 .16 Small Heath .20 6 .11 3 .25 .33 .15 Manchester City 2U 3 .13 4 .16 .40 .10 'Manchester City 0 Derby County. 0 "lioltoii Wanderers 3 Sheffield Wednesday 1 â¢'Sheffield United 4 Blackburn Rovers 1 "Notts Forest .3 Bury. 1 ^Newcastle United. 1 Everton 1 *Aston Villa u Stoke 0 Wolverhampton Wan. 2 [Small Heath 1 *Grimsby 1 Notts County 0 l'lnyed on the grounds of the ciuos marked A COMBINATION. RESULTS UP TO SATURDAY LAST, JANUARY 18. Pld. Won Lost Drn. For Agi. Pts Nantwich 37 10 5 2 .44 29 22 Wellington 1(5 9 4 3 29 18 .21 Wrexharn 12 8 0 4 3t5 10 .20 Witton Albion .IS 9 7 2 31 28 .20 Oswestry 10 7 ti 3 35 26 .17 *Bin slem Port V 12 0 2 4 .27 .18 .14 Tranmere Koversl4 5 5 4 2rl 24 .14 White Star W.11 6 5 U 8 23 .12 Chirk 17 6 11 0 30 43 .12 Rhyl 12 3 4 ft 24 27 .11 Bangor I I 4 5 2 23 27 .10 "Uhesl.er .13. 2 7 4 23 38 6 NewtCii-ie-W 13 1 8 4 16 4U 6 Birkenhead 1U 2 7 1 13 28 5 Two points deducted for playing an ineligible man, SATURDAY MATCHES. Bangor v. Chirk. Wellington Town v. Buckley Victoria. Chester v. Oswestry United. Birkenhead v. Rhyl. Tranmere Rovers v. White Star IV an. Wrexham v. inowcuu-le- Willows o: Llanrwst v. Flint A.U.C. Final Tie. North Wales Coast Junior Cup. A Grand Game. [BY OUR OWN REPORTER.] IN glorious and spring like weather, the above teams met on Saturday last, at the Belle Vue groufids, Grange-road, Rhyl. A better day for the contest could hardly have favoured the com- batants a bright sun shining radiently on the scene. The attendance must have gladdened the hearts of the N. W. C. Association, for there was a big crowd, mainly made up of enthusias- tic supporters of the respective clubs. The ground was in capital condition. "Old Sol" shone forth brightly from the town end goal, which meant a distinct advantage to the success- ful spinner of the coin for choice of ends. It was pleasing to find the president of the Llan- rwst team amongst those present. Mr Henry Lloyd, of the King's Head Temperance Hotel, and Messrs Thomas Marriott, J.P., and J. Herbert Jones, along with many other votaries of the game also accompanied the Roosters to. the scene of "hostilities." The Chemical lads were likewise well supported by piany ardent enthusiasts who- accompanied their clever little team in their working garb. The enthusiasm manifested in the match, re- minded the writer of the strenuous games played some years ago along the coast, and Flint is to be congratulated upon possessing a team that has been so clever as to get into the final round. Both teams have been favoured with what may be called a good slice of luck in having choice of grounds in their previous rounds. The Roosters vanquished the Llandudno Wolves at Llanrwst on the first occasion, by 4 goals to i, and not-to- be dispised Llanberis team gave them a tough struggle at Llanrwst when the quarrymen were beaten by 6 to 4 on Boxing Day. The Chemical lads managed in a surprising manner to defeat the Rhyl Reserves, who. were last season's hold- ers, after having well beaten the Roosters at Llandudno in the final round by a substantial margin of goals. This was the fourth appear- ance of the Roosters in the final round, and this Season the determination on the part of the team was keener than ever in endeavouring to find a resting place for the much-coveted cup. The Roosters came as sTrongly represented as they well nigh could be, with one exception, Willie Owen not appearing in the forward rank, his place being taken by little "Pie" Jones. The Flint team was minus three of their regular mem- bers, but this did not seem to dishearten them much. Mr J. Llewelyn Williams, of Holywell, the secretary of the North Wales Coast Associa- tion, was the referee, and the players ranged up as follows: LLANRWST. Goal: Ben. Hayes. Backs: J. R. Jones. W. Trevor Jbnes. Halves Jim. Jones. Di. Thomas. J. 0. Jones. Forwards Whittaker, A. E. Elias, N. Williams, Pie Jones, and Evan Jones. 0 FLINT. Forwards R. R. Jones, II. Williams, R. Jackson, J. Evans, and J. Commins. Halves: R. Jones. Jack Straw, Martin. Backs: Hughes. Jones. Goal: Bradley. Llanrwst, wearing the attractive red shirts and white knickers, were applauded on their en- trance to. the 'ground, and the Flintites, wearing the more sombre colours of light and dark blue, also received encouraging cheers from their sup- porters. The Reds were successful with the coin, and elected to play with the sun behind them. Jackson set the ball going, and it was immediately pounced upon by the reds, who sailed away beautifully, but the final and capi- tal effort of Evan Jones was sent over the bar. The pace at the start was very fast, and each side was exhorted by stentorian shouts to "play up." The reds availed themselves to the full of the advantage they possessed, and kept the ball well down in Flint territory until a foul against J. O. Jones for jumping relieved the pressure upon the blues. The ball was soon down in Flint terri- tory again, and the blues were forced to con- cede a corner. This was well taken, but the Flintites were all alertness, and defended game- ly. A weak shot by Ned Williams wap, well met, as were also several others sent in by the Roost- ers, but they lacked very much the necessary pace to ensure success. Commins and Evans tor Flint at length broke away on the right wing, and a capital run was made by the quintette of blue forwards, only to be pulled up by Trevor Jones. The reds made progress on the right, Whittaker showing his heels, and serving, a splendid pass to the left wing, which, however, was nullified by Evan Jones, who over-ran it. The ensuing goal kick found the ball in mid- field, where some "healthy" charging and tack- ling took place until Elias gained possession, and sent in a weak shot unworthy of the capital work with which he preceded it. The blues were having a sultrv time of it, but with wonder- ful coolness and- ;eat, chippy clearances, they evaded disaster. Pressure was kept up by the reds, and the blues conceded a corner, which was well cleared. From a vigorous charge, Jim Jones fell down with the ball, and whilst laying on terra firma parted nicely with it, amidst laughter from the spectators. A rush by the reds was well met by Jones, the right full-back of the blues, returning it high up the field. Di Thomas, who was playing a splendid game, was unfortunately injured for a short time, but, to the accompaniment of applause, resumed opera- tions shortly afterwards. The pressure that had been placed on the blues who. had defended their charge splendidly, was now changed, for, with some fine passing and excellent determination, the ball was worked well up the field by a pretty sequence of passes, and Hayes woke up to find himself negotiating a shot from the blues. Mar- tin was next prominent for a sparkling bit of tackling, in which he showed good judgment and much persistency. It was the means of his colleagues getting along nicely, and a shot was sent at Hayes which almost tipped the bar. There was evidently more sting in the shooting of the blues than that of the reds, and ere long their efforts were crowned with success, and Flint had found the net. This success caused much surprise in the Rooster ranks, and the game showed more determination on the part of Tlie blues. J. K". Jones nicely robbed I-I. Wil- liams, but that player soon after got possession, and sent in a beauty to Hayes, who punted it well away in the most smart manner, Flint at this period of the 'game were a much improved team, their tackling and passing being very good and clean. Commins made a capital run on.the right, over-anxiety causing him to send in a shot very wide of the mark. Still keeping up the pressure, Flint obtained a corner, which was abortive. The Roosters seemed to slacken down and their rivals brightened up, for they were sending in some dangerous shots to Hayes, one of which found him on the ground, a lucky save for the reds. Elias and Whitteaker were next speeding away on the right and were well met with a long kick by J. R. Jones, which went wide. Flint worked up well again, and a moment later Di Thomas sent in a terrific shot to Bradley which was just over the bar. The goal kick was pounced upon by R. R. Jones, and II. Williams, who worked well up the left, and before one knew hardly what had happened the net had been found by the blues for the second time amidst much cheeriing. Conjecturing minds prophe- sied a drubbing to the reds after this, and the success had no doubt a very depressing momen- tary effect upon the red. A breakaway by them saw Elias slam a beauty across the goal mouth, but nothing came of it, and a second good attempt by the same player was just missed by Evan Jones. Gaining possession by judicious passing from Martin Cummins again sailed away but he was fouled by Trevor just outside the twelve yards line, and the following free kick looked dangerous for Hayes who was again on the ground and by the narrowest squeak the Roosters goal was saved, their supporters once more breathing freely. Jackson the blue centre forward who was noticeable for a capital game had his head bandaged through an injury. His forward feeding was a treat to witness, splendid progress being made by his wingers. Whilst up in the reds quarters a penalty was granted the blues, and Jackson, to the surprise of everyone, and amid mixed howls of delight and vexation shot miles from the goal. Flint made another onslaught on Hayes, but the defence of the reds proved too good, and improving in their methods Whittaker and Elias forced the game on the right by splendid tactics; but alas! again was the effort robbed of its intention. A new complex- ion seemed at this juncture to come over the game, for the reds came down again and from well devised movements by the front rank "Pie" Jones scored amidst great jubilation. The dash and vigour thrown into the game by the reds after this was refreshing, and a grand header from Di Thomas just tipped the bar and was sent over by Bradley. The corner ensuing came to nothing. Up the field again went the blues only to be nicely checked by Trevor. Ned Williams sent a weak shot into Bradley who easilly cleared and J. O. Jones had hard lines with a subsequent shot. The reds were pressing hard at half time, when the score stood as follows: FLINT 2 Goals LLANRWST 1 Goal The second half was opened in a nimble man- ner, and the reds were soon in front of Bradley, who was extremely lucky to, save his charge, for the ball was very nearly being planted into the net from a bully in front of him. Evan Jones sent in a beautiful pass from the left, and Elias- met it with his head and just placed it at the further side of the net. The efforts of the reds to draw level were most praiseworthy, and the game was vigorously contested, the defence of the blues being very steady. At this juncture J. O. Jones sustained an accident, but soon re- covered. Hayes was given a flying visit, and he cleared a spanking shot. The reds made way up the field, ;and Whittaker, in a well-meant pass, planted the ball at the foot of one of the Flint players. The referee was "boohed" for some decision, and "Pie" sent in a shot of a weak nature to Bradley. The game was slackening down somewhat at this period, and a dispute amongst the spectators caused a cessation for a. short time. To the cry of "Let's have football" and "Go on with the 'game" from the stand, the contest proceeded, and some excellent tackling on both sides was witnessed. Elias ultimately sent in a good shot, which Bradley saved well, and another shot hit the post. A corner to the reds proved of no advantage to them. Elias again shot well in, but it went over the bar. Whittaker and Elias worked well together, the former being especially fine in his centres. Sev- eral shots were rained in on Bradley, and one of the blue backs in attempting to clear, put the ball into his own goal, thus placing the teams on level terms. This slice of luck to the reds and misfortune to the blues imported magnificent "go" into both sides, as it was now anyone's game. Dash, spirit, and grim determination to secure the winning point was seen, and raised the enthusiasm of the respective sides to "con- cert pitch." Ding-dong each side went at it, hammer and tongs, first this end, now the other, and hard lines on both sides. The Flintites saw Commins racing away at breakneck speed, only to experience the hardest of luck with his final effort.'Whittaker was soon at the other end, and a splendid shot of his was well saved by Brad- ley. Again the red peppered at the blue goal- keeper, and a mighty charge by two Roosters when ne held the ball caused him to throw away quickly. A corner to Llanrwst was sent behind, and at the other end a corner for the blues was headed just wide of the mark. The blues then had a turn at pressing until Elias and Whittaker raced away and played capitally on the right. Di Thomas again sent in one of his "teasers." Whittaker very soon afterwards magnificently worked his way through all opposition, and slammed a beauty across the goalmouth, which was luckily cleared by the blues. Again Whit- take; got possession, and one of his best efforts of the day was a glorious pass right across the goalmouth, which jjeeded but the slightest tip to divert its course into the net; but Evan Jones failed to utilise the chance, and so. the game proceeded to the end with the Roosters pressing hard, and making strenuous efforts to snatch the winning point, but with no avail, and time ar- rived with the following result:- FLINT 2 goals. LLANRWST 2 goals. COLWYN BAY v. BANGOR UNIVERSITY. This friendly match was played on the Rhos Field ground on Saturday last, before a good ,attendance of spectators. The visitors were not fully represented, and the Bayites were without Edgar Allen, Hersee, and Bob Jones, and Qi-iin- ton, J. Williams (Rhos), and Christian were se- cured as substitutes. The game was started about 2.40 p.m., and the visitors at once pressed, their movements being pretty and quite a sur- prise to. the Bayites. The play of the visitors elicited rounds of applause from the spectators, and after about ten minute' play the Bangorians scored with a beautiful shot. Hickley and Wil- liams after this ran the ball up the left wing of the homesters, Hickley sending in a fine shot to the. Bangor custodian, who cleared smartly. McCann and Parry sped away again, but were well met by the visitors' defence, and the good movements by the right wing were repeatedly frustrated by the Bangor defence. Give-and- take play followed, and half-time arrived with the visitors leading by a goal to nil. The second half saw the home team pressing for about fifteen minutes, during which period the Bayites scored through Downes. Hickley was very prominent with some fine centres and shots, which, however, were nicely cleared by the visitors. He was nicely fed by D. O. Wil- liams, who also played a good half back game his feeding being most judicious. Christian in goal was very safe, whilst Quinton and Owen were towers of strength in front of him. Ned Griffiths was a glutton for work whilst J. Williams (Rhos) was not brilliant, but played a very fair game. Parry and McCann played their usual good wing exhibition but were closely watched, and could not make the progress necessary for any material advantage. Downes at centre in the second half of the game was more effective as a forward than usual, but maintained his reputa- tion for introductions to mother earth, to the great amusement of the spectators. The left wing was also very good, and deserving of praise. The Bangorians were sound players to a man, not one of the team being under the usual stan- dard of their play, and their display was of a high-class, 'gentlemanly character, and the sub- ject of much admiration on the part of the spec- tators. Seldom, if ever, has a more cniovable game been witnessed in the Bay. RHYL ALBION v. COLWYN BAY RESERVES. A match between these teams was played at Rhyl on Saturday last. The home side proved masters of the situation, and severely trounced the visitors by seven goals to two. ELANDDULAS v. PENMAEN. A friendly match between these two rivals was played at Llanddulas on Saturday afternoon in a field behind the police station. There was a good sprinkling of supporters, and a well-con- tested game ended in favour of the Penmaen team by a goal to nil. The Llanddulas team draws its members chiefly out of the Quoit Club, whose members are meritorious in cricket, swimiping, and all-round athletics. CARNARVON IRONOPOLTS v. LLANDUDNO WOLVES. This match was played on the Oval on Satur- day in splendid weather and before a good gate. The Wolves, after a plucky and well-contested game, were defeated by 3 goals to i. Welsh Association Meeting. A meeting of the above association was to have been held at the Dudley Arms, Rhyl, on Saturday, following the Cup tie but owmg to there not being the necessary quorum of mem- bers, no meeting took place. NOTES. [BY "VIGILANT."] "All things comes to him who waits" saith the proverb, and with the formula a little altered it will be applicable to the Flint and Llanrwst teams. The exciting episodes enacted in the go minutes play leaves the destination of the North Wales Coast Junior Cup an uncertainty still. The game was a splendid oneâquite pleasant 10 witness. It was well fought, and bereft of the rough and tumble scenes which usually charac- terise cup ties. Fouls were not frequent and there was a good display of neat w-k. On the day's play Llanrwst should have won for they hdcl quite two-thirds of the game. They had very hard lines en numberless occasions but they lacked sting in their shooting and were sometimes "at sea." Their form was excellent and I think if they had kept closer together when the ball was in vicinity of the goal different re- sults might have been recorded to-day. Hayes in goal was not so safe as I have seen him and his clearances on some occasions lacked their usual brilliancy. Trevor was in good fettle and brought his long experience to bear upon the game. J. R. Jones made some good returns but was often given a trying time by the blues. Di Thomas was a little marvel of grit and pluck, and his game all through was a very effective one indeed. J. O. Jones and Jim Jones supported him well and tackled in a capital manner. Evan Jones was not in his usual form and he lost many chances of placing his side ahead. ie" Jones was good but rather weak. Ned Williams did not shine as I expected him to do. Of the for- ward rank undoubtedly the pick were Elias and Whittaker. They made a splendid wing and the numberless passes they sent across goal deservad better fate. Whittaker is vastly improving on his good form shown at first, his' runs and cen. tres being simply lovely. Elia's had seldom played Continued on Page 10.