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Libel Action Against a Welsh…


-------_-__---._-----_. Llandudno…

-----__----Happy New Year.


Happy New Year. Happy New Year for all in the Mansion, Happy New Year for Boer and Briton Happy New Year for all in the town, From beggar and pauper to wearer of crown. Happy New Year for parents and children, Happy New Year for kindred and alien The babe in the cradle and grandfather brave All wrong may be buried-forget, even its grave. Happy New Year. 0 God, wilt Thou bless ? Then heavenward and homeward we daily shail press Give peace and give plenty, and freedom for all, We claim Thy protection. Give ear, we call. Happy'New Year, pour downward thy dew, Refresh us with sunshine to energy neVv We'll do what is comeljr while here below, The harvest is sure for him who doth sow. Happy New Year, though small be my state, Will follow my duty, my Father is great I thank Him for little, and daily look up, "His mercy has promised to ful-fill my cup. Happy New Veir-this may be my last 0 Christ! should it be so, to Thee I'll cling fast And then, farewell trouble, and trial, and strife, I'll sing in the river-in prospect of life Colwyn Bay, Jan. 1, 1902. MEI'HIBOSETH. e"

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