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The Richest Coalfield in England. More Money for Miners' Wives. THE richest undeveloped coalfield in England is about to be opened up, and the increased work to be obtained will no doubt mean more money for miners and miners' wives. The new coalfield lies east of Rotherham and south of Doncaster, and already a pit is being sunk at Dinnington. Quite close to this very spot there has recently been accomplished a remarkable cure by Chas. Forde's Bile Beans for Biliousness. Mjr Joseph Harrison, an engineman at Kilnhurst Chemical Works, and residing at 9, Rossington-street, Denaby Main, is the person who has such good cause to be thank- ful for his present state of health. A "Rother- ham Advertiser" reporter who called upon him learned the following facts. Mr Harrison said -"I have been a great sufferer from biliousness and indigestion and these two complaints were for a long time the cause of much pain, worry and expense. My symptoms were well marked. In consequence of the obstinacy of the indiges- tion I was unable to take a sufficient quantity of nutritive food to maintain my strength, and after even a light meal the pain I suffered was often intense. I grew very depressed and low spirited,âa condition which was aggravated by my inability to obtain any sleep for night after night. My natural buoyance of mind and body so forsooK me that there was no pleasure either at home or at work. The doctor visited me and I took his medicine but it was of little use and I still continued in pain. Some weeks ago a friend advised me tOo try Chas. Forde's Bile Beans as he said they had cured him of indigestion and biliousness. I did ) as he recommended. Since then I have had good cause to thank him for his advice; for before long I began to feel that the Beans were effecting a cure. I commenced to eat and enjoy my food and gradually I progressed until now- use a north country sportsman's expression-I feel "as well and hearty as a hare." I attribute this exclusively to Bile Beans. Chas. Forde's Bile Beans for Biliousness, which accomplish the above cure, are a certain cure for indigestion, biliousness, sleeplessness, colds, chill, rheumatism, anaemia, constipation, piles, congestion of the liver, headache, neuralgia fainting fits, attack of dizziness, flatulence, pains in the chest, loins or back, defective secretion of bile, wasting affections, female irregularities, gout, and the host of ailments having a common origin in impurity of the blood, a general con- gestion of the system and loss of vital force. Obtainable from all chemists or post free from the Bile Beans Manufacturing Co., II9 and 120, London Wall, London, E.G., upon receipt of prices, one and three half-pence or two and nine- pence.

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