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Llandrillo and Eirias United District School Board. The Late Mr John Roberts. THE monthly meeting of the above Board was held in the Clerk's office, Bank Buildings, Colwyn Bay, on Tuesday afternoon last, when there were present, the Chairman (Rev John Edwards), the vice-chairman (Mr D. O. Williams), Rev John Griffiths, and the Rev O. J. Davies, together with the Clerk (Mr Holmes), and the attendance officers. The Late Mr John Roberts. Mr D. O. Williams said before proceeding with the business of the meeting he wished to say a few words in reference to the late Mr Roberts. He rose to do so with the most profound regret at the loss of their departed colleague, and moved that the Board adopt the following expressions of regret, and that it be entered upon the minutes. The resolution was as follows: That we place on record our appreciation of the valuable services rendered by the late Mr John Roberts to the Board, of which he was a faithful member almost from its formation, and that the Clerk be requested to convey our deepest sympathy with Mrs Roberts and family in their sad bereave- ment." In moving the resolution Mr Williams said he had always found Mr Roberts a man of deep rooted convictions both on religious and political subjects. He also took a very deep in- terest in temperance work and all matters relating to education. The Rev John Griffiths said he endorsed all that Mr Williams had said about Mr Roberts. He (the Vicar) had been a member of the Board for about three years and with few exceptions he and Mr Roberts had worked harmoniously together all the time. Mr Roberts was a very old member of that body, having been connected with it from almost its commencement, during which time he had done a lot of good work. Mr Roberts was a gentleman, who, in the beginning, had only received a mod- erate education, but by hard work and dint of per- severance he had become possessed of a stock of knowledge and no man could have taken a deeper interest in education than he did. There was no doubt that they would feel his loss very greatly, and especially in matters which would come be- fore them in connection with the new schools. He hoped the hearts of the members of the Board would go out to the widow and family in their bereavement. The Rev O. J. Davies said he re-echoed the sen- timents of the previous speakers. He had not been on the Board long before he found out what a use- ful member the late Mr Roberts was, bringing as he did, upon all matters, a keen .foresight and ex- perience. He was a man who possessed an abundance of common sense, and great personal force. He was often surprised that such a busy man as Mr Roberts could devote so much time to public service. As a man of originally little educa- tion he was zealous of the education of little child- ren and took a deep and active interest in their welfare. The Rev O. J. Davies Resigns. The Rev O. J. Davies intimated that he desired to resign his membership on the School Board at that meeting. He would be leaving the town at the end of the week to take up his duties at Pres- tatyn, and he thought he was not justified in keep- ing on his membership until the expiration of his term,because it would be verylinconvenient for him to come over all the way from Prestatyn to attend the Board meetings, and he thought he could resign without causing any inconvenience to the Board, because there was a gentlemanâwhom he would again nameâwho was quite capable to step, as it were, into his shoes, without causing any incon- venience or break. He must say that it was with some regret that he left the Board, for the simple reason, ever since he had been a member, they had worked very harmoniously and very well to- gether. At the same time, he wished them to un- derstand that he was not giving up educational work, because in future he should be more im- mersed it it than ever. There was a school under his own care, and there was also a School Board, and perhaps he might be elected to that Board some day. He was sure his experience here would be of great value to him in the future, and he wished to thank them one and all for the great kindness they had shown him at ail times. There had always existed a brotherly feeling, and he was glad to think that at the end of his time there he was parting with them on the best of terms. They had been a very happy family together. (Hear, hear.) The Chairman said he was sure that thev were very sorry 'that Mr Davies was leaving Colvvyn Bay. At the same time they heartily congratulated him upon his promotion. They were sorry to lose him from Colwyn Bay, and more particularly as a member of the Board. Mr Davies came to the Board a new and untried man, but he had proved himself an excellent member. (Hear, hear.) There had been no serious difference between them, although neither of them Jacked the courage to express his opinions. The very kindliest feel- ings had at all times subsisted, and they wished Mr Davies well. He went away with their best wishes, and they congratulated the people of Pres- tatyn on having a Vicar of such broad views on matters of education. (Hear, hear.) The Vice-Chairman (Mr D.O.Williams) endorsed every word the chairman had said, wished Mr Davies God speed" in his new sphere. The Rev John Griffiths said he could say ditto." They would miss the services of Mr Davies very much. He had entered into the work very heartily, and they had worked together very harmoniously. It was with feelings of regret that they lost his services, though at the same time they could not help congratulating him upon his promotion and wishing him God speed." He was sure that Mr Davies would take great interest in education at Prestatyn as he had done at Colwyn Bay. (Hear, hear.) The Rev O. J. Davies thanked the Board for their kind remarks. The New Member. The Chairman said they would certainly adhere to Mr Davies' wishes as to his successor. There were now two vacant seats, and at the next meet- ing the Board would proceed to fill these vacancies Pupil Teachers' Examination. Mr Griffiths, headmaster of the Higher Grade School, in his report for the month stated that the pupil teachers had done pretty well in their annua I examination. Two gaining the highest grants, and two the second grants. He wished to report a great improvement in the attendance of pupil teachers, those from the junior department and those from Colwyn attending very regularly. The Board of Education wrote stating that at the recent collective examination of pupil teachers and candidates, the following passed; Gwilyn T. M. ⢠Parry, Sarah Parry, Emily J. Morgan, Ethel A. Dene. The Chairman suggested that it would be desir- able to submit candidates for these examinations, to quarterly test examinations. Resignation. Miss M. J. Thomas, of the Board School, Colwyn, wrote stating that she desired to relinquish her services at the end of,a month. It was decided to advertise for a certificated mistress at a salary of £ 7o. The Attendance Officer's Report. The attendance officer, Mr Jonathan Roberts presented his report of the attendance since the opening of the schools which the Chairman described as being highly satisfactory. Mr Davies, the attendance officer for the other portion of the district produced a report which showed that the attendance in that part of the dis- trict was not so satisfactory. Mr Davies said he obtained two convictions at the last court.

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