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COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTIONS CONTESTS EX PEC "HD IN MAESTEG, POETBCA^ 1 A XL- I OITY DIVISIONS. Nominations for the election of County Councillors do :-nt c-losc until next Monday, but there is already considerable activity in some divisions. r DRIDGEND. At Bridgend there is unlikely to be a con- tested election. Mr. J. M. Randall, the sit- ting member, will again offer his services, and from interviews with leading Liberals of the town it appears that his nomination will be unopposed. This is strengthened by the fact that some well-known Liberals have signed Mr: Randall's nomination papers. It is generally felt that Mr. Randall is a most -use- ful member of the County authority, and he is as popular with the Liberals as with the Conservatives. COWBRIDGE. Mr. T. Vu David, the Cowbridge represen- tative. appears to be likely to have a walk over. The deputation which waited upon him recently at Cowbridge represented people of all shades of political opinion, and there seems to be a general desire that the services of such a useful member should not be lost to the county. NEWCASTLE. In the Newcastle Division it is understood that pledges have been given by some leading Liberals to Mr. E. F. Lynch-Blosse. the retir- ing Councillor, that if he does not oppose Alderman T. J. Hughes's return, his own elec- tion will not be opposed on Alderman Hughes again receiving Aldermanic honours. Mr. Lynch-Blosse consented to stand aside on this understanding, but we believe the posi- tion is still unsettled. COITY. In this Division it is stated that Alderman William Howell has decided to withdraw in favour of County Councillor Evans, but it is yet too early to say definitely whether the veteran Alderman will lay down the cudgels. Much intefest is being displayed at the Bryn- cetkin end of the Division, and in all probabil- ity the election will be contested. On Friday evening a well attended meeting of electors was held at Bryncethin Schoolroom, under the presidency of Mr. T. M. Higgins, schoolmas- ter, to select a candidate. It transpired that a number of members of the Miners' Federa- tion had met before the meeting, and they now reported that- they had selected a candi- date. After a lengthy discussion, it was Re- solved to adjourn the meeting in order to give the miners an opportunity to consult t-heir district meeting on Monday. This was done. and at Wednesday's adjourned meeting, which was largely attended, the miners' re- presentatives reported that the candidate thev had had in view was not prepared to stand. However, they had selected another candidate in the person of Mr. J. Davy, of Pencoed. The names of Mr. Davy and the Rev. H. Eynon Lewis were moved and secon- ded. and. "ai'ter a long discussion, the Rev. Eynon Lewis said it was very important that thev should be unanimous in the selection of a candidate, and that he had no great desire or ambition to become a member of the County Council. As the Federation appeared anxious to have a representative, he was quite willing to give way on condition that his seat on the District Council would not be contested by the Federation. This promise was readily given by the miners' representatives. Later on Mr. Davy expressed a doubt as to his suit- ability for the post, and said he thought he ought to serve on a minor public body in the first instance. He then withdrew his name. although pressed by the Rev. Eynon Lewis and others to stand. The meeting then unanimously invited the Rev. Eynon Lewis to stand as the Bryncethin representative. and eventually he promised, on the condition that if he did not succeed, the promise of the Federation not to contest the District Council seat would hold good. This was readily given and the Rev. Evnon Lewis consented to stand. PORTHCAWL. Mr. G. Sibbering Jones having decided not to seek re-election for the Porthcawl (formerly Ogmore) Division, two candidates are in the field for the seat. Mr. J. 1. D. Nieholl, of Merthyrmawr, who represented the Division some years ago will seek the suffrages of the electors as an independent candidate, and he has appointed as his. agent. Mr. J. P. Wil- liams. of Bridgend. Meetings in support of his candidature have been arranged for the various districts. The Conservatives of the division held a meeting at the Bridgend Lesser Town-hall on Saturday, and resolved not to run a candidate, but to give their sup- port to Mr. Nieholl. The other candidate, who stands in the Liberal interest, is the Rev. W. J. Phillips, of Porthcawl. who was adopted at a meeting held at the Tabernacle Schoolroom, Porthcawl, on Saturday. Mr. T. James presided at the meeting: Mr. David Jones proposed, and Mr. W. Francis secon- ded, the adoption of the Rev. W. J. Phillips, and this was supported by Messrs. T. M. Bevan (Kenfig Hill). J. Grace. H. B. Comley. D. J. Rees. Noath Williams, D. Williams, and E. Williams (Wick), and unanimously carried. Meetings in support of the candidature were arranged. Both candidates' addresses ap- pear in our advertising columns. MAESTEG. Maesteg will in future be represented on the County Council by two members instead of one. and the Urban District has been split into two divisions, consisting of (1) Caerau and Nantvffvllon Wards, and (2) East and West Wards. The retiring member, Mr. E. E. Davies, has decided to seek election for the lower district, and he will be opposed by Mr. J. P. Gibbon. Mr. Vernon Hartshorn. miners' agent, will be nominated for the Caerau and Nantyffyllon Division. A largely attended meeting was held at the Plasnewydd Schools on Tuesday, Mr. John Hocking presiding, when Mr. J. P. Gibbon was unanimously adopted as candidate. Mr. Gibbon explained that a deputation waited upon him from the Caerau and Nantyffyllon division about three months ago, and asked him to become their candidate at the forth- coming election. He promised that if no Labour man contested the seat he would con- sent to be nominated, but as there was a Labour man now in the field, he had decided not to seek election for the upper district. This was the reason he was contesting the Maesteg division. In an address, Mr. Gib- bon contended that no District Councillor had worked harder than he for the benefit of the town. and pointed out that he spent 21 days in London in connection with the water ques- tion. at a personal cost of about £ 50. Mr. Davies, he believed, had served the rate- payers to the best of his ability, bnt the Irish people were making a great mistake if they thought Mr. Davies was the means of getting furniture provided for them in their Roman Catholic School. The County Council was bound to provide the furniture in accordance with Act of Parliament. Mr. Gibbon dealt at length with business at the County Council and stated that he was not standing as North's representative. Mr. David Evans was appointed election a gen*. OGMORE AND GARW. There does nnt appear to be a likelihood of a contest in either of these divisions. In the Garw, the Miners' Federation has decided not to contest the seat, and there is every probability that the Rev. W. Saunders will be returned unopposed. We understand that a meeting of the Ogmore Trades and Labour Council was held on Wednesday night, and it was agreed not to oppose the return of Alder- man William Llewellyn. The prospects are that the Alderman will have a walk over.