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MAi^ n A j >x DIM bib I: lie Siloh.âOn Monday evening at Silob Chapol, Nanx uv nun, .1 ver,y en- tertainment was held, consisting of saios ana recitations. There was a good number pre- sent. Mr. Thomas Grovtvstreet, made an ideal chairman. Lecture. â At Hermon C-M- Chapel, Caerau, 011 ju.iida.s evening, the Rev. YV. L. Prvdderch, of Swansea, delivered his popular lecture, "Em Fobi Ienanc a'u lihagolygoii, to a very appreciative audience. ihe ,pro- ceeds were devoted to the chapel funds. Ernest Cooke, Florist, Soitfh Parade Nursery, Maesteg, begs to inform the inhabi- tants of Maesteg and District that he has in his mirse-ry a nne selection. of cut,floxi-ers and flowers in pots for Palm -Sunday; also in the Maesteg Market every Saturday. Ail orders for wreaths, crosses, etc-, promptly attended to. Kindly order early io avoid.disappoint- ment. 5599 Obituary.â-We regret. to .record the death of Mr. John Davies, of N^ath-road, at .the advanced age of 75 years,-which took place at his residence on Thursday, last week, after a long and painful illness. The funeral took place on Monday afternoon. the cortege leav- pi cc-on N ing the house at 8-30 p.lIt., ior the Llangyn wvd burial-grounds where the interment was made. The Rev. D. John, Canaan, offici- ated. Collier's Failure.âJohnjThomas, collier, 14 High-street,. late of 9 Union-street, and 1.5 High-st-iseet, Maesteg, appeared for lns public examination at Cardiff Bankruptcy Court on Tuesday, with liabilities .amounting to £ 65 and a deficiency, of £ 51..He attributed his failure to illnessof himself, wife and family, and stated that during 1906 he was able to; work only seven months and in the previous year six months. The aexaminatton was closed provisionally- MISS PANKHURST AT MAESTEG. Miss Adela Pankhurst appeared at the closing meeting held by Mr. Evan E. Davies in cojine-ction with his candidature for the. County Council on Thursday might last week. At the close of the meeting Miss Pankhurst was given permission to sa.y a few words., She was introduced by Mr. Vernon Harts- horn, miners' agent, who was the chairman. Miss" Pankhurst than proceeded to strongly condemn 'Mr. S. T. Evans, M P., for his op- position to the enfranchisement of women. A section of "che audience protested against this introduction of politics into the meeting, and for a time Miss Pankhurst's remarks were in- audible. Mr. Hartshorn, however, obtained order, pointing out that men had had to struggle to obtain votes and should in eens'e- quenoe have some sympathy with the women. Miss Pankhurst then proceeded with her ad- dress. She said that on the following day the debate on Mr. Dickinson's Bill for the en- franchisement of women would'form one of the most important in the annals of party politics of this country. She moved a resolu- tion calling upon Mr. S. T. Evans to with- draw his opposition to women's -enfranchise- ment. The resolution was put to the meet- ing and was "declared carried, out the chair- man in making this declaration, pointed out that a number in the audience had remained neutral. PRESENTATION TO MR. J. GOODWIN. The Office Inspector of the Refuge Society makes it a rule to entertain at dinner each year the officers of the Society in the district which makes the greatest progress during the year in the South Wales. Division. This year this distinction was won by the Bridgend dis- trict, which includes Maesteg, and the officers were accordingly entertained at the White Lion Hotel, Maesteg. There was a large at- tendance, and an excellent repast was served. The chair was occupied by Mr. J. Goodwin, of Sw ansea, formerly superintendent for the Bridgend .district, who was supported by Mr. W. Bell (the office inspector), who was accom- panied by his assistant, Mr. R. Castle, and other officiais. A successful musical programme was car- ried out, items being contributed by Mrs. A. v Gray, Mr.. Goiner Jones, L C.V. (violinist), Mr. Tom Hopkins, and Mr. A. J. Hock^day, Bridgend. The opportunity was taken to make a pre- mentation to Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin on their departure from the Bridgend district. The gift consisted of a silver tea and coffee ser- vice. supplied by Messrs. Beha and Co., "'Bridgend, and in making the presentatio-n oii behalf of the staff and medical referees, Mr. 'S. M. Jenkins, formerly assistant superinten- ,dent in the district, spoke of the good feel- ing which has existed between Mr. Goodwin and his brother officers during his twelve; years' service in the Bridgend district. Other; eulogistic speeches followed, and Mr. Goodwin; feelingly responded. The inspector and the; assistant also addressed the superintendents; and agents regarding their work. OOUNTY CONTEST AT MAESTEG. MR. EVAN E. DAVIES'S VICTORY. Friday, the day fixed fo-r ,the polling in con- \41ectioi1 with the election of County Council- lors for Glamorgan, proved to be a dry and, â vOii the,Al-liole, pleasant day. This.was an ex- â¢â HoeedingJy fortunate state of things for all .ooncerned, and it did not prevent from vot- ing that class of people who prefer neglecting ,theIr primary duty as citizens to "facing the elements" or trudging "the muddy 'oof." A great deal of interest was taken in the Maes- teg contest, and it was, by no means, con- fined to the immediate district. Mr. Evan JE. Davies, who is the solicitor to the Maesteg District of the Miners' Federation, was -tick^tted- the "Federation candidate," and he was opposed by Mr. J. P. Gibbon, J.P., the present chairman of the Maesteg Council and the well-known mineral agent of North's Mavigation Co. These gentlemen'âwho by I I the way share the same political and religious Tie^sâhad only been pitted against each other for exactly a week, but the vigorous campaigning and sharp word slinging" had created much excitement in the valley, and the result of the poll was looked forward to with interest. Polling commenced, of course, at 8 a.m., and at the various polling stations voting proceeded steadily throughout the morning. Enthusiasm was not manifested to any note- worthy degree, but it was noticed that the supporters of the respective candidates were working indefatigably to secure the victory. Perhaps Mr. "Gibbon was more fortunate than his opponent in the matter of vehicular as- sistance, he having &t his disposal three motor cars in addition to the usual run of carriages and traps. In the evening the pre- siding officers and clerks at the stations bad an exceedinglybu.sy time, the bulk of the working-men attending between the hours of five, when their work at the collieries ceased, and 8 o'clock. Indeed the last hour of the polling consisted of almost continual rushes. The boxes were afterwards conveyed to the offices of the District Council below the Town- hall, and the count was commenced at half- past eight, the work being carried out by the presiding officers and clerks under the super- vision of Mr. Robert Scale, the returning officer for the district. Meanwhile a large crov 1 collected in the precincts of the Cham- foe< -and the time was whiled away in good humoured fashion. Shortly after Maesteg's Big iten" chimed ten, Mr. Scale appeared, and in a scene of wild excitement declared Mr. Evan E. Davies elected by a majority of 237 votes, the figures being: Evan Ei. Davies 1444 J. P.Gibbon .1207 The result was received with a. great out- -burst of cheering from Mr. Davies's suppor- ters. Mr. Davies proposed a vote of thanks to the returning officer and his assistants for the impartial and expeditious manner in which they had discharged their duties, and Mr. T. King Dalies, on behalf of Mr. Gibbon, seconded. The motion having been heartily received, Mr. Scale suitably acknowledged. As the new County Councillor left the Board-room his supporters loudly cheered him, and he was carried shoulder high via Talbot-street and Commercial-street to his residence, Danygraig House, the large throng cheering almost continually. Mr. Davies thanked those who had so energetic- ally helped to secure his return.

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