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MINING INTELLIGENCS. COPPER ORE Sold -It RBDRVTH, 011 Thursday, DecemBev r, MINKS, TONS. PDRCHASESS. PRICK. Dolconth 114 Vivian and Sont. 5 (4 (p Aitt» 106 Birmingham^ Freeman 6 5 ft, iittv 97 Williams, Grenfell, Sf fell ty Co, fy Crown Co. Sf Oaniellt Sunr and Neviii 5 g, ditto 80 English Co. 5 4 ditta 74 ffilhamt, Ik-enfell, Co. and Crown Co. 10 2 0" ditto 70 Fiviam and Sons 2 IS tl Mt. ditto 53 I'reeman and Co. 6 11 8 Basssi 110 ditio 9 4 a ditto 80 Williams, Grenfell, If xrh â â Co. and Crown Co, 3t IT 0; Nh. Roskear 81 ditto 0: ditto 52 ditto 1 jg q; ditto 45 f ioian and Sons. 1 14 ditto 40 ditto J* a « « ditto â 68 ditto 7 li « C. Kitchen 46 Daniett, Sntifthnd'Ne\ vill a ditto 45 Williams, Grenfell] Jin* an Crown Co.$14 « dUt(> 30 D«niell, Son, and N,. Crinwi'j r-1'" "c, 5 I i ditto 42 IT" &nd S°Ht 5 ,S 8 m.ror 1 of, J0,y- 5 7 0 I Tin Cjrojj 85 Williams, Grenfell 6) Co.$Crown Co. 4 8a Camb. rean 35 English â¬0 7 g (y ditto 23 Do Sf ff illtams, Gren- fell,Sf Co.'ana Crown Is., Co J. 2 19 0; Sutan 47 Ftvian and Sons 4 10 0> Tregajorrtn 24 ffilliams,Grenftll,and Co and Crown Co. 4 3 & ditto it Do & Fox, Williams, Grenfell Si Co IS 4 a S. Jf. Toman 40 Williams, Grenfell, Co. Sf CrownCo.45 Of Wh. Tamer 40 Danieli, Son, and Ne- Vill t Q; Great Towan ) an Ar Consols J 20 Not soW- T»tai 1792 Tons.âStandard J> 110. 5*. PRINTED Sf PUBLISHED by C. B ROSTER AT BAWGOR, CARSARTOJIUJIJU. ⢠# Orders, Adrerfisements, and other Comma- nications will be thankfully received by tbe Proprietor, aod by the following Agents:- Messrs, NEWTON & Co. Warwick-squarerLonion, Mr. It. BAItILESt, 33, Fleet street, do. Messrs. J K. JOHNSON & Co Dublin. Mr. BROSTER, Bookseller Chester* Mr. GKB, ditto, Denbigh. Mr. SACNOEMsoM, ditto, Bala. Mr. R. JONEditto, Ruthin. Mr. CARN ES, ditto, Holywell. Mr. POGH, diito, Dolgellau. Mr. R. JKYANS, ditto, Llatirwst. Mr. RoBERia^ Postmaster, Conway Mr. SA LTER. Bookseller, Newtown- Post OFFICE, aberystwith. fi:JT This Paper is transmitted, Fe. nf postage* to any part of the Kingdom, at £ 13. per aâ. num, or £ 1 IO. if paid its advance The instr* tion of advertisements procured in any of the Los- den, or prioviskuiat papers, througaint the sptyirgo


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