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CARDIGANSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTIONS. THE result of Saturday's polls in Cardigan- shire leaves the relative strength of the parties on the County Council practically unchanged. Of the 48 councillors, 36 are Liberals and 12 are Tories. No lass than 33 old members have retained their seats- a striking tribute ot public confidence in the work of the County Council. Moreover, many of the 15 new members have served on that body on previous occasions. The results in the three wards at Aberystwyth prove that the Liberals and Nonconformist of that town were fully justified in the course they took. They won one seat and considerably improved their position in the other two-a state of things which we ven- tured to forecast in our last week's issue. Captain Thomas Doughton ousted Mr. R. J. Jones, the old Conservative member for Ward No. 1 Mr. Robert Ellis in Ward I No. 3 increased his majority from 22 at the previous election to 51âa gratifying recog- nition of his excellent work on the County Council and the District Education Com- mittee. In Ward No. 4, Mr. Edwin Mor- ris made a splendid fight against great odds, and succeeded on an increased poll in mak- ing a significant reduction in Mr, Fossett Roberts' majority. Mr. Fossett Roberts made it pretty clear by his utterances on Saturday evening that he himself was not satisfied with the result. He reproached the Nonconformist ministers for having taken the active part they did in the elec- tion. Such a stricture ill becomes Mr. Fossett Roberts, who is a staunch supporter of the alliance between the Church and the State. And what about the Bishops' notori- ous interferences in the House of Lords? The great majority of the electors in Ward No. 4 are Nonconformists, and the Liberal workers in the town feel confident that the division could have been re-captured from the Tories, if Mr. D. C. Roberts, the Presi- dent of the Free Church Council, had risen to the occasion and led the van as gentle- men who occupied similar positions did so successfully at Machynlleth, and throughout I the country generally. As it was the Free Church Council which decided to force the issue and organised the battle at Aberyst- wyth it was hardly right for Mr. D. C. Roberts to expect the rank and file to fight in the lines where he did not care to expose himself to the enemy's fire. The fight at Aberystwyth between the two political patties was a straight one on the Education question and this fact deepened Mr. D. C. Roberts' obligation to espouse the cause of his party, inasmuch as he is the Chairman of the County Education Committee. At Llanfair-clydogau, the Lord Lieutenant of the County won a seat from the Liberals. Colonel Davies-Evans is a large landowner in that district, and enjoys the general esteem of the people, so that his success did not come as a great surprise. His son, however, was bested in his own home divi- sion of Llanwenog by Mr. Dd. Martin Jones, a Liberal and Nonconformist. Mr. J. C. Harford won a seat for the Conserva- tives at Llanwnen, and Mr. D. Morgan James at Liangwyryfon. In addition to the Liberal gain at Aberystwyth, the Rev. Wm. Griffiths secured another at Llanllwchaiarn. The Conservatives, thus, made a net train of u one seat on Saturday. Three years ago the voice of the ratepayers of Cilcenin was stifled by a despicable trickery, worthy of the un- scrupulous electioneering dodges of the rotten boroughs in their most degenerate days. And this year, the efforts of the Liberals in that division received "a fatal blow by the timely discovery that their can- | didate was a member of the Aberystwyth Conservative Club This discovery gave the sycophants of Cilcenin a genuine cause for rejoicing, for it gave them an apparent, but no real, justification for supporting the old Tory member. It is said that Mr. John Edwards has a quite reasonable ex- planation to offer; but be that as it may, the untoward incident has its lesson for levery Liberal, and that is, to keep clear of; j the Tories' nets. Mr. James Stevens made a good fight at Llangoedmore, and succeeded j in retaining the seat for the Liberals. Mr. Stevens gave up his own safe seat at Cardi- gan in order to save this one. W. regret to find that one or two old members have lost their seats through having incurred the hostility of their electorate by advocating and supporting unpopular, but what was generally deemed to be just measures, on the County Council and the Education Com- mittee. This was the case with Capt. W. Davies, at Llandyssul, where the bad feel- ings engendered by the protracted school dispute followed him like a Nemesis to the poll. Of the 48 who were present at the first meeting of the Cardigan County Coun- cil eighteen years ago, six only have con- tinued members, without a break, up to the present time, and these are Mr. Morgan Evans, Oakford Mr. C. M. Williams and Mr. Petei Jones, Aberystwyth Mr. J. M. I Howell, Aberayron; Mr. Evan Richards, Penuwch and Mr. J. T. Morgan, Mae.s- newydd.