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Summer Song.

•♦ Uses of Recreation.


⢠⦠Uses of Recreation. Recreation is intended to the mind as whetting is to the scytheâto sharpen the end of it-whicb otherwise would grow dull and blunt. He t er Ce, that spends his whole 5 ⢠ever whetting, never mowin0 hi g y 8 and his steed starve; as, contrarily, he that always toils and never recrea es s ever never whettingâlabouring much, to little purpose. As eood no scythe as no edge. Then only doth the work go forward when the scythe is so season- ably and moderately whetted that it may cut, and so cut that it may have the help of shaxpemng^ HALL.

+» Folly and Fear.


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. A Materialistic Age.

♦ The Nature of Devotion.


A Thomas Ellis Scholarship.

Wearisome Verbosity.

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UniDcrsitp College, ABERYSTWYTH.