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Breconshire County War Fund.

Brecon Notabilities in 1854.


Marriage of Captain Yigars.



War War War Obtain at once the most interesting and wonderful book published. THE EAGLES AND THE CARCASE. [Fortelling the Doom of the Kaiser—BY THETA.] The aim of this publication is to show the sacred origin of the war, its gigantic issues and the glorious destiny of the English-speaking race. It shows that we are now in process of fulfilment of the third of Christ's "Signs" given to His disciples regarding His coming. Tlte first was the destruc- tion of Jerusalem. The second was the appear- ance of false Christs deceiving the Elect. The third was the greatest Tribulation that the world has ever seen or will see. This war surpasses the horrors of the Middle Ages, "the Hell of Dante pales beside that of the Kaiser." This is the gathering of the "Eagles" and the carcase is that of the sick man of Europe, Turkey in the Apocal- yptic vision of the Great Armageddon the three "unclean spirits" the dragon, the beast and the false prophet or teacher, are Austria, Turkey and Germany. In Israel the authoress sees the Anglo- Saxon. the little nation that "should become a thousand and a small one a strong nation." In the prophecy of Isaiah it is seen that when men are in the worst state of blindness Israel would be found, having been sustained all these years by God, the wealth of the Gentiles pouring into her treasuries, the paths of the sea leading up to her, the colonies bringing in their gold and silver to her in ships from afar, the sons of strangers build- ing up her walls, and the East supplying her with camels and dromedaries. In the prophecy of Esdras the Son is said to be revealed at the time of the great war. England is to possess the "gates of her enemies," the Jews are to return to Palestine under British protectorate. Israel and Judah are to be reunited. Egypt is to be revived, freed from the tyranny of the Turk. The highway between Egypt and Assyria will be Palestine and Israel will make "a third with Egypt and Assyria." The Stone of Jacob is in Westminster, the Ark of the Covenant in Ireland. The day is at hand. A very luminous interpretation of Scripture prophecy in relation to the great crisis. The above can be obtained of all Newsagents and Booksellers and at Railway Bookstalls or direot from the Publishers, Morgan, Son & Co., Ltd., 88, Chancery Lane, London, W.C., for 2s 6d nett or three copies 7s, six copies 13s 6d, twelve copies 24s carriage paid.

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The Government Land Valuation.

Lord Glanusk's Hymn.



Llanwrtyd Wells Notes