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JMpjring. ABERYSTWYTH. ) Week ending Thursdav. Feb. 3rd. 1870. ⢠? ARRIVED.âExpress, s.s., Jones, Bristol. n SAILED.âWellington, Evans, Darien. ⢠) ABERDOVEY. ARRIVED.âJohn Davies, Davies, London; Commerce, Thomas, Newquay; Rheidol Vale, Thomas, London; Jane Owens, Williams, Newport. SAILED.âResolute, Jones, Waterford; Jane Jones, Jones, Aberdeen; Primrose, Charles, Dundalk; Ala Charles, Evans, Belfast; Glynaeron, Lewis, Belfast. PORTMADOC. Week ending Feb. 4th, 1870. ARRIVED. -Maria, Roberts; Dorothy Mary, Jones; Empress, Jones; Genevra, Whittington; Forden Skyold, Mogenscen; Bees, Hallett; Ellen Morris, Evans; Rapid, Williams; Maid of Meirion, Edwards; Sarah Ann, Jones. SAILED.âLouise, Jones; Lara, Roberts. TIDE TABLE FOR ABERYSTWYTH, ABERDOVEY, AND BARMOUTH. Feb. Aberystwyth. Aberdovey. Barmouth. a.m. p.m. a.m. p.m. a.m. T> m Sat. 5 10 25 10 41 10 54 11 10 10 34 10 50 Sun. 6 10 57 11 13 11 26 11 42 11 6 11 22 Mon. 7 1130 017 ll 39 Tues. 8 0 6 025 0 35 054 015 034 Wed. 9 046 110 115 139 0 55 119 Thur. 10 1 40 2 17 2 9 246 1 49 2 26^ Fri. 11 2 53 3 30 3 22 3 59 3 2 3 39 The Rev. James Frases was on Monday elected Bishop of Manchester by the Dean and Chapter. The very extensive distillery now being erected at Bel- fast, with all recent improvements for the wanufaefcre of Irish whisky, by Messrs DUNVILLE & Co., who have gained a world-wide celebrity for thei finE. old Irish whisky, is to be called The Royal Irish Distillery." It has been resolved! at a meeting of the rtrest Riding Magistrates that the expenses of prosecuting the Thorn- cliff rioters shall be undertaken by the county. No further disturbances have occurred, although isolated cases of outrage continue to take place. The house of a non-unionist underviewer has been attacked, and a union- ist who interposed for the protection of the family, was brutally maltreated. MAILS FOR AUSTRALIA.âThe next mails for Australia will be dispatched from Londoif, vim Southampton, on the morning of Saturday, the 19th February; and via- Marseilles, on the evening of Friday, the 25th Februarv âGeneral Post Office, Jan.. 31. MODERN INVENTION.âThat great invention the "Chronv qiaph," which times all the principal events of the da and has revolutionized and superseded the clumsy old* fashioned Stop-watch," seems likely to be eclipsed in fame by that still greater and more useful invention the Keyless Watch." The fact of no key being required ren- ders these Watches indispensable to the traveler, the nervous, and invalids. The enormous number sent even by post to all parts of the world is a convincing proof of their great utility. Thepriees at which they are sold range from 5 to 100 guineas. Thousands of them are manufactured by Mr J. W. BENSON, of Old Bond-street, and of the Steam Factory, Ludgate Hill, London, who sends post free for 2d. a most interesting historical pamphlet upon watch. making. THE WELSH FASTING GIRL.-Tbe public are not likely soon to hear the last of the story of the unfortunate Sarah Jacob, the "Welsh fasting girl." There has all along been a very prevalent opinion that the evidence taken before the coroner was very incomplete, and general dissatisfac- tion has been expressed because the medical men who had to do with the case during the latter days of the little girl were not called, with one exception, to give their evidence. The nurses from Guy's Hospital gave their evidence very satisfactorily, so far as they were concerned, for, from the nature of their work, they were clearly irresponsible having simply to report to a commjttee what they saw ancf heard. The medical officers were in a very different posi- tion, having undertaken to superintend the watching and guard against a fatal result. At first the public laid the chief blame at the door of those medical men who believed in the story of the girl's fasting, and reported favourably of her condition to within a soDrt period of her death. This opinion, however, has undergone a considerable change within the past week or two, and many are now strongly of opinion that those medical men who did not believe in the girl's fasting, and saw her gradually sink as the watching progressed, but yet did not offer her nourishment., are the more blamable. Be this as it may, there is considerable satisfaction expressed at the announcement that a magisterial inquiry will be held in a few days, and that the medical gentlemen who superintended the watching will be sum- moned to give evidence. In the meantime, Evan Jacob, the father, awaits his trial, still professing his unshaken belief that his little girl lived without the aid of nourish- ment for more than two years. As yet counsel have not been engaged for his defence, though the assizes are near at hand. Printed at the Caxton Steam Printing Works, Oswald-road, Os- westry, by ASKEW ROBEETS, EDWARD, WOODALL, and RICHABD HENRY VENABLES, AND Published at 12, Bridge-street, Aberyst- wyth, by P^JLIP WILLIAMS.. Saturday Febrmry 5th, 1870. Jj Ci ii ,r. J