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TALIESIN. COURSING. -Throu-b the kind permission of the worthy squire of Lodge Park, Mr H. C. Fryer, a day's coursing was enjoyed on Wednesday last. A large concourse of the friends of the chase assembled, and some splendid runs were had. Some dissatisfaction, prevailed among the- most upright sportsmen as in some cases no less than five dogs were allowed1 to chase one hare. Some seven or eight hares were killed. Everyone seemed to be very thankful to the worthy squire for the permission granted; and it appeared from the number of hares that the keeper does his duty well. -Contmunicated. MINING INTELLIGENCE.—A correspondent writes-The mines in this immediate neighbourhood seem to be now in a fair way of being well developed, and likely to become what they were in days of yore. Captain C. Williams, of Pwll Roman, has discovered and laid open some very Eromisitig setts. Tan'rallt mine, on the property of Mr J. M. Davies, looks- very promising and very good ory ground has been intersected. Brynanan, Pensarn, and CWm- llwyd-rhew mines are being worked with very. satisfactory results. Pensarn mine is considered a very valuable sett, and many practical miners look with no small degree of interest to the results. No doubt that under the able management and superintendence of Captain C. Williams these mines will not only prove a great boon to the many "sons of toil" dependent on the mines, but with skilful and economical management the enterprising share- holders will also be amply rewarded and their invest- ments will prove a valuable- concern. On dit that the valuable mining setts of Penpompren and Penvbank are likely to be again taken up by a respectable and energetic company.





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