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ffoal audi istritt tur.6." ECCLESIASTICAL APPOINTMENTS.âThe Rev. T. Davies, B.A., to the vicarage of Bettws Evan, Cardiganshire; the Rev. R. Jenkins, M.A. to the rectory of Bettws Bledrus, near Lampeter. THE SPRING CIRCUITS OF THE JUDGES.âNorth Wales (Mr Baron Channell):âWelshpool, March 12; Bala, March 16; Ruthin, March 19; Beaumaris, March 23; r Carnarvon, March 26; Mold, March 30; Chester and City, April 2. In the South Wales circuit (Lord Chief Justice JBovill) the days have been altered as follows, namely:âCarmarthen, March 9; Swansea, March 15 namely :-Carmarthen, March 9; Swansea, March 15; Brecon, March 20; Presteign, March 31; Chester, April 2. THE MONTHLY TIME TABLES.âThis week we give our monthly time-table supplement; but there are no altera- tions on the Great Western or Cambrian lines, except that the train, which left Llanfyllin at 3.40 p.m., will leave at 3.30. ROYAL NATIONAL LIFEBOAT INSTITUTION.âOn Thurs- day, a meeting of this Institution was held at its house, John-street, Adelphi, Thomas Chapman, Esq.F.R.S., V.P., in the chair. Richard Lewis, Esq., the secretary, having read the minutes of the previous meeting, the silver medal of the society and a copy of the vote inscribed on vellum were granted ta its local honorary secretary at Abersoch, North Wales, the Rev. O. Lloyd Williams, and 242 9s. to the crew of that lifeboat, in acknowledgment of their gallant services in putting off in the boat on the 14th and 15th ult., and, after much difficulty, saving thirteen of the crew of the ship Kenilworth, of Liverpool, which was wrecked on St. Patrick's Causeway, in Cardigan Bay, during a N.W. gale and in a heavy sea. 236 were also granted to the crew of the Barmouth lifeboat for going off on the 14th ult. to the same wreck, 'and saving eight of the crew. The two lifeboats of the society thus saved the whole of the officers and menâtwenty-one in number. This ship, a most valuable one, was bound to Liverpool from New Orleans with a cargo of cotton, and her captain, who is an American, publicly testified his gratitude for the determined courage of the lifeboat crews in saving the lives of himself and crew amidst the greatest dangers. 28 8s. were also voted to pay the expenses of the Porthdinllaen lifeboat in bringing ashore the crew of three men from the schooner Gronant, of Carnarvon. It was reported that the French Shipwreck Society had presented its gold medal to Captain Ward, R.N., inspector of lifeboats to the English Lifeboat Institution, in acknowledgment of his services as inventor of the cork lifebelt, used by the lifeboat crews of both countries, and of his co-operation with the French Society, which had now forty-five life- boats, all being on the plan of the English Lifeboat So- ciety, and which have already saved upwards of 500 lives. Reports were read from the inspector and the assistant- inspector of lifeboats, on their recent visits to different lifeboat stations. The proceedings then terminated. THE POLITICAL EVICTIONS IN WALES. The following circular has been issued, with the names appended of the London Committee "formed for the pur- pose of eliciting an expression of sympathy with tenant farmers and others who have been evicted on account of their votes at the last election, and of raising funds for their relief," viz., Samuel Morley, Esq., M.P., Charles Gilpin, Esq., M.P., William M'Arthur, Esq., M.P., Ed- ward Miall, Esq., M.P., George Osbome Morgan, Esq., M.P., Henry Richard, Esq., M.P.. Charles Reed, Esq., M.P., Watkin Williams, Esq., M.P., W. T. M'Cullagh Torrens, Esq., M.P., William Edwards, Esq., Mr Serjeant Parry, H. R. Ellington, Esq., Stephen Evans, Esq., David Jones, Esq., Robert Jones, Esq., Morgan Lloyd, Esq., J. Williams, Esq., J.Carvell Williams, Esq., R. G. Williams, Esq., B. T. Williams, Esq. "At the last election the people of Wales, the vast ma- jority of whom have long been liberal in their political views, made a great effort to assert their electoral inde- pendence. In this they were so far successful as to return 24 liberal members out of the 33 that form the representa- tion of their country. But, in order to achieve this result, many of them, especially of the class of tenant farmers, had to resist every kind of influence, whether in the form of seduction or menace, that could be brought to bear, upon them by the landlords and their agents. After the election was over, a certain number of the conservative landlords in several of the Welsh counties served notices to quit on such of their tenants as had voted for the liberal candidates, and even on some who had no votes, but whose relatives had taken an active part on the liberal side. There were scores of such notices served upon men whose characters were confessedly irreproachable, who had always paid their rents punctually and to the penny,, who had ex* t pended largely both of their industry and capitaf in the improvement of the soil, and who had been, or whose families had been, in occupation of their holdings often for scores, and sometimes for hundreds, 8f years. Since the question was brought before Parliament, many of those notices have been dropped or withdrawn. But a considerable number have been ruthlessly carried into effect. Many honest, industrious, estimable men who were guilty of no offence but that of voting according to their consciences, have, with their wives and children, been turned out of house and home, their stock and crop sold by auction, and the fruit of all the labour bestowed by them upon the land taken from them without any com- pensation. There can be no doubt that the object of these evictions is not merely to punish those who resisted land- lord dictation, but to terrify the whole class of tenant farmers throughout Wales, and deter them from following an independent course hereafter. Each victim is meant to be an example. "Under these circumstances it has been thought that something should be done to succour the men who are suffering for conscience sake, and to counteract the terror- ist influence intended to be exercised, by their means, over others. A conference, therefore, was held at Aberystwyth on the 16th of November, presided over by Mr E. M. Richards, member for the County of Cardigan, at which there were present representatives from nearly every part of the Principality. The proceedings at this meeting were marked by great unanimity and earnestness, and the fol- lowing resolution among others was adopted:â That, for the purpose of rendering such assistance as may be necessary (to the sufferers), it is recommended that a rand shall he raiswvlâ 1. By subscriptions and donations. '2. By collections in all chapels throughout the Principality. '3. By a guarantee fund of £ 20.000.' "The collections and subscriptions are intended to fur- nish the means of affording immediate relief to the actual sufferers, while the guarantee fund is to provide for the contingency of any future evictions that may be enforced on account of votes given at the last election. "The fund is to be vested in five trustees, namely, Mr Samuel Morley, M.P., Mr E. M. Richards, M.P., Mr Henry Richard, M.P., Mr Osborne Morgan, M.P., and Mr John Roberts of Liverpool "To provide for the due administration of the fond, there has been formed for each county: a committee by which eVery case will be inquired into and adjudicated, and a board of three assessors, to whom, if necessary, there shall be a power of appeal, and whose decision shall be final. "At the meeting at Aberystwyth, nearly £ 1,000' was cc.ntributed,in- wibwriptions and donations, while promises for £ 4,000 were given towards the guarantee fund. The promoters of this movement respectfully appeal to the friends of free election in England, as well as in Wales, for such an expression of their sympathy as will not only relieve the victims of this political persecutions from their sore distress, but also effectually prevent for the future all similar attempts to control the franchise by coercion and terror." The subscription list attached contains the names of Mr Hugh Mason, Mr S. Morley, M.P., MrE. M. Richards, M.P., Mr Richard Davies, M.P., and Messrs Parnell and Co., London, for 2100; Mr Osborne Morgan, M.P., Mr Love Jones-Parry, M P., Mr L. L. Dillwyn, M.P., Mr Wm. Rathbone, M. P., Mr E. J. Sartoris, M.P, Mr S.. Evans, London, Mr John: Roberts, Liverpool, and Mr D. Roberts; Abergele, for £ 50; Mr Henry Richard, M.P., Colonel Stepney, M.P., Sir T. Lloyd, M.P., Mr Thomas Thomasson, Bolton, and Mr Lewis Davies*. Cardiff, for. 225; and the Committee of Deputies of the Three De nominations, £ 21. JV -i » ⢠â v iâ¢â¢ ⢠⢠>







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