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MISCELLANEOUS. LONDON PROVISION, MONDAY.âThe arrivals last week. from Ireland were 731 firkins Butter and 2,215 bales Bacon, and from foreign ports 28,928 packages Butter and 281 bales Bacon The change to cold weather has not yet caused any improved demand for Irish Batter. Foreign sold steadily at about late rates. The sale for Bacon last week was extremely limited, and prices generally declined 2s. to 3s. per cwt. GLOUCESTER FORTNIGHTLY CHEESE MARKET was moderately supplied, about 20 tons having be, n pitched, and all sold quickly at prices ranging from best quality 65s. to 69& seconds, 60s. to 62i. HOP, MONDAY.âOur market continues strong, and althongh the transactions reported during the past week in new home-growths are small, owing to the short supply on offer, there is a disposition on the part of buyers to view foreign samples with more favour, new and yearling Americans in particular of fine quality meeting with better inquiry at fully late rates. Imports for the week ending Jan. 22nd: 8,857 bales, against 2,201 the previous week. The continental markets are all reported firm. New York letters to ihe 12th inst. report the market dull as usual at this period of the year; prices of fine qualities, now becoming scarce, are very firm. Mid and East Kent 0 £ 9 15 .£18 0 Wealds 6 0 ? 6 g â £ U8S<"F 5 12 6 10 7 0 Bavarians 6 10 8 8 10 10 French 5 5 6 â ? â Americans 5 6 0 6 1() Yearlings 0. 2 16 4 4 IS ? HOP, SATURDAY.âMessrs Piercy, Longbottom and Faram's circular says-" Our market to-day was again bare of hops on offer from planters. The few hops still held by dealers are selling for more money, and the demand continues of a fair retail character." LONDON SEED, MONDAY.âEnglish Cloverseed comes oat very slowly; fine qualities command high prices. There was a steady demand for the best descriptions of foreign. White £ lo!^eed re?ai?S,Very searce and dear- Th0 best English Trefoils were held for more money, and foreign samples were fully as high as previously. Cana^seed-English? as well as foreign brought fully as much money. Foreign Tares were in better request, and higher prices were generally made. W,°0L-TLere is no feature to notice in XiW bufftmhaF £ l0eS ?b?ice qualities have continued steady, but there has been a fair business passim* in all descrin- CiURRBNT PRICKS OF ENGLISH WOOL. 8. d. to S d. FLEECES Southdown hoggets porlb. l l 1 1* Half-bred ditto 1 m i il Kent fleeces 18 i g! South d'n ewes and wethers 10 1 It Leicester ditto i <u i o? SoRTS-Combing i i clothing IS } L WOOL S WORSTED, SATURDAY.âThe market presents no features of change. Wool is bought sparingly, and the tendency of prices is, if anything, in favour of the buyer. Operations in yains continue to be conducted with very little profit to the spinner. Business in pieces is not active, but there is more doing in the home department, and prices are moderate- ly firm. BRADFORD WOOL & WORSTED, SATURDAY.âThe wo)l wade during tho past week has been characterised by great quietness. The operations have been on a very limited soale, and to supply only pressing wants. The demand is stiU for the best descriptions of wool, especially those of fine quality and with lustre. Consumers generally make offers below the quotations current, but as prices are well maintained they find no advantage, business is the result. In some exceptional instances ⢠g?i»C0nCelS«10u haB beeu Jielded, with small transactions. The stiffness which was aDonrent n fnrtnirri.* iâ i is much quieter. There is a steady business doing on home account, though it is hardly equal to what it was some weeks ago. Coloured and demi-lustre yarns are most in request. Prices are firm. The piece trade is inactive. IMces are steady. LONDON POTATO, MONDAX.^âFull average supplies of Potatoes have been on sale. The demand has ruled heavy, at our a notations. English Shaws 75s. to 85s. per ton. English Regents 85s. to 100s. â English Rocks 65s. to 70s. â Scotch Regents 70s. to 100s. â I French 66s. to 70s. LONDON TALLOW, MONDAY.âThe market has been flat, T.C. on the spot 46s. per cwt., Town Tallow 44s. 9d. net cash. LONDON OIL, MONDAY.âThe demand for Linseed has been less active, but Rape has been in request, at full prices. Cocoa- nut has commanded a fair amount of attention. Olive and Palm k ive sold slowly. BIRMINGHAM HIDE AND SKIN MARKET, SATJRDAY Hides: 951b. and upwards, 4Id. to M. per lb; 851b. to 911b., 41. to Od. per lb.; 751b. to 841hâ 8Jd. to Od.per lb.; 651b. to 741b., 3J 1. to Od. per lb; 561b to 641b, 8J-1. to Od per lb; 551b* and under, 3^1 to Od. per lb.; cows, 3$d. to 8Jrt. per lb.; bulls, SJd.perlb.: flawed and irregular, Sid. to 8d. per lb.; horse, 7s. OJ. to 181, 61. each. Calf: 171b. and upwards, 54d. per lb.; 121b. to 161b., 7d. per lb; 91b. to 111h., 7 £ d. per ?.: fight, 7J. per lb.; flawed and irregu- lar, 6d. per lb. Wools, A 1,8s. M.; A, 6s. 8d.; B, 4s. lid. WOLVERHAMPTON HIDE, SKIN, & FAT MARKET, SATUR- DAY.âHides: 951bs. and upwards, 4|d. per lb.; 851b«. to 941bs. 8Jd. to Od. per lb.; 751bs. to 841bs., SJd. to Od. per lb.; 651bs. to 7-lltis., Std. per tb. 561bs. to fctlbs., Sad. per lb. 551bs. and under, Sld. Cows, 651bs. and upwards, Std. to Od. per lb.; 641bs. and under, 83d per ft; bulls, 2Jd. to 2$d per 1b; flawed and irregular, Sed. to Od. per Iti; kips, 2 £ d. to 4Jd. per tb; horse, 53.3d. to 18a. 9d. each. Calf: 171bs. and upwards, kld. per lb., 121bs. to 161bs, nd. perlb; 9lbs. to lllbs., 7jH. per lb.; light, 7d. per lb.; flawed and irregu- lar, 5d. per lb. Wools, 4s. 9d. to 6s. 9d. each. Fat, Sd. to Sad.








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