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Fashionable Wedding at Bettws=y=Coed.

Funeral of Miss Jones, Brynsteddfod.

New Year's Day with Conway…


New Year's Day with Conway Methodists. Annual Tea and Competitive Meeting- THE Welsh Calvinistic M'ethodists of Conway held their annual tea and competitive meeting on New Year's Day, and without further pre- face the proceedings must be pronounced a first- rate success. The Tea. In the afternoon, hundreds of young and old. flocked to the sumptuously-laid tea tables ar- ranged in the church schoolroom. Fortunately, the waiting staff was a big and energetic one. It included Mrs Evans, London House; Mrs Dougall, Lancaster-square; Mrs D. Wynne Roberts, Miss Jones, Chapel-street; Miss Owen, Brynsari Miss Edie Dougall, Lancaster-square; Miss Evans, Berry-streiet; Miss Jones, Victoria- terrace; Miss Ada Hughes1, Miss Dorkins, Miss Roberts, Paris House; Miss Evelyn Evans, Miss Polly Jones, Rose-place; Mrs Thomas, Brook House, Gyffin; Miss Jones, Tower House; Miss Maggie Jones, Rosfe-place; Mrs Williams, Bron'reryr; Miss Preece, Miss Dilys Williams, Miss Enid Jones, Mrs Rees, County Buildings > Mrs David Jones, Tyigfwyrdd-terrace; iuiss Owen, Bryneorach; Nurse Jones, Mrs Pierce Williams, High-street; Miss Williams, Stanley House; Mrs Thomas, Gyffin; Mrs Cynwal Jones, Miss Williams, Bradford House; Miss Robertsl, Chapel-terrace; Miss Maggie Jones, Rose-place; Miss M. J. Edwards, Bodafoll, Gardens; and Miss Roberts, Fronhaulog. The Competitive Meeting. The packed audience in attendance at the Town Hall at six o'clock was ample evidence that the old institution of the Methodist com- petitive meeting is as popular as ever. Thle chair was occupied by Mr J. P. Grif- fiths; the Rev. J. D. Owen, Glan Conway, con- ducted; Professor Lloyd, Bethesda (music), Miss Whaite (art), Rev. De Charles Evans, Rev. B. Menai Francis, the Rev. O. Selwyn Jones, Dr. Llugwy OwLn, the Rev. J. D. Owen Messrsi John Roberts, William Edwards^ and W. G. Williams (literary), Mrs Roberts, Miss Hughes, and Miss Thomas (needlework), Dr. Morgan, Supt. Rees, and Mr D. Roberts (carving), were the adjudicators. The secre- tarial duties were admirably carried out by Mr R. T. Hughes. Why we are Behind. The Chairman, in the course of an eloquent Welsh address, opened the proceedings. P, 2. ferring to the re dent victories of English choirs in the Eisteddfodic world, Mr Griffiths ot>s3fvei that a celebrated musician said laOefly that the non-success of the Welsh compfetitors was not due to lack of vocal qualities, but to a want of practice and perseverance. Now he (the speaker) would like to imprests that fact 10'- djelibly upon the memory of all Welsh singers- It was the undeniable duty of all lovers of song in Gwaliia to learn that lesson so as to redeem their good name.. (Applause.) The speakec then went on to rtefer to the increased attention given to the sdnginig of martial music. He greatly deprecated this, inasmuch as it roused too much of the rougher, and more savage, side of humanity. Just as the cry of "Back to Christ" had bejen raised some time ago, he noW expresised a wish that their fellow-musicians adopted the cry of "Back to Nature" for ineir themes of praise and melody. (Hear, hear.) The Competitions. After thfe singing of the hymn, "I Dad y ru. gareddau i igyd," by the audience, ule various competitions were proceeded with. Appended are the results â Children's, solo: I, Alice Jones; 2, Olivet Jones; 3, .1: Williams. Pencil sketch: I, J. Llewelyn Davies, boro'-terrace. Chief essay on "Justification by Faith:" Mr Daniel Jones, Moriah, Llansantffraid' There were (eight competitors. Translation: I, Mr T. D. Roberts, Berry street, Conway; 2, "Nesta." Scriptural examination (for those under *3 years of age): 1, Ethel E. Jones, Lark-hill; divided between Grace E. Evans and Catherine A. Williams; 3, Annie Roberts, Tycapel. test-, Children's Choral Competition. On the tes piece, "Caru'r Iesu," two juvenile choirs trie conclusions. They were the Gyffin Juveiu10 Choir (led by Mr Robert Evans), and the Zio11 Church Juvenile Choir (conduct'ted by Mr Jon*1' Roberts). An excellent rendering was give11 by the latter choir, to whom the premier Was accorded, amidst loud applause. Essay on "King Solomon:" 1, Miss DavieS» Newboro'-terrace; 2, Miss Sallie Jones, Tower House. Recitation for those under 15: 1, Annl Roberts, Tycapel; 2, Louisa M. Evans. 1')' Stanzas on "David's Death:" I, "loan 8.. loan," Roewen. Challenge solo: Seven competitors came ward in this event, and the prize was eventual^ awtarded Mr Griffith Williams, Coity, LlanbediV who rendered "Y Wlad a garaf fi" very suc- cessfully. s, Antimacassar-making: I, Dilys Willi3,013' Bron'reryr. 9 Recitation eompbtition for seniors: i, }.1t David Williams, Ty@wyrdd-terrace, Conway- Walking-stick making: 1, Mr Owen WilliaH1 ("Owain Rhun"), Tyddyn'rolyn. ,Sc,Tiptura,l examination (senior sectioffl) Miss Evelyn Evans, Paris House; 2, Mr J- Davies 3, Mir Stephen Williams. ft, Sermon note-taking: 1, Mr T. D. Robert' Berry-stHeet. At the close, a very hearty vote of thanks w accorded to all who had assisted in the arrang ments, on the motion of the Rev. T. Gwyne<3 Roberts, seconded by Mr Joseph H. Jones. Chief Choral Competition. For the prize of £ 6 6s and silver-mounted offered for the best rendering of Dyddiau Vj only two choirs competed. They were Conovium Glee Party, led by Mr D. L. Stanlev Buildinys, Conway, and the Maenan 0 conducted by Mr David Davies. In awarding the prize to the former, the said they were easy wisners. Mr Hughes presentt d with the purse and baton, amidst applause.