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Fashionable Wedding at Bettws=y=Coed.


Fashionable Wedding at Bettws=y=Coed. Sniith-t)avies. THE pretty village) of Bettws-y-Coed was en fete last Friday, the occasion being the mar- riage of Miss Louie Conway Davies, of the "Gwydyr," Battws-y-Coed, daughter of the late Dr. Jesse Conway Davieis, with Mr Thomas ConneTl Snii,th, son of the late Mr Peter Shanklin Smith, of Edinburgh. Not within memory has an event excited so much interest and enthusiasm in the district, friends coming from far and near to do homage to the contract- ing parties. The ceremony was performed in beautiful weather, making the nearts of all pre- sent radiant with pleasure. As the bride entered the edifice at one o'clock, leaning on the arm of her uncle, Mr John P. Faichney, a buzz of excitement permeated the building. The surpliced choir of St. Mary's Church sang "The voice- that breathed o'er Eden," to music specially composed by Major Ashley, wtho, owing to indisposition, had to disappoint his many friends by not being pre- sent, his deputy being Mr Potter, of Conway. The whole of the choral arrangements were, however, carried out under Major Ashley's di- rection. The officiating; clergy were the Rev. E. Evans, Llansadwrnt, and the Rev. A. O. Evans, Bettws- y-Coed. The floral decorations within the church consis,ti-,d of lilies, chrysanthemums and Christmas roses. The bride was attired in a lovely wedding- dress of crepe de chene, trimmed with Brussels lace (gift of the bridegroom's sister)and satin train, with corner turned up, and held by horse shoe of natural white heather. A beauti- fully-embroidered veil was worn, and shte car- ried a Choice white orchid bouquet The jewels worn were a diamond and pearl necklace, diamond spray, and a diamond and sapphire "twin-hbart" brooch, gtifts of the bridegroom. The bridesmaids were Miss Beatrice Conway Davies, sister of the. br;de, and Miss Eva Kurtz, of Stafford, charmingly attired in dresses of pale blue crepe d)e-chene, trimmed with Brussels lace, and carrying shower bouquets violets and lilies of the valley. Mr Thompson, of Edinburgh, was the best man. The bridegroom's present to thia bridesmaids wasi a diamond and sapphire "twin heart" brooch each. Miss Ethel Humphreys, of Chicago and Llanrwst (niece of Mr J. E. Hum- phreys), acted as a pretty train-bearer to the bridle. The Reception. Over seventy giuests attended the reception held at the "Gwydyr," which was a brilliant function. The following was the menu:- Soup: CDear tomato; lobster patties; shrimp patt;es ,chickens; turkey; game pie; phea- sants boar's head; lamb; mint sauce; gelan- tine of veal; roast beef; pressed beef tongue; ham; salad. Triflle, tipsy cake, creams, French pastry; mince pies; jellies; blanc mange; lemon sponge; grapes; pineapple; pears; apples. The following toasts were submitted:â"The Bride," Rev E. Evans, replied to by the bride- groom "The Bridesmaids," Mr Allard, replied to by Mr Thompson; "The Family, Dr Jones, replied to by Mr J. P. Faichney; "The Guests," Dr. Williams, replied to by Mr David Jones. The Send Oil." Quite a brilliant assembly of the numerous guests was at thle railway station to witness the departure of the happy couple by the 3.40 p.m. train, We arty congratulations being general. The bride's travelling dTess consisted of ivory cloth with cream lade applique and pale blue pannier with toque to match, and sable furs (gift of the bridegroom). As the train steamed out from the station a vigorous rendering of "For ha's a jolly good fellow" was given. The honeymoon is to be spent in Paris and the Riviera. The wedding cake was supplied by Messrs Bolland and Sons, Ltd., Chester. In this evening a dance was held at the hotel, and was kept up with zest until 3 a.m. Pro- fessor D. D. Parry, of Llanrwst, supplied the music. List of Presents. Bridegroom to bride, diamond and pearl neck- lace and diamond spray; bride to bridegroom, gold cigarette case; Misses Faichney (aunts of bridle), silver tea and coffee service; Miss .0. Conway Davies (sister of bride), silver afternoon tea service; Mr Faichney, Llanddulas (uniole of bride), silver tea tray; Mrarrd Mrs Humphreys, pair silver flower vases; Miss Annie Roberts, Llanrwst, silver table mirror; Miss Jones, Llan- rwst, silver fruit dish; Mrs Ewing Smith, Edin- burgh, set silver salvers and silver belt; Mrs Hall, Edinburgh, case silver salt cellars and pepper boxfcs; Mr and Mrs Marriott, case silver salt cellars; Mrs Humphreys, Carno, silver entree dish; Mr Ernest Pelling, two silver entree dishes; Rev. E. and Mrs Evans, case silvter spoons; Misses Harrison, water color sketch; Mr and Mrs Worthington, card ivory card case; Mr Lionel Taylor, silver bon bon disihes; Brown and Co., Chester real lace Mother of Pearl fan; Mrs Evans, Glan Aber, satin eider down quilt; Mr and Mrs Mills, two skin mats; Mrs McCulloch, silver casket; Miss Williams, silver-mounted satchel; Miss Foster, silver photo frame; Miss Ronaldson, silver photo frame; Mr and Mrs Wm. Evans, album; Mrs Davies, Porth Llwyd, serviettes; Mrs Elliott, tea cloth Mrs Williams, Summer -Il, satchet; Mr Roberts, Grove House,emtrete dish Mr and Mrs Jones, The Bull, brass kettle on stand; Misses Roberts, Grove House, serviette rings Miss Jonles, Bogmor, silver photo frame; Mrs Williams, Bangor, rose bowl; Mr J. Fran- cis Williams, Bangor, serviette rings; Mr and Mrs Mclntyre biscuit box, Crown Derby; Miss Carrie Mclntyre, table centre; Major Ashley, organ portfolios, three volumes Misses Pullan, case of silver buttons Miss Kurtz, pair of sil- ver flower vases; Mr Hughes, Chester, silver- mounted purse; Misses Corns, silver mustard pot; Miss Evans, Llandudno, silver pin tray; Mr Owen and Mr Allard, cut glass and silver salad bowl; Mr and Mrs Davies, Ty'nycoed, silver egg stand; Mr and Mrs Shaw, Bog'nor, brass wrting set; Miss Jones, Post Office, case of hat pins; Mrs and Dr Williams, Penmachno, spray flower vase; Mr Taylor, Birkenhead, sil- ver butter dish; Dr. Hill, silver strainer; Miss Owen, flower vase Mrs Roberts, Royal Hotel, silver vases; Dr and Mrs Jones, Henar, silver rose bowl; Mrs, Roberts, Pentrevoelas, silver photo frame; Mr Thompson, Edinburgh, silver toa.st racks; Misses Cutler, Walsall, Mauesa lace; Dr and Mrs Evans, Llanrwst, silver bon- bon disihes; Mr and Mrs Ross, London, flower vases; Miss Ellen Edwards, butter dish; Mrs Jones, Coed y Pair, hot water jug; Mrs Storey, Teddington, pewter hot water glasses; Mrs Roberts, Church-hill,trinMet vase; Mrs Roberts, Ynys View, butter dis-, Miss Jones, Llawr Ynys,cream jug and sugar basin; Miss Michael, pair of Chrystoleum paintings; Mrs London, white satin Indian table centre; Miss Hughes, Willoughby House, silver rose bowl; Mr Aron- son, silver vases; Miss Davites Tabley, drawn work tea cloth; Miss Williams, Vicarage, silver- mounted diary; Mr and Mrs R. Parry, album; choir and Sunday School, Bible; Mr and Mrs R. P. Davies, pair of Egyptian vases; Dr Pritchard) silver salt cellars; Mrs Williams, Regent House, toilet Teneriffle table centre; Mr Wilkinson, set of books; Miss Jane Davies, serviettes; servants, silver serviette rings; Miss Alicte Hughes, flower vases; Misses Evans, Lledr Cottage,cup and saucer; Mr Wm. Evans, Wern, oak carvings; Mrs Williams and Miss Roberts, fire irons; Mr Jones, Hand, biscuit box; George Henry Lee and Co., cut glass and silver scent bottles; W. and F. Brown, Chester, brass paper-stand; Miss Barkfer, table centre Mr and Misses Roberts, De Eresby House, photo frame; Miss Margaret Davies, tea cups and saucers; Mr Spinks, picture; Mr and Mrs Jones, Tanlan, case of silver spoons; Mrs Morris, inkstand; Mrs R. R. Owen, afternoon tea cloth. For List of Guests see page 10. «

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