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COAL! COAL! COAL! Unequalled for Quality & Price. THE FINEST STAFFS. & LANC. HOUSE COALS AND COBBLES, ALSO GAS COKE, FIREWOOD, &c. TRUCK LOADS AT WHOLESALE PRICES. WHITE FOB PRICES. ROWLAND & SIMPSON WYNNSTAY CHAMBERS, COLWYN BAY. 4952 Hollo way's PILLS & OINTMENT Are Blessings in every Household. THE PILLS Care Indigestion, Headache, Biliousness, Dizzy Sensations, and other ailments arising from disordered:Liver or Stomach. They cleanse the Bleod and strengthen the system. Females will find them of the greatest value. THE OINTMENT Is a splendid remedy for Old Wounds, Sores, Abscesses, Boils, Poisoned Cuts and Skin Affec- tions. It is invaluable in all Chest and Throat Diseases also for Sciatica, Lumbago, Sprains and Stiff Joints. 4364 Telegraphic Address: "HUGHES BROTHERS, PORTMADOC." Slate Agents, BRICKS, TILES, DRAIN PIPES -rVO O S ^Cement & Tj\J GBuilders' Merchants, PORTMADOC. Quotations given for any Station. BEST PORTLAND CEMENT in Bags or Casks. 5711 FRED. SIMPSON, Tailor & Livery Maker (Opposite Railway Station), LLANDUDNO. First-Class Tailoring, Faultless Fitting, Correct in Style, Comfortable to Wear. Every Garment, no matter what the price may be, is well trimmed, beautifully made and finished, and has imbued into it those unmistakable points of excellence which may be termed the Hall Marks of First-Class Workmanship. SPECIALITIES FOR THE SEASON: A Smart Overcoat, Of Cheviot Coating, made to Measure, For 2 Guineas. pr An Ideal Overcoat. Autumn Suitings in profusion, 2 Guineas. W- Stylish and Durable. Trouserings, 10/6 to 25/ TERMS:-STRICTLY CASH. 5445 WATERPROOF GARMENTS, of every description, to Measure only. PARKES & SADLEIR, Electrical Engineers. ELECTRIC LIGHTING. ELECTRIC BELLS. TELEPHONES. INSTALLATIONS MAINTAINED BY CONTRACT. 5221 ESTIMATES FREE. OFFwoErSksND 1 THE DINGLE, COLWYN BAY. EST^HAD ASK FOR THE RUTHIN SODA WATER CO. Ltd.'s Cambrian Table Waters BTJTHIU. ptr ONLY ARTESIAN SPRING at RUTHIN. 220 feet deep. THE SOLE PROPERTY OF THE COMPANY. INSPECTION INVITED. IVBITB FOR PARTICULARS âââââ MANAGER, CAMBRIAN WORKS, RUTHIN, N. W.1354 Table and Pocket I Cutlery, I Brushes, Lamps, Bedsteads, &c. &c. JOHN EVANS, postppofiicee, COLWYN, General and Furnishing Ironmonger, Plumber and Contractor. Ranges, Orates, Paper Hangings, Gas and Electric I Bell Fittings. 3700 s i :m: ic i nsr, PRACTICAL TAILOR AND HABIT MAKER, Caldmore Villa, Llewelyn Road, Colwyn Bay. Cycle Walking Costumes, Tailor-made Dresses, Military Coats & Bodices, made on the Premises TWBNTY YBABS' EXPEBISNOB IN BIRMINGHAM St DISTRICT.

Fashionable Wedding at Bettws=y=Coed.

Funeral of Miss Jones, Brynsteddfod.

New Year's Day with Conway…