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Rhyl and its Electric Light.

Love in a Workhouse.

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The Bettws=y=Coed Wedding.,

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Lines on the occasion of the Marriage of Miss L Conway Davies, and T. Coiittcll Siiiitli, Esq at Bcttws-y-Cocd. Jan. 2, 19°3. Come, ye children of the valley, Come, with merry heart and song, Bid the drums of grief be silent, And the strains of mirth prolong, For to-day upon this margin Of the new year's swelling tide, Stands a, maid in youth and beauty, Wearing now the name of bride. She who claimed the smiles of frisndship' Now hath won the heart of love, While contentment gleams upon her, As the sunshine on a dove; Hail! Ye woodland, hills, of Bettws, Let the Conway's laughing' spray Whisper to the mighty oceanâ 'Tis Miiss Louie's wedding day." 0 Yes, the day that rules the futureâ Source from, which two rivers flow- One in love and bliss extending, One that threads the vale of woe; Hand in hand before the altar, Now tllk launch upon the wave, "One for aye"âthe vow is slsaled, Till they part beside the, grave. Though the storms of life assail them On its reckless surging tide, i earl/sss tihey can moaint the billow If with Jesus at their side; May His tender mercy guard them, Strengthen now the troth they plight,- Shed within their home His prissence And upon their path His light. So we come with hearty greetings On this smiling wedding morn, That the memory of Bettws May the Scottish braes adorn; Worthy bridbgroom, to your bosom Hold our dear one safe for aye- Wealth and beauty fade, but never Will the faithful heart decay. May the love-which now entwinlss you; Evergliltite,r on the ring, Tihat the hoary days of winter Glide as- gentle hours, of spring; May your lives in sweet concordance Hnd in some harmonious' strain, And the joy of parent blessings Wake again the old refrain. MRS ALBERT JONE?. +

Eisteddfod Concert at Llandudno.

The Bishop of St. Asaph on…

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