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An Electric Light Muddle. THE admissions elicited from the Town Surveyor of Rhyl by the Local Govern- ment Board Inspector, on the subject of the electric light estimates, revealed a state of mismanagement and muddle almost incredible to imagine in connection with the administration of a town's affairs. The history of the electric light scheme at Rhyl is a tale of neglect and misfortune combined, and as usual in these cases, the ratepayers have to bear the brunt of it. It appears, when the question of pro- viding the town with electricity was first mooted, the Council resolved on a com- paratively small scheme as an experiment. The wisdom of this course was questioned at the time. It was felt that the town ought to have a complete system, if one at all, and further additions were decided upon. The Consulting Engineer, Mr Trentham, who has also come in for some criticism, subsequently offered certain suggestions for increasing the plant in consequence of the threatened rise in the price of material, and then it simultaneously occurred to the Council that they should put themselves in a position to supply the Rhyl and Prestatyn Light Railway Com- pany with energy. An agreement between the parties to sell and to accept so many units was arrived at. So far so good. Unfortunately, the Light Railway pro- moters did not fulfil their contract, and though, by doing so, they forfeited £ 500, their violation of the agreement left the Council with a much larger installation of motive power on their hands than was necessary for a town the size of Rhyl. Although not responsible for this failure, the Council were undoubtedly to blame for not adopting, in the first instance, a comprehensive scheme. Alterations and additions were continually being made, and instead of £ 5,000, £ 25,000 has been spent. We do not think the scheme is too large for Rhyl, with its future possi- bilities, but the slipshod and extraordinary methods which characterised the pro- ceedings throughout, call for strong criticism. The Council have not lost money over the scheme, neither have they enhanced their reputation as adminis- trators. Severe censure is heaped upon the Surveyor's department. After the disclosures of Tuesday, we are afraid it is not undeserved.

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