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Swine Removal Regulations. WE should be sorry to do an injustice to farmers and stock-keepers, but the pro- verbial excuse of ignorance of the Order regulating the removal of swine between Flintshire and Denbighshire-which the County Councils put in force as a pre- cautionary measure to keep down swine feverâmade when an infringement is detected, does not seem to carry convic- tion with it. The Act has been in force three months its provisions have been advertised and posters, immediately the Order was issued, were displayed in Welsh and English on all the boundary boards between the two counties. Numerous prosecutions, reported in all the local papers, have taken place in the Abergele district. Therefore, it is hard to be convinced that ignorance of the Order is general among stock-keepers and farmers. At the same time, we do not think the responsibility of the County Councils ceases once the notifications are issued. They should take care that every facility is afforded those interested to become conversant with the law, and the liabilities of non-compliance. It was pointed out at Abergele last Saturday, that the recent bad weather "had washed away many of the notices. This may be so, and if that fact is found to be partly responsible for the ignorance which seems to prevail, then the suggestion made by Mr Duncan Miller, an Abergele magistrate, that police- men resident in the vicinity of the boundary boards should be provided with some spare posters to replace those washed away, is one worthy of adoption. To be fined for disobeying regulations of which you know nothing, gives rise to a keen sense of injustice, and to avoid this possibility it behoves the County Council to see that its byelaws are made familiar to all concerned.

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