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News of the World.


News of the World. Smallpox has made its appearance at Wrexham and Newton. The electors of Newmarket returned Mr C. D. Rose (R), by a majority of 507 votes. Percy Dobell, a Liverpool solicitor, shot himself in his lavatory, in Castle-street. Mrs Chamberlain had a long conver- sation with General Cronje, at Pretoria. Over 2,000 troops from South Africa were landed at Southampton on Monday. Admiral Sir F. G. D. Bedford, G.C.B., has been appointed to the Governorship of Western Australia. Great pressure is being brought to bear upon the L. and N.W.R. directors by the shareholders, for reform. Mr Chamberlain has stated that all military receipts given during the war will be recognised. Sir Thomas Lipton's challenger for the America Cup may be ready for launching before the beginning of April. The estate of Colonel Harry Leslie Blundell M'Calmont has been valued at ^2,000,000 gross. A movement for the abolition of female labour in the bars of hotels and public houses is occupying the serious attention of advocates of temperance in Manchester and the suburbs. It is announced that the Queen of Italy has a pocket handkerchief which is worth £ 600. Wardle's Patent Cattle Food Works at Burton-on-Trent were gutted by fire on Saturday, the damage being estimated at £ 10,000. The Daily Telegraph Paris corres- pondent says the audit shows that Madame Humbert's total borrowings were ^00,000. Sir F. Leveson Bertie, Assistant Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, has been appointed the new British Ambas- sador to Rome, in succession to Lord Currie. Attempts are being made to organise throughout the country the Nonconform ists who will decline to pay the new education rate. The Nunciature at Munich has received from the Crown Princess of Saxony a demand which asks to be foiwarded to Rome for a decree annulling her marriage. The natives have christened Chamber- lain The Man Who Puts Things Right." It is quite clear the natives have never read the Daily News." On Tuesday, Mr Brodrick, War Secre- tary, was married to Miss Madeline Stanley, daughter of Lady Jeune. The Prime Minister acted as best man. The Board of Agriculture report that no case of Foot and Mouth disease has been reported in the United Kingdom for the past six months. The Betting Commission recommend that in view of street betting, there should be further legislation, enabling magistrates to send bookmakers to prison without the option of a fine. -+_

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