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-----Yr Adran Gymraeg.

Gwe y Pryf=coppyn.

Marchnadoedd yr Wythnos.


Marchnadoedd Eraill.

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Llanrwst. LIBRARY BOOKS, new supply, Bert's, The Library, etc., Llanrwst. Advt. Imperial Yeomanry.âWe regret that the name of Mr T. Wensley Blackwall was accident- ally omitted from the list given in our note last week. Illness of Mr W. Griffiths.âWe are glad to state that the condition of Mr Wm. Griffiths, the solicitor, showed a slight improvement on Wednes- day, which was maintained up to yesterday (Thursday). Sion Chapel Organistship.âThe committee of the Sion Chapel have considered the numerous applications for the post of organist, and have reduced the number to two, from which a final selection will be made. Colonel Higson's Rent Audit.-Tlie half- yearly rent-audit of the Plas Madoc Estate was held on Tuesday week at the Eagles' Hotel. Colonel Higson was represented by his agent, Mr Baker (Manchester), and his local agent, Mr William Williams, Post-office, Llangddoget. As usual, a capital dinner was served up by Miss Hughes, the manageress of the hotel. Fire Brigade. Several applications have already been received by Captain Hughes to fill the two vacancies in the ranks of the brigade, and a selection will shortly be made. The brigade in- tends to affiliate themselves with the Welsh Union, and it is possible they may take part in the great fire demonstration, to be held under the auspices of the Union, at Llandudno, during the forthcoming season. A drill was held on Friday last, when advantage was taken to divide £ 10 amongst the men for services rendered at recent fires in the town. A sum of £ 5 5s has also been contributed towards the rates. March Fair.âImportant Sale of Property at the Eagles Hotel.-Messrs Robt. and Rogers Jones have received instructions from Messrs David Jones and Roberts, solicitors, to offer for sale, on the 8th March, in the Eagles' Hotel, some highly-desirable property. It is fully described in our advertising columns. The two lots in Trefriw are well worth the attention of investors as affording a rare opportunity for anyone want- ing a sound investment. The Rhiwlas Farm is a capital property in the well-known fertile vale of Eglwysbach. It is extremely suitable for any gentleman wanting a compact sporting centre, as there are several farms adjoining that could be obtained for the purpose. Presentation to a Policeman.Oii Friday evening P.C. Henry Jones, formerly stationed at Llanrwst, was presented by the members of the Choral Society with a handsome silver inkstand, as a memento of his valuable services rendered as a member of the choir. The presentation was made by Mr W. G. Owen (Metropolitan Bank), president of the choir, who referred in eugolistic terms to h's regular attendance at the practice of the choir dur- ing his residence amongst them. Mr Jones sang with the choir when they were ordered to sing before the Duke and Duchess of York. He is now stationed at Vrongysyllt, near Wrexham, and he carries with him the good wishes of his numerous friends in Llanrwst. Mr Jones on Thursday was also presented by Sergt. Jarvis, on behalf of the local force, with a silver-mounted stick. Competitive Meeting at Sion Chapel. The annual competitive meeting was held at Sion Chapel, Llanrwst, on Thursday evening last. De- spite the inclemency of the weather, there was a large attendance, and the meeting throughout was most successful. Mr W. H. Williams, Station House, presided. The following gentlemen acted as adjudicators :-Rev Richard Rowlands, Grove House, Llanrwst; Rev Evan Davies, Gorphwysfa, Trefriw Mr Cadwaladr Roberts, Tanygrisiau, Blaenau Ffcstiniog Rev William Thomas, Fron- deg, Llanrwst Mr Morris Davies, Llys Meurig, Llanrwst Mr T. R. Jones, The Harp, Llanrwst Mr J. R. Jones, Acacia House, Llanrwst Mr Wm. Hughes, Llewelyn-terrace, Llanrwst Mr William Williams, County School, Llanrwst Mr W. B. Lloyd, Metropolitan Bank, Llanrwst; Mr E. Pughe, Rhedegydd Office, Llanrwst Mr Arthur Jones, Conway-terrace, Llanrwst. Much interest was centred in the choral competitions, and each choir gave a good account of itself. The following is a complete list of the successful competitors :â Arholiad dan i6eg oed, yn gyfartal oreu, D. Charles Hughes ac Edith Jones, Llanrwst. Arholiad dan 12eg oed, cyntaf, H. Owen Williams, Llanrwst ail," Alf. James Williams, Llanrwst. Adrodd i blant dan i6eg oed, Hen gewri'r pwlpud," cyntaf, Lizzie Evans, Trefriw Hughie Pierce, Llanrwst. Unawd i blant dan I2eg oed, "Gweddi plentyn, cyntaf, Clara Roberts, Trefriw ail, Lizzie Evans, Trefriw. Arholiad dan 21 oed, cyntaf, Elizabeth A. Evans, Llanrwst ail, Maggie Roberts, Llan- rwst. Chwareu ar y berdoneg, "Joyful tidings." yn gyfartal oreu, Annie M. Williams a Hughie Pierce, Llanrwst. Map o Sir Ddinbych, D. Charles Hughes, Llanrwst. Dau o gorau plant, sef Cor Plant Trefriw a Chor Plant Seion; goreu, Cor Plant Trefriw, dan arweiniad Mr Wm. Owen. Englyn, "Goleuni Trydanol Llanrwst," Griffith Griffiths, Llanrwst. Cylieithu brawddegau a rhoddir ar y pryd o'r Gymraeg i'r Saesneg, D. Charles Hughes, t' t, S, Llanrwst. Adrodd i blant dan TO oed, Lladrata dimai goch," cyntaf, J. Giynne Jones, Llanrwst ail, Dora Kate Davies, Llanrwst trydydd, Rhys Aled Williams, Llanrwst. Traethawd, "Brawd- garweh, fel ei dysgir yn Epistol Iago," Mr T. LI. Jones, Llanrwst". Unawd i blant dan róeg, oed, Deigryn ar i'edd mam," yn gyfartal oreu, Sarah Roberts a S. A. Jones, Trefriw. Cystadleuaeth y parties, y ddwy don Llanidloes ac "Adgyfodiad," y parti buddugol ydoedd Mr T. R. Jones, Harp, Llanrwst. Arholiad dosbarth hynaf, Miss Bessie Evans, Llanrwst. Cystadleuaeth hir-unawd, un- rhyw unawd allan o'r "Messiah" (Handel), yn gyfartal oreu, Miss Annie Williams, Dohvyddelen, a Mr R. Williams, Rhiw Bryfdir, Blaenal1 Ffestin- iog. Prif traethawd, Cyfiawilder a ddyrchfa genedl," Mr W. Williams, Presvvylla, Llanrwst. Deuawd i blant dan 16eg oed, Yn iach i ti Gymru," cyntaf, Edith Jones a S. A. Jones, Trefriw; ail, H. Goronwy Owen a R. Roberts, Trefriw. Am werthu fwyaf o docynau y cyfarfod, i blant dan 12 oed, cyntaf, Annie Hughes, Station-road; ail, Rhys Alcd Williams, George-street. Y brif cys- tadleuaeth gorawl, "Teyrnasoedd y ddaear" dau gor, sef Llanrwst Choir a Llanrwst Choral Society, y goreu ydoedd Llanrwst Choral Society, dan arweiniad Mr E. Jones (Afallon). Chwe' benill, I ddiwedd y ganrif," Miss M. Jones, Bettws-y-Coed. | âMr G. O. Soloman is to be congratulated upon ? the success of the meeting. â

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