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Sequel to a Rhos-on=Sea Matrimonial…

Letters from the Seat of War.

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â â â RrPTt'KE.âThe College Truss has been unanimously declared by the medical profession and press to be the most efficient article yet Dut upon the market for the relief of rupture. Letters of thanks are being received daily from grateful patients who have derived the greatest benefit since wearing the College Truss. The College Truss, being made of soft pliable mate- rial, is easy and comfortable to the wearer, giving with every movement of the body. The pressure is entirely produced by a self-regula- ting contrivance. Satisfaction is guaranteed. If not approved, money returned. Price list and particulars post free.âManager, College Truss Co., 342, Fulham-road (opposite (Sti Mark's College), South Kensington, London, S.W. Advt.