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St. Asaph Board of Guardians.


St. Asaph Board of Guardians. The Flintshire Baby=Farming Caae. Additional Accommodation for Workhouse Children. THE fortnightly meeting of this Board was held on Friday last in the Workhouse, St. Asaph. The following' members were present:âMr Llewelyn Jones (in the chair), Messrs T. Howes Roberts (vice-chairman), John Williams, Wm. Owen, H. Roberts, R. Griffiths, John Jones, Morris Jones, T. Lloyd, P. M. Williams, S. Perks, Miss Bennett, Hugh Jones, R., Parry, J. Williams, R. T. Williams, J. Pierce, J. Parry, J. Kerfoot, Ed. Morgan, W. Jones, and the clerk (Mr Chas. Grimsley). Numbers in the House. The Master reported that the number of in- mates in the house last Board day was 135; admitted since, 7 discharged, 7 remaining in the house, 135 corresponding period last year, 139 decrease, 4. The number of vagrants relieved during the fortnight was 73; corresponding period last year, 77 decrease, 4. Gifts to the Inmates. The Master reported that gifts of illustrated papers had been received from Miss Lothian, Railway Inn, St. Asaph, and Mr Hughes, clothier, High-street, Rhyl, for the use of the inmates. The thanks of the Board wers accorded to the donors. Additional Provision for Workhouse Children. The Clerk reported the receipt of a letter from the Local Government Board on the subject of the provision of accommodation for workhousa children. The letter said that in view of the report of the Select Committee of the House of Commons and the probable legislation, they could not sanction the recommendation of erect- ing buildings in the workhouse garden, but instead urged them to erect cottage houses or hire houses within the Union for the use of the children. A letter was also read from Mr Bircham, the Local Government Board inspector, saying that owing to the death of his brother, Colonel Bircham, he could not be present at the meet- ing as he intended. They would doubtless have received a letter from the Local Government Board, in which the Board withheld their con- sent to providing accommodation on the work- house premises, pending possible legislation on the subject in consequence of the report of the Commission. He believed the Board would suggest that they would be prepared to assent to the Guardians hiring suitable cottages at Rhyl. At present matters would be at a standstill, for which he was sorry, but it could not be helped. He (the clerk) wrote to Mr Bircham at the instigation of the Visiting Committee, ask- ing if he could meet the Guardians in a month. So far, he had not received a reply to that letter. Mr Rice Williams said they ought to have a little explanation. They had spent two or three months in discussing the matter, and The Chairman: You are Out of order, Mr Williams. The discussion then stopped. Public Vaccinator's Fees. The Chairman said a letter had been received signed by all the public vaccinators in the Union, stating that owing to their overwhelming professional. engagements it was impossible for them, without incurring serious risks, attending before the Board., They asked the Guardians to defer the matter for a month, when they would do their best to attend and discuss the scal'e of fees allowed to th2m as public vaccina- would do their best to attend and discuss the scale of fees allowed to them as public vaccina- tors. It was decided to ask the doctors to attend that day month. The Baby-Farming Case. A PROSECUTION ORDERED. A letter was received from the County Coroner (Mr R. Bromley), calling attention to the fact that Mr and Mrs Jones, Clwyd Mount, Dyserth, had taken charge of two infants for hire or reward without being registered accord-' ing to the Infant Life Protection Act. Under the Act they were bound to give notice of death to the coroner within 24 hours, which they neg- lected to do. An effort was made to get a medical certificate, but they were unsuccessful, and the matter had to be reported to the police, who in turn acquainted him with the'facts of the (,,a.se. Ile now recommended that the Board take proceedings against Mr and Mrs Jones- under-the Act. It was reported that the Visiting Committee had considered, the letter, and as they found that the parties had neglected to fulfil the re- quirements of the Act they recommended that proceedings be taken against them, and that the ccroner be asked under what section proceed- ings should be taken. The Chairman said they were the licensing authority. It was decided to adopt the committee's re- commendation. Vote of Condolence. The Chairman said he found that most of the public bodies in the neighbourhood had passed a vote of sympathy with Air Wm. (;riffith, the auditor, in the irreparable loss he had sus- tained in the death of his wife. He proposed that the Guardians pass a vote of sympathy with Mr Griffith in his sad bereavement. Mr Joseph Jones seconded the motion, which was carried.

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