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Denbighshire (St. Asaph) Rural District Council. Defective Water Supply. The Drainage of Llanfair. Abergele Surveyor Reprimanded. THE monthly meeting of the St. Asaph Rural District Council for the West Denbighshire dis- trict was held at St. Asaph on Friday under the presidency of Mr Joseph Jones, J.P. The mem- bers present were Messrs Robert Parry, Thomas Lloyd, A. Foulkes, R. Griffiths, W. Owen, John T. Parry, Thomas Jones, Wm. Jones, David Roberts, Morris Jones, John Evans, Hugh Roberts, the clerk (Mr C. Grimsley), the medical officer (Dr. Lloyd Roberts), the engineer (Mr C. W. Bell), and the surveyor (Mr John Wil- liams). The Auditor's Bereavement. On the motion of Mr Joseph Jones (the chair- man), a vote of condolence was passed with the auditor (Mr W. Griffiths) in the bereavement he had sustained in the death of his wife. Diphtheria at Llanfair. THE DRAINAGE QUESTION. The Medical Officer (Dr. Lloyd Roberts) re- ported that on the 25th of January he visited Llanfair in consequenec of representations that diphtheria had broken out following influenza, but he found that most of the cases had recov- ered. The sanitary condition of the village was not what it should be. The schools, which had been closed for some time, re-opened on Mon- day. A discussion followed with reference to the sanitary condition of the village and its water supply. Mr Griffiths asked what was the good of having a drainage scheme without water? The Chairman said if they could only get terms for a place from where they could get water they would be glad. They did not want to delay the drainage or the water scheme. Mr Griffiths: As soon as we find a good source to get water from we are blocked by the farmers. The Medical Officer said he was afraid from what he had seen of the scheme that the water supply would be a costly one. If they were against boring in the village they would have to go higher up, which meant a lot of money. The Chairman Well, we don't want to delay matters. The Medical Officer said water was wanted very badly. Mr Griffiths said the Local Government Board required a three-inch pipe, but what was the good of it if they had not enough water to fill it. He proposed that Mr Bell present an estimate of supplying water from the brook at a point about a mile and a half above the village. Mr Joseph Jones (chairman) seconded the motion, which was carried. Failure of the Water Supply. The Engineer (Mr Bell) reported that the vil- lages in the Board's district had been without water for a week owing to the failure of the ser- vice. He had communicated with the water engineer (Mr Hall) on the subject, and that gentleman stated he would do all he could, but that unless the constant waste at St. Asaph was stopped he could not guarantee a good supply. Proposed New Bridge at Llansannan. GENEROUS OFFER. A letter was read from .r Thomas Williams, Llewesog, offering to contribute' Cio and the necessary land for erecting a new bridge at Ddol, Llansannan. (Hear, hear.) It was a much-needed improvement, as it would lessen the steepness of the hill. The Chairman said it was a very generous offer on Mr Williams's part, and they should acknowledge it. On the motion of Mr Thomas Lloyd, seconded by Mr Wm. Jones, it was decided to send a letter of thanks to Mr Williams. The Clerk said he had not yet received a reply from Mr Wynne Edwards, another land- owner, on the subject. But in response to his letter addressed to various farmers, asking for assistance in the shape of carting materials, he had received a good many replies consenting to do so. The Railway Improvements at Pensarn. A letter was received from Mr Mason, chief solicitor to the London and North-Western Railway Company, stating that after an inter- view with the company's engineer, he was unable to consent to the Council's proposal that two bridge approaches be made on the sea- shore in the Abergele rural parish, but the com- pany would be willing to put footsteps on the western side of the approach, which they think would supply all the accommodation which the traffic justified. As the complaint (continued the clerk) was made by the Abergele Parish Council, he sent a copy of the letter to Mr Mill- ward (the clerk), who replied that upon receipt of the letter he summoned a meeting of his Council, who, after consideration, felt disposed to accept the offer, and that the steps should be six feet wide. His Council were also desirous if possible, that the bridge over the Tilery crossing should be carried straight over the railway, and with that view he hoped the Coun- cil would endeavour to get the company to accede to the request, as it would be a great I on\enience. Mr Owen asked what kind of a bridge they would make Mr Foulkes believed it would be a girder bridge. The Clerk said it was not specified on the plans, but it was sure to be a'good one. The Chairman said it was not on the plan, and it was natural Mr Owen wished that the matter should be properl understood. The Clerk said it was arranged to build the bridge after the plans were made. Mr Owen said they would not be satisfied with a footbridge. They wanted a good bridge, over which they could take horses and carts. The Chairman said there was more traffic over the Tilery crossing than any other in that district, and if a bridge was wanted anywhere, they wanted one there. It would be a great convenience to the country side, as at night they had to ring the man up to have the gates opened. The Clerk was requested to write to Mr Crabbo to secure the co-opera on of the Aber- gele Urban Council. A Complaint from Bettws. A letter was received from the Bettws Parish Council complaining of the unsatisfactory state of the road in rainy weather approaching 'Bettws village between the turning to I-1 farm and the Top Shop. It was resolved that a deputation from each Council should meet on the spot. Abergele Railway Embankment. A letter was received from Mr Dawson, the railway company's engineer, asking to be in- formed what the Council contemplated doing with regard to the feiic- alongside the top of the railway embankment. He mentioned that the railway bridge opposite the Manchester Cot- tages would be erected shortly. On receiving the letter he (the clerk) wrote to Mr Dawson asking if the company were prepared to put the fence up, and at what cost to the Council. The Abergele Surveyor and his Pay Sheet. SHARP REPRIMAND. Mr Foulkes asked whether the surveyor had his cash-book with him. The Surveyor said he had left it at home. The Chairman said the surveyor had been told over and over again by the Council to bring his cash-book with his pay-sheet like the other surveyors did. He was always defying the clerk and the Council, and it was about time a stop was put to it. The Surveyor said he had never defied the clerk or the Council. The Chairman If I am not right I wish to apologise. But I am told that you never do bring your cash-book. If you do bring your cash-book you leave the pay-sheets behind, which is no good at all. Your cash-book has not been seen here for months. The Surveyor It was here two months ago, and my accounts are balanced every quarter. The Clerk said he ought to have the pay- sheets and the cash-book together. One was no good without the other. All the other sur- veyors did that, and it was necessary that Mr Williams should do the same. The Chairman: Have you had to complain about this before? The Clerk I have complained several times about it, and I am sorry to have to do so, as it is unpleasant to me. Mr John Evans proposed, and Mr Thomas Lloyd (Trefnant) seconded, that in future the Abergele surveyor should bring both his cash- book and his pay-sheets for the clerk to check. Maintenance of Llansannan Highways. It having been decided by the Denbighshire County Council to discontinue contributing the sum of 1;10 towards the maintenance of Towyn and Llansannan highways, the clerk was in- structed to write to the Council asking them to reconsider their decision, and at the last meet- ing of the Main Roads. Committee Mr Bennett Jones gave notice that he would move a resolu- tion asking the Council to rescind until deciding not to contribute.

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