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RTS, o I N CTO N. "WAVERLEY" OAT. First Season of Introduction. An Oat of immense productive powers. e&igi-ee: Potato, Naked Oa t of China, White Tartarian, â Fkuider:; Yellow. ,in the Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland "rial", WAVERLEY OAT produced 99 bushels per polite acre as against the well-known Scotch °tato variety, which only produced 58 bushels :;Jer acre, showing a gain in favour of Waverley "^Ljj_bushels per acre. I ^riee & Guinea« p?r Quarter of 336 lbs.. Carriage Paid, and 5 per cent. Discount for prompt payment. ficad Descriptive, Catalogue of all kinds of Farm Seeds â Post Free. The National Telephone Co. LIMITED. TELEPHONE RATES. â «iri i ^*rec';ora the above Company have de- pYe,~ from January 1st next, in order to bring Change Telephones within the reach of all asses, to offer the following EASY TEEMS alternative to the present inclusive annual 61Hal for unlimited local service :â THREE GUINEAS A YEAR, fo ^Us Government Royalty, 7s.= £ 3 10s., ch* ^nsta^ation and maintenance of an Ex- naiige une to an ati(jress within the prescribed l8tance from the Exchange. ^he above annual payment includes the right SnK caIled "P without further charge by any 3C,scriber to the Company's system throughout 6 Kingdom. Originated Local Messages, Id. per Call. DiiH}? Particulars may be obtained 011 application to the lc^ Manager at GODSTALI-, CHAMBERS, CHESTER. 11L ^EAIL Offices- W. E. L. GAINJ. General Manager. 0,VoTtD COURT, CANNON STREET, LONDON, E.C. 799 n IMPORTANT NEW WORK. "Pays from the Welshman's Pulpit." CONTAINS: THE Oratory of the Welsh Pulpit, Sermonettes by leading young Welshmen; Three Mighty Men of the past generation, with Sketches of their Sermons flomoleties Flashes of j Welsh Thought, etc., etc. This book will be ready in a few days, and is handsomely bound. Post free, 1/6. ORDER TO-DAY. Only 1,000 vola. printed, and several already ordered. ADDRESS: "HOMOLETICS OFFICE," 38. STUART ROAD, LIVERPOOL, N. "The Welsh j Pulpit in English." NEW and enlarged series. Now ready, 2/6 per annum, Post Free. Jear commences this month (Dec.) Address as above. Please mention this Ptiper 846 «ATH RIINQ A -Speciality. 789 Noted for Excellence. 5""rl" BROWN BREAD. ANCV rAk'PC The Purest Quality V^r\IVCiO (no Factory Cakes Sold). Uarge Assortment for Afternoon Teas. SWEETS & CHOCOLATE "SE' ^IRRI&GE Paid on all Orders for 10/- and upwards ,JAIUES FINCH, Wastry Cook, Confectioner, &c., .j^^teattcntfon6 Llanfairfechan. ^West Designs in m ^ASONABLE novelties. G. THOMAS, AET PHOTOGRAPHER, Road, LLANFAIRFECHAN. hJ- ROBERTS & SONS, ers in oils, Paints, Colours, Varnishes, Artists, Brushes, Paperhanglrigs, &c. Aj ,0urs and Materials, Room and Picture c 0 jj0li!d'n^S' Frames> Mounts, Glass, &c., TERRACE, LLANRWST. 1 0 i\: J1't -_Un LENT PRIVATELY :It B. from £10 upwards, Own Promissory Note. The nnder- v iu-vays <oii.in,"+l"V'lif,he':l for~ nearly 30 years, and atr" ai ucte" basinpss under his own name. *hoR^ lett»r« a!incr' nn<1 llaR received many hun- v'lso hnvo 1 aP'«>I"eciation and thanks from *0 pmV;^ vvith him- NO Iâ 'XA,IY PEES CHARGED. T) PUOIIPT ';LS 0F SALE TAKEN. NT TEJ,TI0N R':O ENQUIRIES. eitiie»r Advar*ces, or any information Pci'soiialiv %«. i. ,ree °* charge, on application GEo^m- by letter 10 867 *x pA\ NE, Accountant, 3, Crescent Road Rhyl

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